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Avatar Made Me Do It

I've got a theory that watching films in which body mods are displayed encourages me to get them. One of the reasons that 300 is one of my favourite films is because of the piercings that Xerxes, his subjects and his harem prominently display throughout the movie.

Anyway, in February 2010 when I was 19, I went to see Avatar with my friend and her flatmate. Although Avatar isn't my favourite film, it is the best film I've seen. Afterwards I was waiting for the bus and had half an hour to wait so I wandered along the street and saw a piercing/tattoo studio opposite Studio 13 (those of you familiar with Edinburgh will know what I'm talking about. I once asked Studio 13 how much for a cartilage piercing and they wanted £20 which is steep compared to other studios.)

I had had a conch piercing performed in this studio, Tribal Tattoos, about three months earlier. I wandered into the shop, thinking I could browse the jewellery for a few minutes and after a bit I remembered a drawing I'd seen on a body jewellery webshop and an entry on Wilipedia about a piercing called the daith and how it was performed in 1992 and believed to let only wisdom into the ear - "dayth" or "doth" means "wisdom". I asked the piercer how much for one, she said £15 but £13 for students, and I asked if she could do it now.

I had to fill out all the usual paperwork and then she took me into a wee room. I'd wanted it in my right ear but she said I couldn't have it there because of my conch ring so it had to go in the left ear. I asked if she could position it so I could get another daith beside it in the future, but she said it wasn't feasible because of my ear's anatomy. The piercer warned me that a daith is very noticeable, and marked the spot. I said I didn't really mind where it went and I don't think I checked it in the mirror. She got out a long needle and took it out of its packaging (wearing gloves the whole time, which proves that small studios are not lacking in hygiene compared to larger ones. This one, Tribal Tattoos, was very clean.)

I felt an unbearable squeezing/pushing, a lot worse than any other piercing I've had, even the scaffold (which was bad - but that's another story.) I was clutching my bag and leaning away, which is the first time I haven't sat still, and my whole body was tense. I think I was trying to use my left shoulder to shield my ear, as I was raising it up.

The needle didn't go all the way through the first time so she had to poke the last bit out again and then she said it was over and she would insert the ring.

I was afraid it would hurt again and I asked her if it would hurt because if it would then I didn't want to go through with it, I would have been happy to pay and leave with a hole that would close within hours, if they'd said I had to (which I don't think they would.) I told her that I didn't want the ring if it would hurt but she said it would be just a sting for a moment. I was still worried about it, and I tensed up as she inserted the ring, but it didn't hurt so I felt a bit stupid.

I felt very happy going home on the bus with a beautiful ring in my ear. I still have it in now because it is taking longer to heal than any of my previous piercings.

I still think that if it wasn't for Avatar I wouldn't have done it, or at least not at that time. My mum never notices my ear piercings but I showed her it a few days later because I was annoyed that she hadn't commented. She said it looked funny. Anyway it wasn't my fault - Avatar made me do it.

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submitted by: QueenTut
on: 14 Feb. 2011
in Daith Piercing

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Studio: Tribal Tattoos
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

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Saturday, February 26, 2011 @6:15 a.m.
I would've paid the extra for Studio XIII to be honest. More often than not something goes wrong at Tribal.
miss victoria
Thursday, May 2, 2013 @10:07 p.m.
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