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First and only tattoo - ribcage

I have been thinking about this tattoo for a long time. I am generally more of a piercing bod myself - enjoying the escape clause that is being able to remove them if you decide to go all fickle. Nevertheless, I had been obsessing about this tattoo for a while...

Admittedly, not in its final incarnation. At first, I wanted text in the outline of a star, then I realised that it was not only daft, but totally impossible to get five different sized words into a shape that small. Secondly, I hadn't a clue where to put it. This tends to be an issue.

I had known that I wanted a particular latin quote for years, so I figured, if I had waited this long, I could shelve the idea for a year or so and really think about how and where I wanted it. Then in the space of about 3 weeks, it all hit me and I started visiting tattoo places in Liverpool to discuss the font size and design.

I chose a font, rather ironically for me, I thought, called "same sex marriage" and the text I was having was the famous quote; "Aut viam inveniam aut faciam", which I have loved since I started learning latin when I was about 11. I chose to have this inscribed on my ribcage, (horizontally) on my right side. The "Aut" starts just under my right boob, and the words follow in a straight line, just around my side and hitting the edge of my back. It's delicate. It's entirely black, and only done with outline. It's quite intricate for writing, and it is larger than my original, original design, but they did tell me that this would be the case, and made sure I was happy with the size.

I visited about five places - two of which tattooed in the same room where the waiting room was, which I wasn't keen on from a hygiene or privacy point of view. One place had obscenely rude and inattentive reception staff. One place appeared to be staffed by people with a mental age of 12, who giggled and playfought through my "consultation"...one place was lovely, but obscenely expensive, and one place was utterly perfect. I felt instantly at home when I hit Dr Feelgood, just off Bold Street, Liverpool.

I was greeted warmly, I could see that the rooms were separated from the waiting area, I could speak to the guy about the feasibility of my chosen design and I was given a quote and a number to arrange an appointment. They were professional, amiable and warm.

When I returned for my tattoo, they insisted that I have numbing cream; this being my first tattoo, and in a really sore spot...I dutifully agreed. I am glad I did. I was greeted, slathered with some lovely cream, cling filmed and sent off for an hour and a half to do some shopping. Not bad eh?

Thankfully, when I returned, my cream certainly had worked, as I could barely feel a thing as the artist began to ink me up. Before this, he had placed a transfer of my chosen design on me to ascertain the right placement, so I was totally happy with the whole process. I lay down on my side on the (clean) bed and was given a towel to protect what modesty I had left!

I relaxed and dozed as he inked the numbed part of my ribcage. A the most, I felt little electric shock tingles, but mainly nothing...I nearly died when he hit an un-numbed bit, but it was more the shock of actually feeling my tattoo than searing pain. I would liken the pain to a burn - like..poking a severe bit of sunburn if you will. Nevertheless, this pain was over with almost as fast as it began, as my tattoo was completed in under 20 minutes. Apparently the anaesthetic was due to start wearing off after half an hour of the tattoo being started, so I was really pleased that the artist was so prompt. I looked at myself in the mirror; I couldn't believe I had had it done...after all of that time thinking and planning and painstakingly deciding.

Happy with the result, I was clingfilmed for an hour, and instructed to pat not wipe dry, to use a nice bit of bepanthen 2-3 x daily, not to bathe/swim for at least 2 weeks and to call in if I had any problems. I haven't so far!


I don't envisage myself getting more tattoos, simply because I don't think I would care for any other placement. I don't know anyone with tattoos where mine is, and I think this placement is ideal to hide and show off as I please. It's healing really well, and touch wood will continue to do so. I would, however, wholeheartedly recommend Dr Feelgood and everyone who dealt with me on the day.


submitted by: ayvee
on: 24 Nov. 2010
in Lettering Tattoos

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