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Clavicle Surface Piercings

I've been itching for another piercing since my last in December. I knew exactly what I wanted done- surface piercings below my collarbones. The problem was getting the timing just right. Having had surface piercings before, I know they don't last long. I knew I had to wait until Summer so that I could actually show them off, and minimise the need for clothing that would rub against them.

Looking through my old diaries (they're very embarassing!) I found out that my first "real" piercing was 15th July 2005. What better way to celebrate my five year anniversary than getting my new ones on the same date?

I was so impatient but I'm a sucker for significance so I waited. I knew where I wanted to get them pierced- Area 51 in Basingstoke. I'd had my lip done there and had a great experience so they seemed the obvious choice. Plus, they do a 20% student discount meaning the two would only be £40.

The date rolled around and I dragged my friend along with me. I was nervous- as I always am before a piercing- but I think she was more nervous than me. I walked up to the counter, told the man what I wanted and guess what? Duncan, the piercer, was away. So that sucked. He said to come back on Saturday at 1 when Duncan will be free for surface piercings.

So I was gutted but still, I waited patiently the following couple of days. Then Saturday arrives. This time I take another friend, who has been to most of my piercings and is pretty blase about them. I was a lot less nervous this time as I was just keen to get them done. At 12:45, I walk in and see Duncan. "At least it looks like I'm going to get it done today", I tell my friend. I go up to the counter, tell the same man as before what I want and he informs me that Duncan doesn't do collarbone piercings, only wrists and napes.

Well, I had my nape pierced before and I have been meaning to get it done again so yeah, I'll get that instead. Walking away, I think about how I should really get my hair cut. It's too long, I won't be able to show off the piercing. If I get it cut afterwards, the little bits of hair will get caught in the piercing. Yuk! But, of course, the hairdresser has a half hour wait and I only have 20 minutes until Duncan is free. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing texting my mum to ask if her friend will still cut my hair with a nape piercing ("Eeurgh, why do you want that? It's horrible"- Thanks mum!), I remember I'm going to be working soon. In a nursery. Even if my hair did cover the piercing, I'll be damned if I'm working with grabby kids with a fresh surface piercing.

So that won't do. Then my friend suggests calling Camberley Tattoo Studio. She just had a tattoo done there last week and had a great experience. This time we call ahead to check they'll pierce collarbones and they do. Yay! We also find out that they are £25 each. Ok, so I don't get my student discount but at least I'll get my coveted piercings.

When we get there, the man on the desk charged me £40. I was a little surprised, as I was expecting £50 but it turns out they do a discount for multiple piercings. So it all worked out rather nicely in the end.

I sit down and wait just a few minutes before I am called in. My friend is getting her tragus done too so she comes with me to the room where Andy is. He already has everything laid out ready. The room is quite small, smaller than I've been in before, and the needles lying there next to me look quite sinister- I've never seen them that close to me before a piercing.

The studio has a "homely" appearance. By that, I mean it doesn't appear as clinical as others I have been in. It's not white and sparkling but don't make the mistake of thinking they're not as hygienic. Andy carried through all the procedures you would expect.

He was very careful about marking my chest to get the perfect positioning. I checked them carefully in the mirror and was very happy with the placement. He took his time over the piercings but they barely hurt at all. The second one hurt more than the first- I felt the pressure as the needle popped through the exit hole- but it was a very tolerable pain. It also helped that Andy was very friendly and chatty, which put me at ease. They bled a fair bit, which Andy was expecting, but they stopped quickly enough.

Afterwards, I stood up to see what I thought of them and got extremely light headed. This had never happened to me before so I was a bit worried. I was very faint and my eyesight started to get really dark. I could hear both Andy and my friend talking but they seemed very distant. He was fine with it though and helped me with my breathing technique to recover. I kept apologising that I was taking so long but he reassured me to take as much time as I needed.

Once I had recovered, I sat on the floor whilst my friend had her tragus piercing- which went prefectly- and before we left, Andy again made sure I was ok. I was really impressed with this aftercare.

This was about 24 hours ago. My left piercing- the second one, that hurt at the time- is perfect. Hardly any crusting, no bruising or swelling to speak of. Completely pain-free too. The first one is very bruised, very swollen and very tender. It's not intolerable and is exactly as I would expect for a fresh piercing.

I had a great experience and will definitely be returning again soon. I just need to decide which piercing I want next!


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on: 19 July 2010
in Body Surface Piercing

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