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Tongue piercing - Still learning to love it!

So this is the story of me choosing to get my tongue pierced...I'm not really sure what made me decide to get it done as it didn't really feature in my original piercing plans! At that point i already had my nose, 2 sets of lobe studs and my lip pierced twice with further plans for many more but one day i just decided with the wide range of jewellry available that i wanted a tongue piercing. I've now come to realise that i can't get rid of this piercing because i've spent stupid amounts of money on jewellry for it and i'd hate to waste it!

I usually go to a place called Forever and Ever Tattoo but it was a few days after christmas and i rang them up to find out if they would pierce it for me that day but they weren't piercing that day. I was majorly disappointed but i'd hyped myself up about getting it done so much i decided to find another route. The friend i was taking along had a fair few different ear piercings mainly done at Elemental in Poole so i decided to go for it as she trusted them! And since then ive had 2 more piercings there (a scaffold and a snug), with many more planned (daith, rook, tragus, anti-tragus, helix, two navels, third set of lobe studs, conch and i'd love a transverse lobe although im not sure i can have one because of my other lobe piercings).

So anyways, we got the bus down to the shop where i stood there having a nervy b, trying to get the courage to go for it and ask them! The two people that own the shop are lovely and i always have a chat and a joke with the woman while i'm waiting for my friend to get pierced :) Eventually i manned up and they set it all then called me into the little back room where they do all their piercings. I still haven't figured out if they let friends come with you because sometimes they offer (because i get visibly nervous waiting outside but im fine once inside the room) and sometimes they just go "do you wanna come on through?". Very confusing. Its nice and clean and the guy (can't remember his name!) is ever so calm (which was good for me back then while i was a nervous piercee!). We had a chat about how nervous i looked cos i was majorly nervous about simply flinching! He marked it up, had a few issues with finding the centre of my tongue on the bottom and then clamped. He doesn't count down or anything, just does it when he's ready, which i prefered, and pierced it. It really didnt hurt but none of my piercings at that point had, just felt a little weird once he'd put the barbell in and i could talk again. Although i think i scared the piercer as i have a bad habit of holding my breath when getting pierced and he had to ask if i was ok cos i think i looked a tad pale!

Talking began to hurt after a couple of hours as the bottom ball rubbed against my tongue web and eating was ridiculous that night. You just can't really eat for a few days (and i was drugged up on ibuprofen and paracetomol!). Half of the meals i just gave up on halfway through because it would hurt so much and i got frustrated. But eventually, about 3 days later, i was able to carefully eat a KFC! Officially the best day of my week!

After 2 weeks i downsized the bar from a 20mm to an 18mm because a 16mm felt too snug (fat tongue, much?) but i guess my tongue shrunk further because about 2 months after getting it pierced, i downsized again to a 16mm. Its majorly more comfortable now and i don't worry about gum recession as much anymore! It was annoying the hell out of me when the bar was too long and its the only piercing ive ever considered getting rid of! But now me and my tongue piercing are learning to be friends and we're on our way! (Even though its already chipped my tooth and caused me more pain and hassle than its worth!) But its great to play with (yeh, i know thats bad for my teeth) and ive found that guys either love it or think its disgusting! Majorly funny to laugh at them!

So basically, if you get bored easily and don't care too much about your teeth, can handle little food for a few days (although i've had friends who haven't eaten much for an entire week), or just fancy a bit of metal in your mouth that you can flash at people, go for it! :)


submitted by: emiroo
on: 14 Feb. 2011
in Center Tongue Piercings

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Artist: The only one there!
Studio: Elemental
Location: Poole, Dorset, UK

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