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My First Tattoo

Wow just reading the title of my story makes me feel like a child. Oh well. April 2009, just after my 18th birthday was the date I chose to get my first tattoo. I'd always wanted one but my mother is a very traditional Mexican and my father, a Puerto Rican all about success and overcoming the white man (seeing body modification as an obstacle). So naturally I had to wait until I turned 18 to get a tattoo.

I had been thinking about getting a tattoo since I was in middle school and I'm definitely not the type of person that desires to be like everyone else. So I wanted my first tattoo to be unique. Sadly enough the design I chose was my favorite flower, the lily, which is fine because I adore flowers more than anything:). Now you can all see that the design being unique was slight ly out of the question, but I still had a chance to be unique with the placement of my first tattoo.

I thought the top of my foot would be a beautiful place:) When I walked into the tattoo shop, the lady at the desk (which I later discovered to be the owner) was very sweet to me. I made my down payment, and gave my design to my tattoo artist. I couldn't wait to see how he modified my design to be unique to me!

When I returned for my tattoo, my tattoo artist was eating a sandwich (totally fine, not my issue) and seemed slightly unprepared. He asked me for the design of my tattoo...which I had given to him when I made my appointment, and apparently he had lost. I absolutely hate disorganization and I was irked by his lack of sincere regret to losing my design...let alone not even working on it and not being prepared when I came in for my appointment. So he went into the back room to sketch me something as I sat and waited with my best friend.

His first sketch, was (let's be real) hideous. An attempt at a tiger lily which ended up looking like a speckled, dry, pepper. I sent him away. He returned this time, with a design that was very similar to the one I had initially wanted. I was becoming more pleased. He continued to add to it and bring out the design until alas, there was one I adored.

I was so nervous as my tattoo neared, and he put the outline on my foot...I had talked to other tattoo professionals and they had told me that the foot is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo and that I was brave for making this my first! I kept imagining how painful this experience was going to be and because I had never gotten a tattoo before, I didn't know what to expect of my body (as far as reactions go). Would I kick my foot out in pain? Would I bleed profusely? Would I not be able to handle the pain? As these thoughts clouded my mind, I finally heard the buzz of the needle, and the artist looked at me and said "Ready?", to which I was only able to nod, having pursed my lips in preparations to embrace the pain.

Once the needle was at work, I immediately began to think of injuries I had gotten on the top of my foot in comparison to this one in pain. The artist was kind, and kept stopping to ask if I needed a break to which I answered no...if I took a break it would hurt just ask much as it did now when I returned. Each time he switched the needle (for shading and such) I thought he was done and I was so relieved... but when the buzzing began again I thought...here we go!

30 minutes later he asked me what I thought...I looked down and saw a gorgeous masterpiece and thought...I did it! I was so excited as he wrapped my foot and I paid:) I ended up tipping him well despite the initial anger I had felt because I was so happy with the finished product:) A&D ointment became my new best friend...the pain wasn't so bad afterward either. It was simply tender and I found that my tattoo felt better inside a sock with pressure on it than in the open air for the first 2-3 days.

I followed all the care instructions he had given me and healed beautifully and completely in 2 months. The tattoo was just as painful as I had thought it would be (but I did not cry! Almost though:)), and I was so proud to have endured it all. The artist had told me (as he tattooed me) that since this was one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, and tattoos are so addicting, that it would all be down hill from there. I brushed him off...

It has only been one year and almost 2 months since my first tattoo and I now have 4...with plans of at least 3 more circulating my head until I find the proper funding...he definitely knew what he was doing:)

Overall I loved the shop, and the environment was very laid back which I loved! The music was great, the place was clean, and the owners brought their son around for giggles and to lighten the mood:) I went back to the same shop and artist for 2 more of the tattoos I have gotten since then...


submitted by: judevee123
on: 02 June 2010
in Flower and Plant Tattoos

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