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My First Tattoo

My First Tattoo

On my 18th birthday i had an idea that i was going to get a tattoo. The tattoo had to be custom i didnt want one of those tats that were out of a book, so i got in contact with a local artist and we discussed some ideas. I informed him that I am a firefighter and wanted something that could represent both me and my job. I allowed the artist to draw it however he wanted. He came up with a fire department shield with a cracked stone cross in front of it, with two crossed fire axes. I loved the idea and the drawing was awesome.

The next day i was in the shop discussing sizing and price options, I decided that the main factor in size and color vs black and white would be the budget, we had a rather lengthy discussion on price and location. We came up with a full color tattoo about the size of a pack of 100's cigarettes on my arm in full color on my arm for $100.

The morning after the pricing discussion i decided that i was going to get the tattoo, my best friend met me at the tattoo shop to watch what he thought was going to be the most excruciating pain he would ever see me experience, he convinced me that it was going to hurt a lot although he didnt have any tattoos.

As i sat down in the chair i was so freaked out i didnt know what to do and when the artist got the stencil on i almost pussied out but i thought of how i had convinced this guy to draw it for me and made an appointment and my ego got the better of me with the i don't want to look like a pussy thought.

The artist got the tattoo machine out and got ready to start, my heart was pounding in fear and excitement, my adrenaline was flowing, i was expecting it to be the worst pain i had ever felt. When he got the gun close to my arm i closed my eyes and bit my lip after about 2 minutes of sitting there waiting for him to start with my eyes closed i opened my eyes to see why he had not started only to realize he had almost outlined the whole shield.

I started to calm down, and got into a conversation with the artist about old muscle cars. The rest of the tat seemed to fly by and before i knew it I had gotten my first tat. I looked over it in the mirror before the bandage was placed on my arm. All i could say was "damn dude that looks sick" My friend who had came to watch left the shop disappointed in not having seen me in immense amounts of pain. I left the shop trying to figure out what my next one is going to be.

I guess i learned a lot that day, tats are in fact addictive, they don't hurt, they can be relatively in-expensive, and not to believe everything that you hear or read about tattoos. Almost all of my life I had heard that tattoos hurt and that they were way to expensive. I have first hand experience now on tattoos and if anyone asks me about getting one like “do they hurt?” I will answer honestly and say no they do not. I have had my ears gauged and now I have a tattoo. The tattoo felt like someone lightly scratching on my arm it felt good pretty good after I got over the initial ill advised fear.

About photos of the tattoo I will be posting the photos of the tat on BME at some point, whenever I get access to a digital camera . I am really happy with the work and the way it came out, I am also really happy about the price.

About the Artist At the time of writing this story (09/10/10) I am 18 years old and I have had my tat for about 7 days, I am a volunteer firefighter in Kentucky, I love my job and all my piercings and my tat. I have 3 piercings. One in my left ear that is a 6 gauge two in my right ear that are 12 gauge. I had 2 other piercings that I have removed, they were a 16 gauge barbell in my left eyebrow, and a 18 gauge lip piercing in the center of my bottom lip.I just have the one tattoo for now but when this one heals I am planning on getting another tat just have not decided where or of what. I hope you enjoyed the story about my first tattoo. Thanks for reading.


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on: 14 Feb. 2011
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