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Mission Uvula

So I have been interested in piercings for several years and the unique ones always caught my eye. I fell in love with the uvula piercing the first time I saw it. I started calling around the local shops and not only will no one do the piercing for me, they all highly recommend against it. Typically I would say to listen to your piercer. However, no one I talked to had ever done it or knew anyone who had. They sighted the obvious complications as reason enough not to proceed. I put mission uvula on the back burner for quite a while...

About 4 months ago I started thinking about it again. Couldn't get it out of my head actually. I have moved since the last time I looked for a piercer so I decided that it wouldn't hurt to try. I got the same negative reaction from all the piercers that hadn't done the piercing. I got one man on the phone who had done a dozen but would not do them anymore due to the risk of injury, the grueling process of piercing the thing and the inability of people he had pierced to control their gag reflex after the jewelry was put in place. All valid arguements, but I was undetered.

Finally, I found a woman who owned a piercing studio and was a paramedic that had done the procedure and was still willing. It took me a while to get there since it was so far from where I live, but I finally made it 2 weeks ago. I was nervous, not about the pain, but about being mentally capable of completing the task at hand. I had done my research and was aware of all the problems that could arise for myself and the piercer. My husband came along for support and photography, of course. I paid and waited for her to do the "easy" piercings. I had heard that the uvula takes some time to pierce, so I understood when I had to wait, but it wasn't helping my nerves. And when I get nervous, I get nauseous. And when your plans involve taming your gag reflex, nauseous is the last thing you want to feel!

After what seemed like an eternity, we get back to the room and she has me rinse out my mouth. She applies a numbing medicine to the back of my throat, not for the pain, but for those pesky gag reflexes. I lay on my back with my head kind of hanging off the end of the table. She is positioned above my head with a table full of tools beside her. I think the entire staff was present for the procedure, but I was completely unaware because from the time she started working on getting the job done, to the time the ring was in place, I was focused entirely on breathing through my nose and not gagging. I was not successful at not gagging, so I settled on just not allowing myself to throw up. Once the ring was in, she sat me up because it started bleeding a lot. I mixture of snot, blood and saliva came out of my nose and mouth instantly and tears were pouring out of my eyes from gagging. She hadn't yet put the bead on the ring so I was trying to calm myself, but the new sensation in the back of my throat would not let up. I gagged over and over and over, and she opted to lay me back down. The very last time I gagged before she got in there to put the bead on, the ring fell out...

And all over again with getting the jewelry in, She actually had to repierce part of it to get it back in place. But she got it done and got the bead on after a bit of a struggle and I sat up, excited about my newest, most favorite piercing. And then I gagged some more. I had read that if you look straight up, it makes your uvula hang in the middle of your throat and reduces the gagging. That actually worked! I let myself get used to the new metal and finally I was able to stand up and open my mouth to show EVERYONE!

I had a rough first week, but nothing more than expected. I think if you want to get this piercing, you need to be fully aware of the consequences. You will gag. You will have a sore throat. You will have to brush it daily. But my favorite consequence is that you will shock almost everyone! So I am taking care of it and its feeling better about a week and a half into the 2 week healing process. I brushed it before bed and was rinsing with water when I heard a "Ting" of something going down the sink. The bead had fallen off the ring, it was 10 pm and I didn't have a clue what I was going to do about it. I freaked, I tried a bead from a nipple ring (after I washed it, of course) and that didn't work. It was too big and I couldn't get it on with just my hands anyway. Finally I decided that I had too much invested in my uvula to give it up. I got some needle nose pliers and bent the hoop until the ends were together.

The next day I called my local piercer and he thought he could put the bead back on. I went in and he wasn't able to reach it so off to the next shop. The piercer there that day had replaced 2 previously for other people so I was confident that he could take care of it. Sure enough, 5 minutes later I had a new bead ring in my uvula. I love the piercing, but its not for anyone who is not determined.


submitted by: Chanda
on: 02 June 2010
in Uvula Piercing

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