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UFO orbital experience

Well first of all I know it's not a common piercing, so I feel I should explain what a UFO piercing is. Basically it's just an orbital that goes through the rook and forward helix. Here's a link to a picture of it from bmewiki: http://wiki.bmezine.com/index.php/UFO_Piercing

Anyway I hadn't planned on getting a piercing that day. I was hanging out with a good friend of mine and we ended up at one of our favorite piercings shops, she was going to get her ears stretched. Well after I decided to show the piercer a photo of a piercing I was really thinking about. A UFO orbital. It's not a very common piercing at all and my piercer had never seen one before. But she took a look at my ear, told me that my rook is close enough to my forward helix that it would be possible, but warned me that it was going to absolutely suck to heal, and that I might have a lot of problems with it.

Well, I've never been one to back down just because something might not work out, and I had $60 in my pocket from selling my books back (I'm a college student and the semester just ended). So I decided, what the hell? Let's go for it.

Well, I go back to her chair, watch her set up. Then I thought to ask her what gauge she was going to pierce me at. She said 16, as she does standard with most cartilage piercings. I asked if she could do it at 14 gauge, because I know larger gauges can help anchor a piercing, and in general, I don't like the dainty look of thin jewelry. She said that was perfectly fine. She pulled out the right gauge tools.

She gloves up, gets everything ready, swabs and marks my ear. At this point I'm getting nervous. I had a feeling it would hurt a bit, but I had no idea what I was in for. She lined it up and showed me, I didn't have much to say about the placement. With a piercing like this, it's not up to me lol, it's up to my anatomy. Anyway, we're ready to go and I'm getting nervous. Now I'm anything but a piercing noob, I have tons, I just had a feeling this was going to suck.

How right I was. First she clamped my forward helix "crunch" pinch ow, okay that hurt, but not too bad. She inserted my hoop into the first piercing, that was a bit uncomfortable. However, now she had to flip the ring up and OMG that hurt like a BITCH! I was not having fun at that point, but I wasn't turning back now! So my piercer moves to my rook and decides that there's just no way she's gonna get a clamp in there, not with that jewelry in the way. So she goes ahead and freehands it with a cork. The rook was definitely fairly painful, though in all fairness, my body had already been through a bit. It probably wouldn't have hurt as much if I'd just gotten a rook piercing.

Now, needle through my rook, it's time for my piercer to try and thread the ring through the second hole. But she decides that she doesn't want to leave the needle in my ear like that; she's worried about accidentally poking me while she's fiddling with aligning the ring. So what does she do? Transfers and insertion taper into my new piercing. Oh good lord, that was not fun at all. It was about this point that I started shaking, and my face was twitching. My leg also started moving on it's own, not violently, but none the less. The twitching was definitely weird. I'd never experienced anything like that with any other piercing or even my tattoo.

In goes the taper, and she starts to align the hoop. This involves a lot of tugging. I was in hell. I literally have no words for how painful it was, other than that I'd never felt anything so painful before. Not even a wisdom tooth extraction. The whole time my friend is there just holding my hand, looking slightly concerned.

Well she finally gets the jewelry through the second hole, a bit of a sting, but nothing like the pain I was in before. She gets the ball in (uncomfortable), cleans me up, and I'm done. But I felt a bit faint. I had to sit there for a minute. Well I looked at it and fell in love! I absolutely love this piercing, the pain was worth it. She wanted a picture for her portfolio, and I gladly abliged. So I paid her ($40), she tossed me some sea salt (she knows I'm well schooled in aftercare, so she didn't go into detail, but this should not be a general practice for a piercer) and my friend and I went on our merry ways....to go get some food of course lol.

I know I'm in for some hell with the healing of this. This piercing is like industrial hell x10. I probably will get hypertrophic scarring, I know this. I'll just have to treat the piercing real nice, use my emu oil, hot compresses and hope it goes away. I also know it's probably going to take forever to heal. But I love it so much, the trouble is worth it. I'm really hoping I can heal it, it'd be a shame to have to take it out after all that. But I will if I do. Carpe diem!


submitted by: Forkeh
on: 15 Dec. 2010
in Industrials and Orbitals

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