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Piercings For Life

About seven months ago I decided it was time for a piercing.. a real piercing. I've loved tattoos/piercings since I was a little kid. My earlobes have been pierced since I was 6-ish and I had my cartilage pierced for about a year until it got infected. Since then I've had three tattoos done- a dragonfly (my first and favorite), music notes behind my ear, and an unfinished half sleeve.

My original inspiration for tattoos and piercings came from my older cousin. She had several piercings and they all looked very beautiful. The one that first caught my eye though was a dainty little stud in her nose. My first love, Anthony Keidis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, played a large part in my quest to acquire as many tattoos as I desired, regardless of what anybody thought. All of his awesome tattoos on his lovely body... it's pretty hot. Then, later on, I made a friend who had at least seven tattoos and eleven piercings. So my body modification adventure began.

For two months I did some extensive research on different piercings (mostly facial) - costs, pain factor, aftercare, longterm effects, etc. I watched videos on Youtube of people getting pierced and videos of their experience. I read stories and every shred of information I could find on the great World Wide Web.

A tongue piercing wasn't on my list to begin with, but after catching some info about them in my pursuit to find my perfect first, I was intrigued. So I looked into that. Soon I found that something that had once disgusted me was what I wanted most. And it wasn't just about the look of it.. The chance of infection was lower so I wouldn't be biting off more than I could chew. I could easily hide it from my grandmother. And with a quicker healing time, I wouldn't have to wait forever until I could go back. So it was decided- tongue piercing first.

A friend recommended Hurricane Tattoos. So I read up about their shop and called/emailed them at least twenty times about prices and the like. I found on the shop's website that they had a deal going on. Piercings for life $100.. jewelry is included in the initial piercing. After that all you have to pay for is the jewelry (and the tip, of course). I was stoked to say the very least. And five months ago I decided to get piercings for life.

My younger sister came along for moral support and to capture the moment on video. It was a thirty minute drive.. the longest thirty minutes of my life. We got there not too long after they opened. When we walked in.. it was just beautiful. And more body jewelry than you could imagine. There were only a couple people in the shop when we arrived. Neither of them were getting pierced so we only had to wait for Ben, the piercer, to set up. I told them I wanted piercings for life and then filled out the regular paperwork (only here it isn't actually on paper, but a computer). While we waited my sister recorded a few 'before' moments.

Ben was freakin' awesome. I saw his impressive portfolio on the website and felt I could trust him to stab my tongue. I swished with mouthwash and then he marked a spot and asked me if I liked the placement. It was just a little far back so he asked if I was okay with him piercing just in front of it. That looked good to me. Not too far back and not so close that my grandmother or future employers would see it. I sat down and Ben showed me the new clamp, needle, etc. and their expiration dates.

He clamped my tongue, looked at it a couple times to make sure it was straight, said "Take a deep breath." .. and Tada! a fresh puncture wound. After the jewelry was securely in place he wiped my chin.. I didn't realize I was drooling so much, haha. It was somewhat painful, but only for a few seconds. All-in-all, it was a breeze. It only took a few days for the swelling to start going down. I got some alcohol- free mouthwash for after eating and used sea salt soaks twice a day. For the first couple weeks I mostly ate sweet potatoes and banana shakes. Easy to eat, easy to make, and delicious. I tried to eat noodles once because it seemed like a simple feat. Soft, not much chewing involved.. so I gave it a try. Yeah, that didn't happen like I hoped it would. They ended up getting wrapped around the barbell and I didn't want to knock it around too much. I had to learn how to chew slowly and keep the food on one side of my mouth (because it was more likely to get caught on my teeth if I didn't). It was very difficult not to play with it. It's actually more amusing than you would think. After three weeks the swelling had completely gone down. The extra large barbell was getting in the way so at four weeks I switched to a smaller one. For quite awhile there was a crater (I don't really know how else to describe it) on the top of my tongue where the ball sits and I wasn't sure if would go away. After a couple months it was noticeably getting better. Slowly, but surely. I've had it for five months now.. no issues, no complaints. Just love.

I just went back a few days ago and brought my brother so we could get lip piercings. It was his first.. I'll be writing about that one soon enough :)


submitted by: PsychoPsally
on: 27 Feb. 2011
in Center Tongue Piercings

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