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My Tongue Piercing Experience

Last Saturday (Oct. 24/10) I decided to get my tongue pierced. After years of wanting it done, and making an appointment on my birthday (which was Aug. 23), but chickening out; I finally decided to just go and get it. The week before the "big day" I was bragging to my boyfriend, 'Yeah I have a huge surprise for you this weekend when we see each other!' He had no idea. I wanted to put it together as a surprise package, so I bleached my purple hair and went blonde. I also bought a whole new outfit.

So on Saturday, I woke up at roughly 9am. Showered, brushed my teeth and tongue, got ready. I called my sister to come hold my hand, but she was busy. So I called my brother and he was free to come with me. I picked him up and started driving to Metamorphosis Body Art in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It's the only place I go to for piercings, it's extremely neat and tidy and the people there are so friendly. There was no free parking around, except in the Giant Tiger Store parking lot. I had forgotten how confusing the Exchange District was, and ended up driving around for a good 20 minutes trying to find out how to get to the parking lot with all the one-way streets.

Well I finally found it, but we were still 20 minutes early. We walked the few minutes to the shop, and once we were in I went to the front desk and told the receptionist that I had an appointment for noon. She took my ID, got me to sign some paperwork, etc. We sat down in the waiting room for about 15 minutes until I was called. The piercer, Niki, led my brother and I to a back room which was just as tidy as the lobby. She sat me down on the "dentist chair" and started answering all my questions.

I had heard that with a tongue piercing, your tongue has a natural reaction to go back into your mouth and you'd get stabbed with the needle on the roof of your mouth. She said this was completely false. Next, she wanted to make sure I had the right tongue to pierce. She pulled out my tongue, dried it (which felt odd), checked the bottom, etc. She told me I had the perfect tongue for piercing; my main veins were on the sides of my tongue, and it was very soft and thin, which would reduce the pain.

She took a toothpick, and marked where she was going to pierce. When she marked the underside of my tongue, I flinched a bit. (It was sharp!) I took a look at it, and thought it looked fine. By this point I was having second thoughts, but Niki talked me through it and I finally said "Okay, lets do this before I change my mind!" She took out and dried my tongue again, put the clamps on and told me to breathe in and out. The next thing I knew, she was saying "Okay, the worst is over."

It was completely painless, I didn't feel a single thing! I didn't flinch or squeeze my brothers hand at all. I was in shock. When she put the barbell in, though, I felt a bit of a pinch. I put my tongue back in my mouth, she gave me some water to rinse with and I was surprised to see a bit of blood when I spat it back out. She then went over the healing process, and brought me an apple juice box. Which I had to squeeze, since it hurt too much to suck out of the straw. I paid, thanked, tipped and left.

So overall, the tongue piercing has been the most painless out of my 17 piercings. (The needle through the tongue anyhow.) Although, it's now been 4 days and I have to say the healing period is the most painful. Day 1 and 2 all I ate was yogurt, ice and popsicles. The swelling was the worst, I tried eating mashed potatoes but it flared my tongue up. It swelled out over my teeth and was quite painful. I also talked the funniest the first couple of days, like I had a huge lisp. My boyfriend loved making fun of me.

Day 3, the swelling had gone down a bit more. It wasn't as sore. I was eating yogurt and rye bread.

Day 4 (today); I notice a huge difference in swelling, it's almost back to normal. It's not sore at all. I can stick my tongue out without any pain. I'm still kind of talking funny, but it's improved. I've eaten rye bread and teriyaki rice. It's definitely easier to eat, but I don't know if I'm ready to try a burger or something like that just quite yet.

I suggest getting lip chap as well. I'm the type of person who licks their lips, and of course I couldn't do that. My lips got very dry and cracked. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my piercing and I'm so glad I got it done! I love it.


submitted by: Kayluh
on: 26 Oct. 2010
in Center Tongue Piercings

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Artist: Niki
Studio: Metamorphosis
Location: Winnipeg, MB

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Thursday, November 4, 2010 @2:44 p.m.
I'm surprised that there is another person here who Ives in Winnipeg. I'm glad your tongue piercing worked out well. My good friend got her tongue pierced there by Niki, and it got pretty badly screwed up. Niki pierced too far back, through a vein and through th tongue webbing. She had to re pierce it twice because she kept screwing up. Maybe my friend just doesn't have a good tongue for piercing, I don't know. I'm glad yours worked out though.
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:22 p.m.
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