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i <3 my boobies.

Turning 18 was possibly the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me. Free of my mother’s reign, in the two months after my birthday, I went out and got an extremely large tattoo (which to this day, almost 6 months later, is still unfinished), and got my tongue pierced. I’ve thought about getting my nipples pierced since I was about 16, and finally was old enough to do it. I have fairly large boobs, but I’ve never been 100% comfortable with them; they look good when I’m dressed, but I feel like naked, they just kind of… hang there. Luckily, my sweet boyfriend never says anything if they’re as ugly as I think they are sometimes.

I wanted to get them pierced as soon as possible, but my birthday was in the middle of the summer, and being an avid swimmer, that was kind of out of the question for me. September didn’t work, as I got my tattoo worked on and was in between jobs. October comes, and I was working at a haunted house and didn’t think that freshly pierced nips were the greatest idea (in the 3 years I’ve worked there, I’ve been punched, kicked, slapped and groped by drunk customers). So a week after the haunting ended, my friend Jen & I are standing in line to get out paychecks with our boyfriends, when I got a bright idea: we should get our nipples pierced! Jen liked the idea just as much as I did, and seeing as we were both being handed $600, it seemed like a perfect idea.

The next week, on the day we were supposed to get our piercing done, Jen texted me to tell me that she couldn’t make it. Her car was leaking oil, and had no way to get out of the house. I apologized for her car troubles, but said I was gonna do mine anyway. She wished me luck, and told me to call her afterwards. I got out of work, went home, and looked in the mirror before my shower. This was the last time I was ever going to see my boobs like this. I was super excited, like before every piercing, but this was different, because I wanted to shit my pants when I thought about the pain. I took my shower, and as soon as my boyfriend got to my house, we left for the piercing studio, 30 minutes away. (Colourbox Body Piercing in Green Bay, WI - the absolute best!!)

We got to the studio, and had to wait for a bit, as the piercer was working on someone else. I filled out all my paperwork, picked out jewelry, and sat down looking at the cool, laid back studio the girls have set up. When it was finally my turn, I was a little disappointed because my boyfriend couldn’t be in the room with my to hold my hand, but I understand why - the piercing rooms are tiny. I sat in the chair and pulled down my shirt (I wore a tube top and got commended on being ready) and took off my bra. The piercer (I actually don’t know her name) was extremely quick and precise in her movements.

For the actual piercing, the first nipple wasn’t too bad. Probably about as bad as a an ear cartilage piercing, plus the chick is SUPER fast with her actual piercing and putting in the jewelry - the guy I used to go to would fuck around so I just had a needle hanging out of my ear while he was getting the jewelry. She got ready to do the 2nd nipple, said one, two, three, deep breathe in, breathe out, pierced. HOLY FUCKING GOD IT HURT SO MUCH. I stayed calm, didn’t flinch, and just said “That one hurt so much more than the first, why is that?” Apparently, it’s because of the adrenaline. She finished putting on the barbell, looked at me, and said “Honey, there’s no color in your face! Sit back, just stay still, don’t fight passing out, I’ll go get your boyfriend to come hold your hand.” So he came in with my Gatorade, which I immediately chugged, and smiled a HUGE smile.

“They look good?” to which he replied “They’re awesome.” I just got a little peek in the mirror before she helped me redress and made me sit down for a little longer. Then we paid, left a nice tip, and I made the boy drive my car back home.

My boobs were really only sore for the first two days. Two weeks later, I kinda forget they’re there. They don’t hurt, ever, even when I’m cleaning them or roll over on them while I’m sleeping (I wear a sports bra to bed with them in though). Do I love them? Hell fucking yes! I think I have the prettiest boobs ever now. Mission accomplished.


submitted by: curry_powder
on: 25 Nov. 2010
in Standard Female Nipple Piercings

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 @6:31 p.m.
That's completely awesome. I've been thinking about getting mine done, but I really don't have the balls. I don't tolerate pain well, and I believe if I were to do this I'd have to do two different appointments due to the pain I've heard of the second nipple. You shouldn't have felt that way about your breasts in the first place, but whatever makes you comfortable! Glad you love them now :)
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:20 p.m.
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