My name is TIFFANY. I'm 37 years old, and married with kids.

I am a Minister with the Church of Body Modification, a member of the Stay Classy Suspension Team, a Licensed Private Investigator #24291, and an amateur photographer.

I've been on IAM since 2002, previously as "Shaman."


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Labret = done!
5/27/2010 | 1 comments

I usually do my own piercings ritually, but I HATED the way my labret came out when I did it myself. The placement was all wrong, and it rubbed on my gums. So I took it out and let it heal. Last night, on date night with David, we went to Enigma in San Diego and had Didier pierce it for me. The placement is PERFECT. It doesn't hurt, and I'm not even having trouble speaking or eating. NICE! It was a nice treat to have someone I trust pierce me.

Thyroid Update
3/15/2010 | 0 comments

I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease (hyperthyroidism, or over-active thyroid) in July 2009. In September 2009, I had my thyroid oblated using radiation. The procedure worked perfectly, and I became hypothyroid (under-active thyroid because it had been destroyed by the radiation) by the end of 2009. I started thyroid hormone replacement in January 2010. As of late-February 2010, my thyroid levels were normal. I'm feeling much better and this is, essentially, no longer an issue. I just take daily thyroid hormone replacement tablets once a day. No biggie!

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your good thoughts and prayers while I went through this. I really appreciated all the messages I received, and honestly, it helped me get through the tough times.

9/11/2009 | 3 comments

Radiation on the Graves' Disease is Wednesday.

Thyroid Scan
8/26/2009 | 1 comments

My thyroid scan was yesterday. It does not appear that I have a tumor. It appears I have hyperthyroidism brought on by Graves' Disease. I will know more after my September 3rd follow up with the Endocrinologist.

8/23/2009 | 1 comments

I was too sick on Friday to drive three hours north. Needless to say, we didn't get to go to Tattoo Hollywood, and I'm a little bummed.

Tonight is the CoBM class on "Sacred Spaces" (at 6pm PST) followed by a member meet-and-greet (at 7pm PST).

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