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Painless Anti-tragus

Two days ago I went to get my anti-tragus pierced for my 18th birthday. I had been waiting to get this piercing for about two years, and had to wait until I turned 18 because my parents won’t sign for it. Other than the anti-tragus, I have 10 ear piercings- 3 pairs of lobes, 1 extra lobe on the right ear, and 3 cartilage on the left ear. I self-pierced everything other than two of the lobe pairs which were done at Claire’s when I was younger and unknowledgeable of their evil piercing gun ways. Thanks to Claire’s I have an uneven pair of earlobe piercings. Yeah, I’m not supposed to advocate self-piercing, but as long as you research what you’re doing, sterilize EVERYTHING and take care of it, I say it’s perfectly fine. No, I didn’t use professional needles or an autoclave; I used sewing needles. However, this story has nothing to do with self-piercing, or those other ten piercings. It has to do with one, the anti-tragus. I live in Maryland. The only studio people recommended to me for getting a piercing has been Mystic Piercing in Crofton, MD (it’s in between Bowie and Annapolis), and about an hour away from where I live. The first time I went to Mystic was for my best friend’s 18th birthday, when he got his eyebrow pierced. Now, I’ve read many stories here on BME, and a lot of them talk about the clean smell similar to a doctor’s office that you get in really good piercing studios. Mystic doesn’t have that, and I was kind of disappointed the first time. But, we were told to go there, so I still thought positively about it. Back to today’s story. So, for my birthday I was getting my right anti-tragus, and two of my friends were each getting an industrial on the right ear. We walked into Mystic and were greeted by one of the guys working there. I told him what we were getting. He asked how old each of us were, making sure we were 18, and then took us back to fill out the paperwork and check our IDs. He called another piercer over to actually do our piercings. We finished with the paperwork and paid. The anti-tragus was $40, and their industrials were $45.

My friends decided I would go first since it was my birthday. I sat in the chair and watched the piercer, Ben, put the packaged needle and jewelry on the counter, and put on his gloves. I kept trying to watch what he was doing, but he wouldn’t let me. He told me to tilt my head so he could see my ear, and marked it. He wasn’t going to have me OK the placement, and was about to pierce me without my seeing it, but I asked to. Yes, it’s an anti-tragus and it’s small, but still. You should be able to see where your piercing will be. So he showed me the mirror and I said it was good. The needle he used was curved in a U-shape. He opened the package and said he was about to pierce. “Take a deep breath in and exhale” … and the needle went in! I heard the crunch of the cartilage, not really a pop though. My friends asked how it was, and I said “crunchy!” After all I had read about this piercing, I expected it to hurt. A lot. Yet it didn’t hurt at all! I was highly surprised. The jewelry, a 16g captive ring, went in and there was pressure when he was securing the ball into the ring, but not pain! There I was, thinking I might faint or something and be in immense pain, and there was nothing. It was done. Ben didn’t give me the mirror to look at my newly improved anti-tragus, to my dismay. I got out of the chair. At Mystic after every piercing they give you an ice pop, so Ben asked me which flavor I wanted and went to get it. The mirror was sitting out on the counter, and I looked at my ear while he was in the other room. So shiny and pretty!! After about 10 minutes, when the second of my friends was getting his industrial done, there was a tiny bit of pressure starting, but just barely.

When all three of us were pierced he went over healing care, gave us the studio’s paper handout and antibacterial ointment. In summary, it says to wash it three times a day with gold Dial bar soap and apply the antibacterial ointment for the first 7 days, then to replace the ointment with Bactine for the rest of the healing process. Don’t play with the piercing and only turn it while cleaning.

That night I had no problems or pain with it at all. I could pretty much sleep on it (if I put my arm out sort of triangularly … so my ear rested in the middle, it was perfectly fine). It was the same the next day and night. Today part of my ear, like the daith area, would itch on and off, usually when I would accidentally try to scratch at the ear and forget that there’s a new piercing there that does not want to be touched. Tonight it kind of feels like there’s a minor ear infection in that ear, but I know it’s just some weird pain dispersion of the piercing. It doesn’t hurt, it’s just a little sore. I think the soreness largely comes from when I have to clean and rotate it, pulling on that part of the ear.

I am so happy I finally have this piercing. I definitely recommend it to you if you’re considering it. I really don’t know why people say it hurts so much!


submitted by: habitoinsomnii
on: 27 July 2010
in Anti-Tragus Piercing

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