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first white kanji!

Yesterday I got my first tattoo, and just to make it a little different. I had it in white.

I'm 19 and have wanted a tattoo for about 5yrs, Id planned on getting one as soon as I hit 18, but because my boyfriend wasn't keen I put it on hold. About a month ago, he said he wouldnt mind a tattoo if it was something discreet, so after thinking about it I thought white would be a good option. We talked it over and he agreed that would be fine. I am the first person in my family to have a tattoo, my parents didn't mind, as long as I was sure about the design, they were happy for me to do it. initially was going to get a pentaflower, but decided that had no personal meaning, I came across kanji and fell in love with them. A kanji tattoo would be perfect.

The studio I went to has about a 3month waiting list, but 2 weeks ago I went in and was lucky enough to be given much sooner. I was quoted £40 for a love kanji that is an inch in length, I paid a £20 deposit and then anxiously waited for the 2 weeks to pass.

I arrived 15 mins before my appoinment and just enjoyed sitting with my boyfriend on their huge sofa looking at the fish tank and the cool water feature, thery were running behind, so I ended up waiting about half an hour, but that was ok because there's plenty to look at there.

My design was taken and Bex went to set up, a few minutes later she called us through. I said taht i'd like it in white, and she said it could end up just looking like a scar, but I could always go over it if I wanted to. I was sat on a big dentist type chair and she shaved and then cleaned my wrist with two different chemicals. I should mentioon everything was really clean and she had gloves on the whole time. She placed it, but its positioing wasnt quite right so she wiped it off and did it again, She was really nice and was happy to change the placement as many times as I wanted. Second time it was perfect! I had it placed so that the kanji would be facing me. I picked the love kanji because I wanted something that would represent the love I have for my boyfriend, without making it cheesey by using names or initials. Bex told me how long it would probably take, and that if it hurt to much just to say and she would stop.

I'd been told to expect a lot of pain on my wrist, she started near my hand and when the needles touched all I felt was a vibration! Not so bad at all! But, as she moved up, away from my hand, it did get painful, but not so bad that I couldnt talk. She chatted to me through most of, which helped put me at ease. She was very gentle with me and said that sometimes tattoos are painful because the tattooist is too heavy handed and pushing down too hard.

I was done after about five minutes. She rubbed some vaseline over it and bandaged me up, she said I should keep it on for a good couple of hours then lava up some soap and give it a gentle wash. she went over the aftercare with me, gave me a sheet and sent me on my way. I bought tattoo goo lotion, which Ive been applying and my tattoo is looking good, apart from a small red spot, that im hoping will go in a few days. If it doesnt go, they do free touch ups, so it can just be gone over. I imagine that this wont be my last tattoo, i'm hoping to get the kanji for family on my left wrist to compliment this one. So far, there's no plasma or anything coming out of it, its just a bit pink around the lines, I'm hoping it should heal up quickly. I was told after the scabs go I'll be able to put sunblock on it and that I'll need to to keep it looking white.

My boyfriend doesn't like tattoos, but he's found mine to be very tasteful and far more acceptable because its discreet. For now I'm really happy with my tattoo, but I may one day want it gone over in black, to make it really stand out :)

The white ink is pretty white and a lot clearer than I expected, overall I would recommend getting white ink if thats what you want, and if you're in Sufffolk, go to grin n wear it, you won't regret it! Overall, I LOVE my tattoo!


submitted by: elmo
on: 19 July 2010
in Kanji & Chinese Lettering Tattoos

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Artist: bex
Studio: grin n wear it
Location: lakenheath, uk

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