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The Staple That Walked

This is a retrospective story that details the life and death of my amazing flesh staple. I'd wanted a piercing for a long time. Years. But had not been able to get one until I turned 18. I'd done my research and eventually settled for what my friends and family would later call, "the most disgusting and freaky thing they had ever seen." I got a flesh staple just to the left of my shin on my left leg. Fucking awesome.

My experience with this was quite difficult. I'd found a highly reputable piercer - PLUG The Piercing Urge in Melbourne, Australia - and set up my appointment. Anyway, I was pretty nervous but showed up bang on time. The staff or awesome there and their friendly attitudes calmed me down a lot.

So I lay down on a bench whilst my piercer, Pete, marked out his entry and exit point. Then he got the clamps out. He's one of those guys who have been doing this for 20 years or something. Totally knows the game. Despite his epic experience even he had trouble getting the clamps to hold on my skin. If you feel how taught the skin on your calf gets when you lie down you can understand why he was having so much trouble finding enough to pierce through. My skin was pulling out from the clamps' pinch and actually popping them off. That fucking hurt. Especially because he had to keep reclamping in the same spot. However, this was probably the most painful part of the whole operation. I exhaled as the needle went in and though it absolutely did not hurt at all, I could feel all the sinew being broken as the metal push through and out. Very strange sensation. Pete did an awesome job getting the staple in and I was out the door pretty soon after. They made me hang around a bit to make sure I was ok, something I appreciated and a testimony to their professionalism.

So I was pleased as punch, though as I alluded to earlier, pretty much everyone else hated it. I followed Pete's advice and used saline solution a few times a day for next few weeks. The piercing pretty much healed within that time, though that's as far as it got. Pretty much healed.

I never felt confident in my staple ever stabilising. I suspect a few reasons for its demise. Firstly, a flesh staple on your leg gets knocked around a lot. When you're asleep, playing sport, on the train, taking your pants off, way drunk etc. I had it tear a few times in the 6 or so months I had it. Secondly, it's a seriously taught area to slip something under; it always seemed to be under pressure and 'pulling' on my skin. In the end what killed it was surfing. I wore a full body wetsuit which seemed to rub it a lot, opening it up to Neptune's fishy goodness, ultimately resulting in a minor infection.

I went back onto a saline treatment but it didn't really work. Eventually I decided to just accept that this piercing was a failure and remove it. That took a bit of finicky work and really; I think some bravery as it's not the most appealing or comfortable thing to do. When I took it out there was a little bit of puss to accompany the lovely red glow that had surrounded the holes for much of my unfortunate staple's life.

The holes healed up fairly quickly and I really felt relief for the first week or so after removing it. You get used to the idea of having to hold your pants away from your leg when putting on and taking off, but when you suddenly don't have to it's a nice sense of freedom.

Curiously, about 2 months after it healed over the scars started to itch. I didn't think too much of it, but a few days after that they actually split open and scabbed. That freaked me out a bit, but eventually that healed too. I figure there had been a bit of flesh tubes under the skin and they'd been pushed out. That was a few months ago and I've had no complaints since. I've still got 2 little dots on my leg to remind me of my staple. It looks like I’ve been bitten by a snake.

All-in-all this is not a piercing I would really recommend in that position. It can be quite restrictive in day-to-day life. Also, if you're like me and most of your friends don't have mods, people get freaked out by it. Like, repulsed freaked out. However, if you're willing to be really responsible with it and don't give a shit about people's thoughts on your decision, I recon it is doable. I couldn't really give much advice on healing it or helping it survive day to day life, but I'd say it's possible to get that bad boy calm. Good luck if you try it. Let me know how you go.


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on: 02 June 2010
in Flesh Stapling

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