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My Tongue Piercing!

I have been wanting to get my tongue pierced for a really long time. I have been 18 for awhile, so when my cousin asked me to go with her to get her belly button done 4 days ago, I told her I would come with her. And I decided to get my tongue done then. We went to this place called Electric Sting. Most of my friends go there to get their piercings and tattoos.

First, let me tell you I have some piercings so I am used to the pain and aftercare involved. I have double pierced ears ( all are 16 gauge). A 16 g cartlidge, a 16 g self pierced tragus. A retired 14 g belly button i had a friend pierce, and a retired 14g tongue web.

Anyways, so we walk in the store and theres an old guy there. We tell him what we want. He was nice. He made small talk with us while we waited for the guy who was going to pierce us got ready. He gets this dude in his fifties to come out. He never told us his name. But my cousin went first. She was so nervous. She was like vibrating on the chair. The guy was very good at his job, he sterilzed everything the way it should be. After she was done, I was next. I wasn't nervous at all. I was just ready.

He told me the clamps were the worst. He was very good at telling me that it wasn't that bad of a piercing and that I should relax (even though I wasnt even nervous to begin with) He never did mark my tongue. He said I had the perfect tongue to pierce, but I guess that's no reason not to mark it. But anyways, He put the clamps on my tongue in the spot he was going to pierce. It didn't hurt, but it was very uncomfortable. And slightly painful. But barable. I didn't feel a thing when he pierced it. I started to put my tongue back in my mouth, because the clamps were bugging me ( a natural reaction I guess) and he said "What are you doing? You are going to poke yourself in the roof of your mouth) And this was while he was getting the ring ready. So thats when I realized he was done with the piercing. So it wasn't painful at all. I was too focused on the clamps, haha.

He put the balls on and was done. It was hard to put my tongue back in my mouth. But I managed. He gave me all the aftercare stuff. He didn't say I had to eat soup or whatever for the next week. He just said to be careful when I eat. So I did. After we paid and left (40 bucks flat for mine, so cheap and awesome!) We ate Taco Bell. It was difficult to eat but it didn't hurt at all. I just wasn't used to something on my tongue. But when I had my tongue web, I forgot it was there most of the time. I used mouthwash that night and brushed my teeth real well. By the end of the night it was slightly sore.

The next morning I woke up, and my tongue was starting to swell just barely. I got this weird white film on my tongue that stained the color of everything I ate. It is still there today. ( I got my piercing Wednesday, and now its Saturday).

I ate soup most of the day. My tongue was very sore. Took ibuprofen once. Had a little bit of a lisp while I was at work. It was hard to hide it from my mom when I was talking because of the lisp, but she never asked. Went to bed, and on Day 3 it was swellled the same. It wasn't too bad but I had a lisp. I ate Taco BEll again and it was much easier to eat. Not as sore as the previous day. I Listerened all day and took some ibuprofen again.

And today is day 4. It doesn't hurt at all but my tongue is semi-swollen still. I ate all solid food today with no problems. I still have a little bit of a lisp but not bad. I have to go back in a week to get it changed to a smaller bar. I am gauging it to a 12 g, which shouldn't be too bad since it is already 14g.

I love this piercing. It is so easy to hide. I got it for myself, not for sexual reasons or anything. I think it reflects my personality. Which is crazy, unique, and different, haha. I highly recommend it if you are thinking about it. There is hardly any pain but sometimes it depends on the person. It helps to not be so nervous when you get it done.


submitted by: hancam1030
on: 07 Jan. 2011
in Center Tongue Piercings

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011 @2:28 p.m.
i had my tongue done back in october and i sucked on ice as much as i could and i didnty really get any swelling. i got mine done for the same reason, because im a little 'out there' and crazy lol. the only thing that i tended to do was dribble haha, i love my piercing place any piercing costs £8 i had 8 of my 15 piercings done there and i intend going there quite a bit this year haha :P
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:18 p.m.
Hello dear, hope you are doing great, am miss Victoria but my friends call me Vicky i must say this i developed an interest on you immediately i view your profile and you are such a nice person which every human on earth will like to have as a friend and i was moved to let you know. please i will want you to writes on me via my e-mail ([email protected]) i have something very vital in my private life to share with you i will tell you more about my self when you writes back at me on my e-mail box. and you will get my pictures too. i awaits your response; remember love has no boundaries kisses.

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