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Conch Stabbing

I had been craving a piercing for the longest time, it felt like forever since I had last been 'stabbed'. The only problem was, I wasn't sure what I wanted. With my limited funds and lack of enthusiasm for anything more on my face, (I already have three visible facial piercings and didn' t want to look cluttered or like a pin cushion.) I wasn't sure would I could get. Nipples were something that I had wanted for a long time, but those were too expensive for my poor student ass. I opted for something on the ear.

I spent a good few months browsing BME's ear gallery. I became rather enamored with the Rook piercing, and formulated rough plans on getting it. However, taking a good look at my Rook showed me that it was far too small to accommodate a piercing, and even if it was possible, the piercing would be shallow and the chances of it migrating/rejecting were heightened. I wasn't willing to pay out the small amount of money I had for something that chances were, I wouldn't be able to keep, and I couldn't really find something that I either liked or didn't have. So the idea of getting a new piercing was put on a back burner, although the itch to get pierced again never really left.

Some weeks later I found myself in a position in which I could get pierced: I had money, me and my friends were all heading to the town where there was a studio I trusted, and I'd just made up my mind that I wanted a Conch. It was a snap decision, as a lot of my piercings have been, but one I do not regret.

Me and my friends took the bus to Ockendon, it was about 7. oclock and already dark outside. The bus we got on, I thought was the one that stopped just outside of the studio. Alas, it wasn't, and when we got off, we had a 30 minute walk in the dark, and rain- and I was wearing a dress.

Arriving at the studio I found I was short on funds for the piercing I wanted, much to my dismay. My friend lent me the money I needed, not wanting that 30 minutes of treacherous walking to be in vain. I signed the usual piercing forms and Rob the piercer led me into the piercing room, which was the same as it always is: Clean, with unusual bits of Elvis merch everywhere. He told me to sit down and I asked him how much it would hurt. At this point I was extremely nervous, and asking myself why I had wanted to get a piercing. I actually contemplated not getting it, which is completely out of character for me, it had been so long since I'd gotten something pierced that I was psyching myself out about it. Rob told me it would hurt about the same as my Industrial, which freaked me out all the more as that had hurt...a lot. He prepped everything up, cleaned and marked my ear and told me to check the placement. The placement looked a little to the left, and not really centered as I had wanted it, however, it wasn't really possible to put mine center, as my ear wasn't the right shape. The mark still looked good though, so I gave Rob the o.k. He told me he would freehand it, so I worried less about the painful clamps, but not enough to calm me down. He pierced...It made a crunching noise and a sharp pain stabbed through my ear. It lasted all of one second. I was shocked at how MINIMAL the pain was! It's such a thick bit of cartilage. I checked my Conch in the mirror and absolutely loved it! The placement is so nice and in line with my lobe piercing and my cartilage piercing. It really is a very cute little thing.

I paid Rob, and left a happy bunny, ready for yet another 30 minute walk in the rain.

All in all I am very happy with my Conch. The placement is unusual but very nice and as I mentioned, perfectly lined with my other piercings. It hasn't been giving me much grief at all, and I don't even know its there unless I absent mindedly scratch my ear, or whack it with the hairbrush. I am even able to sleep on that side and wear my hair down without it becoming tangelled in the piercing. Overall I think its very nice, and I'm more than happy with my decision to get it. I hope that it heals up well and quickly and if it does so I may just consider getting another one on my other ear!


submitted by: Septum Kitty
on: 21 May 2010
in Misc. Ear Cartilage Piercing

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Artist: Rob
Studio: Bitch Ink
Location: Ockendon, Essex

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