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My lovely labret!

Ever since I was 12 years old I really really wanted to get my lip pierced. My parents (of course) were always super against that idea so I had to wait. One day (five years later after moving out of my parents place in Nova Scotia to Newfoundland with my boyfriend) my friend who had her center labret and tongue pierced found ourselves in Halifax visiting my fam. I had called before the trip and booked an appointment at a well-known piercing and tattoo place called Sin on Skin. I had to get my boyfriend to call and make the appointment, cause I knew I would wimp out if I were to call. I had to wait until I went to Nova Scotia to get pierced, because legal age without consent here in Newfoundland is 19, and it's 16 in Nova Scotia. Boo!

I was super excited to finally be getting my labret pierced, but at the same time I was super nervous. This would be my first piercing besides my ears which I had done a few times when I was younger. Everytime my mother would take them out, I would never let her put them back in so they kept growing over. They were also always pierced with a crappy piercing gun. A big "No No" I've learned since being in the Body Mod community.

Brit kept saying that it was nothing and that it didn't hurt. But I knew that it was different for everyone and it could very well be a different story for me. I read a bunch of stories about different lip piercings on BME and most sounded like a great experience. Others sounded like a true horror story. I was starting to think about the process too much, so I decided to just walk in and get it other with. I knew I was making a bigger deal out of it then it really was.

We went into Sin on Skin, and told the receptionist that I had an appointment with Scott. She knew exactly which one I was, told me to take a seat and that he would be right out in a second. I was looking at all the wooden plugs they had (my ears are also stretched to a 00g at this point) when Scott came out into the main room and asked what I was looking to get done. I told him my labret, and he asked if I wanted it lower or just below my lip line, and I said I wanted it below my lip line. He then took out a display of jewelry that I could choose from, but I had brought my own 14g Titanium circular barbell with black balls on it. He looked at it, made sure it would accommodate for the swelling, and said it would work. He also made sure that a 14g needle would be alright seeing as he usually pierces girls with a 16g, and I agreed.

He led Brit and I into a small room behind him that very much resembled a doctors office, except a billion times more clean. Scott looked at my lip for a couple minutes, looking for a perfect placement and then placed a black dot in the very middle of my lip. I said it looked perfect, and on went the gloves. He cleaned the inside and outside of my lip with some sort of gel, and then wiped it dry. On went the clamps - which weren't as bad as everyone says they are IMO. Scott had my lie back on the table, and made sure the clamps were in the right place. I had asked him if he could count to 3 for me, instead of the whole "inhale - exhale" thing.

So "One, Two, Three..." And a little pinch. Biting your lip hurts worse. Honestly, the jewelry going in hurt more than the piercing. He let me lie down for a couple minutes after, to make sure I was alright. Gave me aftercare info, and sent me on my way.

Healing was a breeze. I used saline to clean my piercing after I ate, kissed or smoked and It healed beautifully within four weeks. It did move a TINY bit in terms of placement, but nothing noticeable at all. It also didn't swell up AT ALL. Which surprised Scott when I went back to get it checked on before returning to Newfoundland.

The piercing cost me $30 bucks, and was a really awesome experience. Didn't hurt as much as I anticipated and it looks awesome. It's now a 10g, as I think it suits my face better. It is so far my favorite piercing, and I will not be getting rid of it any time soon.

If you're thinking about a labret piercing... GO for it! They're wonderful!


submitted by: TaraDawn
on: 19 April 2010
in Labrets

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Sin on Skin
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

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