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The First Pick (An Industrial Affair)

It was a sunny day at the start of June of 2008, and I'd just turned 16. This was the day I'd decided I was going to get my first piercing in a studio. With cash in one hand, and a friend in the other I headed down to my local shop; Esoterik Body Art.

I sat down in the waiting room, and glanced at the price list, but I knew I was going in for an Industrial. I felt it was tame enough for a first 'different' piercing, as it was an ear piercing, but it was a unique one at that. After presenting my ID and signing some paperwork, Shelley came into the lobby. She greeted me and whisked me and friend into the piercing room after I told her what I wanted.

There was a younger man apprenticing under her at the time, and she called him in to observe. She went through the procedure with me and asked if her apprentice could put in the CBRs. I agreed and Shelley clipped my hair back, and asked me to lie down.

"Holy shit!" is the next thing I hear from my friend.

"That needle is HUGE!" That definitely made me nervous.

I turned to look, but Shelley said "Stay still!" as she put my head in an agreeable position. I was told to take a deep breath in, and then out, slowly. As I exhaled a sharp pain went through me, and then it was gone. It did return some, as her apprentice did have trouble closing the CBR.

I sighed when he finished. It was over! I was done! Or at least I thought I was until Shelley said "OK. Now for the second one!"

I had somehow assumed that she had done both holes due to the pain. I frowned and readied myself for the pain I had thought to be done with. The second hole was the same as the first, just more painful. Once my second CBR was in, Shelley took a q-tip dipped in cold water to my ear. You can't imagine how good it feels. It definitely was the best part besides the fact I now had an industrial.

After being cleaned up a bit, Shelley explained that I should come back after a month, and to use sea salt on it twice a day, as well as to not pick at the crusties.

I did follow the first half of that advice, but it was the second part I had problems with. I would constantly pick off the scabs/crusties that formed around both CBRs. As much as I told myself it was bad for the piercing, I justified it by telling myself that I did use sea salt soaks on it often.

Fast forward to a month later. I was very excited to get my bar inserted. I was once again greeted by Shelley, and brought to the piercing room. She examined the two holes as well as checking the length between them. My piercings did actually heal quite well even though I did pick at them, and I only felt a minor sensation when CBRs were replaced with a bar. The bar was comfortable. The bar was big enough to move around a bit, but small enough to look good.

From there the healing went well, but I still was picking at crusties, which slowed down how fast it was going to heal. There were a few incidents I did get it caught as well, which hurt considerably, and brought my piercing back healing-wise as well. Those were the only issues I had until late August, when I attended a standing concert. I was in the front row, and there were tons of crowd-surfers coming from every direction. The security would signal them beforehand, and I'd duck and cover my head, but one of them did manage to clip me with their shoe. Of course it clipped my industrial, seeming to pull on it forever. The pain was so bad that I almost started crying. (But I didn't want to right in front of Billy Talent). After holding my ear, I looked at my hand, which was now covered in some blood. I was worried, but there wasn't much I could do at the time. When I arrived home I examined it in the mirror. The only thing that look wrong with it was the now dry blood thankfully. Once again I had to treat it as a new piercing though, it began forming crusties, and though I did treat it with sea salt soaks, I still kept with my habit of picking them off. This time that habit bit me in the ass. Though my industrial did heal in some ways, it became more tender and sensitive to pulling and such. I'm pretty sure this was because of my habit of picking at the crusties. Thankfully I've experienced no other problems except for the occasional tug. One hole has completely healed, while I am worried the other hole will always be tender from my picking at it. It is only a minor convenience compared to how great the piercing looks, and how much I love it.

As my first piercing, and Industrial was a great choice. Though it was rather painful it taught me patience as well as the end result of not following instructions when it comes to piercings. Its a great piercing, and I see it as being one of the mods I'll definitely have for a long time.


submitted by: 1969colita
on: 15 Feb. 2011
in Industrials and Orbitals

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