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Tongue Piercing

I had decided I wanted to add to my growing collections of piercings but didn't want to travel to glasgow again so I went to this place in our town in greenock which I had heard great things about. The place was pierce 'n' place also known as ula's.

I was more nervous about this piercing than any previous ones as I had read all the online horror stories. When i arrived at the studio I had a short wait before I was taken into the back. I immediatly noticed how sterile the room was... always the first thing I check for. As I sat down I was begginning to become reluctant. I wanted my tongue pierced so bad but I was afraid everything i had read would come true. However the studio piercer worked her magic and assured me that I was in capable safe hands, and even managed to make me laugh about it. All my questions were also answered without hesitation or annoyance (usually I feel like im being a pest when I ask questions) I felt more comfortable in the hands of this studio than I had done any previous studio. I could hear the familiar noises around me of packaging opening and metal touching metal, making me more and more and more nervous.

It eventually came time to go through with it, I was given a napkin to catch the drool that comes along with every tongue piercing and told to stick my tongue out. My tongue was then marked according to were was safest. After this I was asked to stick my tongue out. I went to do it but just couldn't bring myself to do it. So the piercer then told me to close my eyes and stick my tongue out, again I could not bring myself to do it. I asked if I could have a minute and of course was met with no objection. What I loved about this studio is that I didn't feel any pressure to go through with it. I didn't feel like I was being talked into it as I usually would have to be. It just felt like I was given advice to go with whatever decision was in my best interest at the time. The pressure was completely of, so even if I hadn't went through with it I wouldn't have felt embarressed saying that I couldn't. However I eventually got up the courage and with in minutes, if even that, the piercing was over with, I had felt virtually no pain just a small nip as if I had gently bit my tongue.

The procedure itself was pretty quick. The clamp (not sure what it's called) was placed on my tongue and I was asked to stick my tongue right out. When I had done so the needle was pushed from the bottom up and then the jewellry was threaded through, after this the clamp was removed. The clamp seemed to be the most painful part of the procedure, but even that was just more uncomfortable than anything else. Once the procedure was over with I was given a care sheet aswell as some extra tips from the piercer that were to come in extremely handy to me over the coming hours and days.

As I was told, my tongue began to throb and swell over the next few hours. I continued with my care regime and after about the 5th day on a non solid diet the swelling in my tongue had decreased so much I was able to have the bar size took down. I went into the studio and again this was handled in a sterile enviroment and a friendly manner. I couln't have been happier with the service.

After about two weeks I experienced some problems, I had develloped a bubble under my tongue around the bar, I knew it was infected as it wasn't leaking and was white in colour, I also started to develop a lump inside my tongue which hurt a lot when I ate or even moved my tongue, however this was due to no fault of the studio. I had not noticed how much the swelling had gone down in my tongue over the course of the 2 weeks and did not realise I needed a smaller bar. The extra movement in the bigger bar must have been causing the irritation and pain as when I changed it to a smaller bar after only a day I noticed a major improvement.

Now all the swelling has gone down and I couldn't be happier with the piercing :) Thanks so Much to Pierce 'N' Place in greenock Scotland for making my experience as painless and pleasant as possible. I would definitly reccomend this piercing, however I would say that if you are not willing to put in the effort for a few weeks to have this piercing, as the diet and rest and cleaning routine is extensive, I would reccomend you go for another piercing because this is quite demanding, However that being said, once the healing proccess is over it is so worth it. I would reccommend the studio I was at to anyone as I could not fault them for anything, The service was excellent and the standard and quality was super high. Definitly five stars :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 2011
in Center Tongue Piercings

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