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It had been several months since my last tattoo and I was getting that infamous itch, I wanted another one. I had so many ideas buzzing around my head that I just couldn't choose, so I decided to wait a while until something I had to have popped into my head. In the mean time I satisfied my body mod urge with a microdermal piercing.

One day at work, I spotted a girl with what looked like a heart on her lower arm. It was 'upside down' so that when she had her arm bent upwards, it was the right way up. Looking back, I'm not even sure I really saw it. I might have imagined it because it was so quick but at that moment I knew I had to have something similar. I have a weird thing about getting tattoos and piercings done spontaniously. I like to see something and just go ahead and get it on impulse. I find that if I spend too long overthinking designs or places I end up changing my mind or going off the idea. I know most people like to think about their mods for a long time but for me at least, I usually have to do it on the spur of the moment.

Bearing this in mind, the first opportunity I had, I went to Pierced Up. I had been there before for my first tattoo and knew plenty of people who had work done there. They have a really good reputation so I had no qualms trusting them. I was gutted to discover that they were closed that day! Luckily my idea stuck around long enough for me to go back the following day. I told them I wanted a solid black heart at the back of my forearm, just below my elbow. I wanted it too look upside down from behind when I had my arm straight, but upright when my arm was bent. They told me it'd be £35, so I paid a £15 deposit and made an appointment for the following week.

A week later, I went back to Pierced Up with my heavily pregnant sister to get the tattoo. After waiting a while one of the tattoo artists came out and talked to me about what I was getting (I didn't catch the guy's name but I believe he's the boss). He asked if I was 100% sure that I wanted it all in black and I said I was so he went to set up.

After he'd set up, he called me in started marking me up. He was really, really careful to get the position right so that it looked perfect when my arm was bent and straight. When we were both happy with it, he sat my down and got going.

My first tattoo was on my wrist and had taken a very short period of time, it didn't require much filling in and wasn't particularly painful. I knew this one would hurt more as it was on the bone and it did. The worst bit was when he was filling it in but it still didn't take very long and was bearable. When he was done I looked in the mirror, it was perfect.

He covered the tattoo with plastic wrap and taped it down before going through aftercare with me - he told me to leave the wrap on for 6 hours, before washing it gently with soap and water. He told me to apply either Savlon or Tattoo Goo to keep it moisturised. While I was paying, my sister chatted to the woman behind the counter about the pregnancy. Everytime I've been in there she's been around and is always really friendly and recognises me. When you're getting any kind of body mod, it's really important that the staff are friendly and welcoming. The last thing you want when you're nervous is for the staff to be rude and unfriendly and luckily this isn't a problem at Pierced Up.

Afterwards it was VERY sore, much worse than my wrist had been. Because there was so much ink, as soon as the plastic was off it would just stick to all my clothes all the time. I decided to use Bepanthan on it rather than Savlon or Tattoo Goo as the guy who did my first tattoo had reccomended it and I'd liked it. For the first few days, it was really sticky and constantly had little hairs from my clothes stuck to it. Due to the awkward position, my sleeves were constantly rubbing on it and after it scabbed over they would flake the scabs off, which got me really worried about it fading.

When it finally stopped scabbing, it did look a tad blotchy but this seemed to improve when it was fully healed.

I get some mixed reactions to it. Alot of people ask me why I chose such a strange location and I usually just shrug or make something up. Everyone says I'll probably regret it when I'm older but for now, I'm enjoying having a big, black meaningless heart in a weird place on my body.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Aug. 2010
in Tattoos

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