"UncutRon "

Nice low key guy that is into piercings and uncut men.  I am proud of my Prince Albert and other piercings.  Piercings are interesting in that it never seem I have enough!~  I change them, take some out, do new ones, Change my PA ring to different sizes and gauges.  I really enjoy the company of other gay or straight men that are pierced and or tattooed.  Not necessarily for sex but for sharing piercing and ink stores and friendship.  Contact me and lets get acquainted!  Thanks!! Ron


My Prince Albert
3/23/2017 | 2 comments

Still proud of my Prince Albert and other piercings!

No Title
3/23/2017 | 0 comments

Now it is 2017 and I have had my Prince Albert and other genital piercing for more than 10 years and am as proud of them now as I first got into piercings! And I still want more!

No Title
4/30/2013 | 1 comments

I had my first Prince Albert 10 years ago.  I then stretched the holes up to a 0000 gauge.  Unfortunately after a time it tore the skin and I had surgery to sew the hole back to a small size.  Now I wear 00 gauge and had another one done by my piercer, lower on my dick than the first PA hole.  So all is well but I can not grow to large gauge PA's.  I also have hand various piercings on my foreskin.  Then added more to my balls and now the side of my dick.  I do get bored and change them.  I pierce some myself and have my piercing dude do the difficult ones. I love the  piercing on my cock and balls.....had  pierced nipples too but took them out for stomach surgery.  Haven't had them replace yet!!  What is your experiences and stories?

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