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Tongue Piercing

I had my tongue pierced about 5 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I've had a few piercings before (lobes x2, cartilage on ear and nose twice as I put some dodgy jewellery in it the first time round and had to let it close up) but my tongue was going to my my next big one. I'd wanted it done since I was about 16 - I am now 18 - but my parents hated it and had said no. A few people I knew from college had it done though, as did my boyfriend, and I was too jealous. I finally decided to just go for it and hope my parents didn't notice.

I was going to go on my own to get it done as I didn't want anyone to see me drooling all over myself but just before I went my friend said she was coming with me incase I passed out. Halfway to the piercing studio she decided she would get hers done too. When we got down there we were both incredibly nervous but signed our forms and sat on the chairs waiting anyway we decided I was going first as I knew I would back out if I waited and my friend wanted to see me get mine done first.

When we were called up the piercer asked me to rinse my mouth out with mouthwash and then started going through aftercare with us both. I didn't listen much as I was too busy thinking about the needle that was going to be stuck through my tongue but the woman on reception had given us a printed sheet with it all on anyway. She felt my tongue to make sure there weren't any blood vessels in the way and marked it up. As soon as the needle came near me I shut my eyes. She clamped my tongue and told me to breathe in. As i breathed out she pushed the needle through. The pain was not that bad at all I was pleased to find out. It's not as bad as getting your nose done, which I told my friend who had been watching the whole thing, once the jewellery was in and i had got my tongue back in my mouth. The worst part was when she squeezed my tongue to make sure it was in the right place and that everything was fine. Apparently it had bled quite a lot when she had done it. This hurt and I was glad when she said i could put my tongue back in my mouth.

The next few days were horrible. That night I went to my boyfriend's as I was hiding from my parents. It was hurting and things that I was used to doing without even thinking were difficult and painful. Talking was a nightmare (and I was getting laughed at everytime I found a word I couldn't say) and I was starving until he found me some tomato soup in the cupboard. I felt really ill with a terrible headache and sickness everytime I moved. It was really depressing and he ended up driving me home to pick up some stuff so I could spend the night at his. The next day my tongue had swollen up. I was taking ibuprofen every 4 hours to try and get the swelling down but it wasn't doing much good. I had the worst lisp because my tongue was so swollen it was pressing against the balls of the bar, which was already long to allow for the swelling, so it was stopping me from talking properly. A couple of days later it was no better so I went back to get a longer bar put in. This improved things and after the first week I could talk properly again and eat solid foods (although slowly).

I'll just mention aftercare. Although the piercer told me to use mouthwash after everything I ate, drank or smoked apart from water, I read up on it and discovered that this can kill the good bacteria living on you tongue and make it more prone to infection. I just used mouthwash on a morning and a night. Also your tongue does go white and furry for a couple of weeks. It looks fairly horrible but goes away once it has healed a bit.

After two weeks it was like I had had it pierced for months. The only problem was how big the bar was as the swelling had now gone down and I was stuck with a massive piece of metal in my mouth. Although the piercer said to leave it for four weeks to change the bar to a shorter one, I did it then. It is fine now and means that I don't catch it as often. Now it feels like it has always been there and I love it. Can't imagine my life without my pretty bar going through my tongue.

Anyone wanting to get it done needs to know that the first week is a nightmare. The needle doesn't hurt much but the fact that you can't do anything that it would just be normal to do is horrible. I don't regret getting my tongue pierced as I love it but if anything ever happened and I had to take it out I would not get it done again.


submitted by: hannah_louise91
on: 30 May 2010
in Center Tongue Piercings

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