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#16, Tongue Piercing

After being a BME reader for more than a year and having worked my courage enough for more than a few piercings in the past year by way of stories I've found on here, I decided it was time for me to get my own BME account and finally contribute.

Seeing as how it's freshest in my mind, I'll start with my most recent piercing, my 12ga tongue piercing.

I got it done a week ago at Dragon FX in Kingsway Mall, by Lexci Million. She's been my go-to piercer for the past year, ever since she did my two 12ga nipples (but I'll write that story later, I'm sure...)

Last Thursday was the near-end of a really awful week of work. The stress of having moved a week before, combined with feeling like I just couldn't do anything at all right had left me feeling upset and twitchy. I got paid that day and decided early in the morning that I wanted a new piercing.

Because it takes me so long to heal cartilage (almost 6 months exactly!), and because I'd gotten 3 ear piercings in the past year, I decided to go for something new. Microdermals are kinda expensive and I don't want to get my inverse navel micro just yet, but I'd been tossing around the idea of getting my tongue done for a while. I latched onto this once it popped up almost immediately, and sent my boyfriend a text message asking if we could stop off to see Lexci on our way home. (By the way, Lexci is awesome and a total sweetheart... I reccommend her to all of my friends who are looking to dip their toes into the body modification wavepool!) He agreed, and about an hour later decided to get his done as well!

So, I call Lexci and ask if she'd be able to do the piercing... She'd love to, but she doesn't have 12ga barbells in 11/16"! I got her to call the West Edmonton Mall location for me to see if they have the jewellery I need, and upon finding out that they do, I decide to bus there after work and purchase it, then take it to Kingsway. Yes, I was that badly wanting to get my tongue done that very same day.

Work ends and I make my trip to West Ed to buy the jewellery. Another half hour on public transit and a short drive later, and we're pulling up to Dragon FX in some pretty windy weather. No worries, it's calm inside the shop!

Filling out forms is totally old-hat for me by now, and soon enough we're both sitting in the piercing room as Lexci gloves up (after autoclaving the Anatometal posts) to mark my tongue-- getting me to use an antibacterial mouthwash at first. At this point, my heart is totally racing and I feel like I'm about six inches away from a panic attack.

Reassured by my boyfriend (who is shortly going to have a different 12ga needle shoved through his tongue, too) holding my hand, I take a deep breath and let it out as the needle is pushed through my tongue. Jewellery insertion hurts a LOT less than it usually does--only a bit of pinching pain as the internally-threaded beads are tightened, and I soon pull my (rather dry) tongue back into my mouth, then hop off the table and walk to the mirror to admire my new barbell, complete with the bezel-set CZ top ball! (Hooray for sparklies!!!!)

Another few minutes and my boyfriend's tongue is done too. The first thing we notice is that I'm lisping a heck of a lot more than he is. I still am, a week later.

So we go back to the front where we pay and bid our goodbyes, and make our way to the food court to try to eat a wrap and drink a smoothie, which proves a lot more difficult than either of us expected. It was actually pretty frustrating, and we ended up going home to finish eating where we could do so without making public fools of ourselves (he he... heh...)

We ended up having to go back on Friday (for him) and Saturday (for me) to have the barbells changed to 7/8" ones... the bottom bead tried to embed for both of us because we both swelled so much!! Other than that, it's been pretty smooth-going, other than being sore, lisping and both using ibuprofen to manage the soreness. (I've stopped using it, though.)

I'm hoping to downsize back to the 11/16" barbell tomorrow though, one of my friends is getting her venoms done by Lexci.

All-told, and despite a few roadbumps in the healing thus far, I think this tongue piercing was completely worth it. It was my first oral piercing, and probably the only one I'll be getting for a long time (mostly due to workplace restrictions), but I'm really glad that I had it done!


submitted by: andraealynne
on: 29 May 2010
in Center Tongue Piercings

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Artist: Lexci Million
Studio: Dragon FX Kingsway
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

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