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Mortification of the Flesh is a Learning Experience

Club Apokalypse. It was a body play/fetish/deathrock event. I got there early so I could do the flesh pull for the first time, but unfortunately, the group that was in charge of it had just done a very big suspension show and had a very limited supply of hooks available. They only had enough for the 10 people who were doing the pull, the three people who were doing the "puppet show", which consisted of manipulating mannequin parts via ropes and the hooks in the back of their wrists, and the one girl who did a suicide suspension.

I was told they didn't have enough hooks for everyone that wanted to pull, but I was offered a spot doing play piercings. This was something I'd never had a chance to do either, so I took it. I took the time to talk to Rev. Shawn from Only Flesh and we decided to do a chest piece, as opposed to my arms. We ended up with 10 needles, 5 on either side, running from my collarbone to the top of my breasts. Before we started, we had established that we'd almost run out of gloves (because Shawn is pretty neurotic about changing them), so one of the piercers had run back to the shop to get more. He had the last pair on when he was working on me. We got the first 8 done and I asked to take a break. Without thinking, Shawn took off his gloves so he could take a drink of water. Then he and I just laughed and said "well, now we have to wait... that was the last pair of gloves!" It only took craig (one of the other piercers) like 5 minutes to get some more from the shop.

So, when he got back, Shawn let Craig go ahead and do the last two needles. Now, while I like Craig, he doesn't have a hard hand with the needle, he just isn't that connected with his subject, I guess would be the best way to put it.... I wanted Shawn back!!! He's a damn good piercer. I really like his habit of breathing with you. When I do finally get to do my pull, I definitely want Shawn to throw my hooks.

After I got a look at the design, I was very happy. However, the placement of the rows was such that the top one on either side had to be taken out, because I couldn't turn my head without the base of the needle pushing into my neck and therefore pushing the point of the needle into my shoulder. I didn't want to have them take them out, but there wasn't really a choice, so I ended up with 8 staying in, as opposed to our original 10.

So, I've got my needles and I'm wandering around, getting some of the best looks... Only myself and two other people did play piercings. One girl had 6 in her chest, 3 and 3, alternating directions, and one of the guys had 10 straight up his right forearm. One thing that amused me about this is that I was the only one from our 'scene' here in Dayton to do play piercings and as such, the people from Only Flesh were very... i can't say concerned, but very observant, making sure i was doing ok and very supportive of me. The girls there with the team just kept smiling at me and nodding, basically conveying the 'you're doing fine. we're here with you.' feeling.

All of my friends were looking at me like I was crazy, but not a small number actually looked at me and told me they admired me for it. I kept them in for about 2 hours all told, I think... I didn't have them take them out until they were kicking everyone out. They didn't bleed when they took them out, save the right top one which bled pretty badly.

Now, I've got four rows of perfect little puncture dots on my chest (and a few bruises). They won't be there for long, but they're still a reminder. A reminder that I'm not who everyone thinks I am. And a reminder that I need to think about me more often. Honestly, I really wanted to do the pull last night, but I'm glad I got to do the play piercings. For weeks, I'd felt that I really wanted to be stuck. I wanted to hurt. I wanted to let go. While I didn't get exactly what I thought I was going to, I got what I needed. I needed the release. I needed the pain (what very little there was). I needed the endorphins. I needed all of it. As I told Shawn, mortification of the flesh is a learning experience. He understood. I know he did.

Now my skin is fairly itching for hooks, though. I just can't wait until I get to work with the people from Only Flesh again. They're a great group of people and have an amazing vibe. They just seem to work amazingly well together and that makes the difference. After talking and working with them, I don't think I could have had a better first experience.


submitted by: thepiratequeen
on: 02 June 2010
in Ritual and Play Piercing

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