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Nape piercing part 2

Ever since I starting visiting my local shop and browsing through the artist's portfolios, I've been in love the look of surface piercings on the nape of the neck. So after considering this modification for awhile, I pulled the trigger while visiting home in 2006. I remember being really nervous during all of my piercer's prep-work, and it being my most painfull piercings ever. But it healed so perfectly and it was so perfectly centered that it was for sure my favorite modification. I never had a problem with my jobs having problems since I was able to hide it easily under a collared shirt and when I wanted to show it off, I loved the reaction I got from it. People always ask “How do you get those things in there?’

After moving back home in 2007 and starting a family, I started to consider going into the military for the benefits that my family could receive. The recruiters I talked to were fascinated by my barbell but when I went to MEPS for testing I was forced to retire my piercing in Feb of 2009. I was really proud to have kept it for almost three years since I had always heard that surface piercings reject easily and I knew it wouldn't last forever.

Now this week, I went to my piercer to have an eight gauge biopsy punch taken to my conch but he didn't have the size punch I wanted. I had myself all psyched up for the punch so I was pretty disappointed to hear that I would have to wait a couple weeks for his supplies to come in. My wife and I talked with our piercer about other ideas that I had been wanting to try and he explained all the pros and cons of the piercings I was thinking about and how they would work with my anatomy.

The idea to have my nape re-done came out of nowhere. And my wife got really excited about the idea. So we decided to have it done just below the original puncture wounds so we could avoid scar tissue (also keeping it that much more away from my hairline which was sometimes an issue last time). You hear this a lot when people talk about their piercings, but the clamp really was the worst part. It was really uncomfortable. I was hoping that he would just free-hand it like he said he sometimes does depending on tissue. But I most certainly didn't feel the needle going through my skin.

People don’t even seem to remember the first time I had my nape done. Lots of people ask “whats the point?” Which is probably the most obnoxious question I get. And then there are lots of people that assume I have 2 micro dermal anchors in my neck which is something I had considered in the past. Since I kept my surface bar in for about three years before and my facial anchor for about three months, I chose the surface piercing route again. It just seems to hold better. My wife has had a few different anchors placed and has always had bad luck.

I realize this probably won’t be a forever modification. But I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. I have one inch ear lobes, a vertical labret, a ten gauge septum, my right nostril pierced (eighteen gauge), my right eyebrow, my tragus pierced, and multiple tattoos. My nape, I feel, is my most extreme modification.

As of now, my neck is still a little tender. I wash it with a mild anti bacterial soap twice a day. I use H2Ocean sea salt spray about three times a day, rinsing afterwards of course. And a couple times I’ve done some warm compresses. I haven’t noticed any crust or discharge.

I cut the little loopy guy on my coat that is used to hang it up so as to not get caught. I am really really careful while putting on my shirts that I don’t snag it. And above all (I’m really proud at how well I’m doing with this part) I don’t touch it without clean hands. The idea of out of sight, out of mind, really helps in this situation. I’ve also stopped wearing necklaces.

I wish I could see my neck a little more regularly. It’s hard for me to use the double mirror trick to see it and when I ask others how it looks, I never think they know what to look for.

So to wrap this up, it was WAY easier this time around. I don't know why I thought it was such a painful experience the first time. It's a beautiful piercing. I just hope that it heals as well as it did the first time. I will be posting pictures soon.


submitted by: bodyartsjackson
on: 27 Feb. 2011
in Neck and Nape Piercing

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