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Tattooing my Elbow, Working on my horror sleeve

Slowly but surely I am putting together my horror themed sleeve. I started with my Vampira portrait on my upper arm and next came my Edgar Allan Poe portrait. Poe went on the top of my forearm. Though I love my portraits I felt like my arm looked silly and extremely disconnected so I would always cover one of them up(usually Vampira because a longer short sleeve shirt covers her up.) I had an appointment made for this past Friday and I was going to work on my wrist. The more I thought about it the less convinced I was that it was time for me to tattoo my wrist. So on Wednesday I decided that I needed to get my elbow done to try and give my arm a little more flow. My artist and I decided that he would just draw up whatever I want to get on the day of. So I decided that I wanted to get a Jack-O-Lantern on my elbow, all in black and grey like the rest of my arm. I brought my artist, Jeremy Lee, an image of a victorian halloween card that had a little girl sitting on top of a huge jack-o-lantern and the directions that I wanted the pumpkin from it but with more of a sinister face. When I was saying I wanted it to be reminiscent of Victorian halloween decorations he knew exactly what I was taking about. He changed up the eyes and made the nose a little more pointy and took off the little girl and added a stem. It took 10 minuets and was perfect. We upped the size 20% on the copier and it fit my elbow in a way was wasn't too small or too big that it wrapped around my arm too much so we were ready to go.

Jeremy set up his machines and ink then get stenciled up my arm. We set me up and get me comfortable and went on our way tattooing. The outline wasn't too bad. But I usually don;t have many problems with getting the outline. For me it always ends up being the easiest part. There was a few spots with a bit of bite, where it was boney as expected. I knew this was going to be my most painful tattoo, but I had a feeling I was ready for it. I actually think I was right. When Jeremy was hitting some of the worst parts I was remembering to breath and Jeremy was doing an awesome job talking to me and keeping my mind off of my elbow being on fire. To get the whole thing done it was two hours of tattooing, with a couple five minuet breaks thrown in there. It hurt, but it was a productive hurt. The last part He did was the white in the eyes. I am so fair skinned that I can have white put into my tattoos and have it look good. When I heal it doesn't get yellow like I've been on other people. I have to say though the white hurt the most it really was worth it, it just make's it look that much better. It gives it that good moist pumpkin-y autumn-y look. It made me feel like my arm was going somewhere and I don't feel like I am going to have to cover up my Vampira portrait anymore. I'm happy I only have one more elbow to have to tattoo! It wasn't the best feeling but looking at it I know it was worth it. I just got it done yesterday and it was hardly swollen when I woke up this morning and it isn't sore at all.I am not sure how I could have got color on my elbow, it was painful enough that I feel like i couldn't have made it through the ordeal that color can be.

Before I left Jeremy and I discussed where the rest of my arm is going. I told him all I need to fit in is a Vincent Price portrait, and Elsa Lancaster as the Bride of Frankenstein portrait and the quote "To a New World of Gods and Monsters" and the rest of the room was open for ideas. He wants to put a raven, for the obvious Poe reference. I want some sort of homage to Jack Pierce throw in there but I don't even know what I would get so I might wait that out or get it somewhere else. Hopefully I can get back to the shop and get more of my horror arm worked on soon. I'm only 19 and some people think I am working too quickly but since I have the intentions of having a full body suit there is a lot of space to cover and I've got to work while I can afford it.


submitted by: godsandmonsters
on: 22 Aug. 2010
in Miscellaneous Tattoos

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Artist: Jeremy Lee
Studio: Milltown Ink
Location: Palmer, MA

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