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Return to the Septy Club

The last twice I have had my septum pierced, they have failed. The first through a bad piercer and the second because I got a rather bad cold while it was still in the early stages of healing.

I had been planning my return to the septy club for a while. (Although, the term septy club was coined by people I no longer speak to...go figure). I missed it greatly after my last failed attempt and was planning on getting it re done before summer started but decided that was a very bad idea; I get hay fever pretty bad from april till late august.

The second problem would be talking my mother around... again; she told me explicitly that after my failed second attempt that she did not like it and did not want me to get it re done. I had agreed at the time but the more she said no, the more determined I became to get it re done and just hide it to keep the peace. My friend and piercer, Tomm, then dropped the bombshell he wouldn't do it unless my mum said it was OK. Even though I am 24, he doesn't want either of us getting into trouble because of a piece of metal.

Roughly a week or so previous to me getting my septum re-pierced I had the piercing itch pretty badly and decided to get my daith done to scratch it... it didn't last long however and nine days later the itch had returned. It had been in the back of my head to save money and get it re done and just not tell my mum – but not until the end of summer when my hay fever wouldn't be so bad.

I was in Peterborough on an unrelated matter and, with money in my pocket and the jewellery in my bag I headed to Pulse – I was greeted by friendly faces and a celebration atmosphere as Rosie had just turned 20; I was offered cake but I turned it down.

Tomm was happy to pierce with my own jewellery on the understanding and agreement that I took my own risks because it had not been autoclaved and would only be cleaned in surgical alcohol prior to being inserted into my body. I agreed that this was a risk I understood and was willing to take; the jewellery itself had been cleaned in various solutions including Dettol and had been kept in a small baggy, in my purse since I had taken it out – nobody else had touched it and I hadn't taken it out until now.

He then asked if my mum was OK with this – she was at the bank with my dad, and I nodded and said yes. Luckily I had told her where I was going and that I planned on getting a new hole in my body. She just tutted and told me to get on with it because she guessed instantly which body part it would be.

I handed over my jewellery and my money and watched as Tomm input me into the computer (I didn't need to sign anything because I am a regular and they got me on camera, loud and clear stating I was willing and understood the risk of being pierced with my own, non-autoclaved jewellery.) We headed upstairs with a friend in tow, she wanted hers doing and wanted to see my reaction before she made the final decision.

Tomm didn't mark me up because he could see where the last one had been and he found my “sweet spot” very quickly. He put the septum clamps around my septum and asked if they felt comfortable, I said yes and that I thought they were in the sweet spot but at that time I couldn't tell. He joked that we would soon find out.

I held my hand out to hold my friends, the nerve's had finally kicked in. my heart was beating stupidly fast and my head felt a little light already. It probably didn't help matters that I hadn't eaten since 10am that morning and it was around lunch time when this was going on.

I felt the needle enter the left side but I didn't realise it was over with until Tomm snipped the end of the cannula.

My eyes had been shut tightly until then, and I genuinely saw flashes as the needle had gone through, as the clamp was released I thought I was going to pass out. I was leant back on the wall behind the piercing bed I was sat on and the circular barbell was inserted into the end of the cannula ready for transfer when my head stopped spinning.

The transfer only hurt a little; short and sharp. I didn't realise until I got home that I had bled on the exit hole but there was no pouring blood when it was done.

Looking in the mirror I realised the placement was much better this time around and it sat more comfortably in my nose than it had done before and looked more “natural” if there is such a thing for a piercing. I decided I really should have eaten the cake I was offered.

I am now dread needing to sneeze for the next two days. I remember sneezing with the last one, I remember vividly it was 3 hours after and I was sat in the car. It went something like “Achoo-oww SHIT!” and I really do not want a repeat of that pain. I currently feel like I have been punched in the face although that is starting to die down and I hope I don't forget and just wipe or blow my nose! I was hoping to be able to flip it up straight after but due to the (much better) placement and the instant swelling I couldn't. Which is just fine with me because it looks snazzy.

My friend decided against her septum for the time being after my reaction and got her forward helix instead!


submitted by: nexizydrate
on: 25 Nov. 2010
in Septum Piercings

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