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Loving my nape!

I remember when I first saw a nape piercing when I was 18 in college. It initially turned me off and I was grossed out, but I was only interested in more ear piercings and maybe a nose at the time, so that figured. After I got some facial ones a couple of years later, I was more into uncommon piercings, so I became interested at that point. I looked at galleries online, looking carefully at the pictures and reading up on all of the stories, and I had to decide if this was something I really wanted. I did take some months to think about it, on and off, as I've noticed now that I do with all of my piercing considerations, and my final answer was still yes. This was to be my second experience with a surface piercing and also with going to a real shop to get it done after piercing guns, self-piercing, and getting two done by a person who didn't work in a shop, so I grabbed a couple of buddies and jumped in!

We headed over to Saint Sabrina's in Minneapolis because I wanted a more reputable place to go to, surface piercings can be risky and my research had indicated that for nape piercings as well. I knew several people over the years who have gone there and had a good experience, plus I had come along with my friend when she'd had two piercings done, and the piercer had been very professional. We did a walk in instead of making an appointment, so there was about a two hour long wait, even during a weekday in the early afternoon. That did disappoint me a bit, because I wanted to get it over with. I was pretty nervous, but excitement won out, and I finally met my piercer, Jake. He was very through in explaining everything, from the aftercare to considering the length of the surface bar I wanted. I chose the medium length, and then he had me lay down on my stomach on the piercing table to do the placement. It took a few minutes for him to get it exact, and I was about to burst from both the dread in my stomach from the pain and imagining what it was going to look like! He then explained that he would do the piercing, pause halfway, and then continue to the exit point. I was ready, and he did it exactly as explained, and it didn't hurt a lot, other than how it almost felt like getting two piercings! Jake had also recommended that I pick up some emu oil to go with the sea salt for my aftercare, which I found to work really well, and still use to this day.

Bending my head down a lot at my desk job sometimes made my new metal feel tender, but that was the only trouble I had during my healing. It was unusual for me to have a piercing that took some effort to look at, and there was some definite changes that came from having it. I did learn to deal with a constant wet feeling, thanks to the sea salt soak dumping down my back on an almost daily basis. I have yanked it with my comb occasionally, and have even got it caught in my crocheted scarf and had to have other people help me with cutting it off my jewelry to get it untangled! (Imagine the looks on their faces, some of them didn't even know that you could pierce that part of your body!) Of course, I've also caught it when I've lifted my shirt over my head, and realized that hair gunk stings the hell out of it if you're not careful. As with any new experience, I was able to work out the kinks and try to avoid those situations, because I didn't want it to reject and throw a great experience and a fair bit of cash down the toilet.

Now, almost two years later, I still have a awesome piercing that doubles as a sensitive place for touch and looks great! It is still fun to share it with people who don't know much about piercings other than getting your ears or nose done. From what I've read, it makes me really psyched to know that I've been able to heal another surface piercing, and keep it for a long term, despite some initial irritation that came from my everyday habits and routines. I also feel that this positive experience brought more faith in me for the body modification processes, because I'd had several negative experiences that came out being naive to the factor that I needed to go to a good shop and let the pros do their thing! I have received several more piercings since then, with the foundation that my nape piercing experience has given to me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2011
in Neck and Nape Piercing

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Friday, January 21, 2011 @12:18 a.m.
St Sabrina's is awesome!
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:10 p.m.
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