My name is TIFFANY. I'm 36 years old, and married with kids.

I am a Minister with the Church of Body Modification, a member of the Stay Classy Suspension Team, a Licensed Private Investigator #24291, and an amateur photographer.

I've been on IAM since 2002, previously as "Shaman."


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Through Another Ceiling
2/27/2003 | 0 comments

I've spent the last four years studying everything I could on body piercing. I've read, and read, and read. I've been privy to BME about as long, but only recently decided to bother with a profile. For a while, I had been trying to decide if body piercing was a hobby, or actually part of my soul as I suspected. I took all my piercings out for a week to see if I could live without them. Then, after that 7 days of nakedness, I put them all back in. I renewed my search with a new fervor, thirsty to go beyond anything I'd seen before. Basically, to take it up a knotch. We'll see how that goes...

11/11/2002 | 0 comments

11/11/2002 | 0 comments

About Me - Shaman


I keep feeling like I have more to share. As that list gets longer, so does my IAM page. So, to shorten it a bit, I've created this secondary page. It's the more in-depth stuff that the average passer-by won't care about.

My name is Tiffany. I am 28 years old. I currently live in Southern California. I have two kids, Leona (almost 2) and Maximus (3-1/2). I play collegiate volleyball, go to yoga regularly, and spend about two hours at the gym five times a week. I am also completely and totally socially inept. I am, however, what I refer to as "technologically adept." I enjoy website development, designing graphics, programming, etc. I use a Mac with an XP virtual machine. I am also full time college student working on degree in Computer Science. I primarily use Eclipse, Visual C++, Dreamweaver, and I'm fond of a little text editor called "Smultron." I'm also a Private Investigator with over 11 years experience.

My name here is "Shaman" because I am a legally ordained and practicing shaman. I have a strong passion for ritual and spiritual body modifications. I have been pierced, tattooed, scarred, cut, and more. I have been part of Ár nDraíocht Féin (Druidry), the Golden Dawn, several flavors of Wicca (including Correllian, Gardnerian, and others), the Ordo Templi Orientis, Zen Buddhism (lived in a Monastery!) and a hard-core practitioner of Chaos Magick. My root training comes from a family tradition, and I was attempting to add-on to what I already knew. I've come up with this strange techno-shamanism that works. I have an extremely hard time dealing with reality because I honestly have one foot in this world and one foot somewhere else. In an attempt to simply survive in "this world," I've done my best to apply my shamanism/magick to coding, programming, and creating sacred-space for people on the internet. Weird shit, but it works.

I host drumming circles and other open rituals in the Southern California area. Sometimes, these rituals are announced via the BME Events board. Other times, you may find out from mentions in my diary entries or by asking me what events are up and coming.

I am somewhat of a jewelry snob. My body jewelry, my bracelet, my rings, even my watch, are all high polish titanium. No color. Usually no gemstones, but if I do, they're tiny and clear (cz, diamond, sapphire, but clear). I wear predominantly Industrial Strength and Anatometal.

Current and Future Mods:
[Lobe Piercing - Stretched] - 1/2" (right/left)
[Lobe Piercing - Stretched] - 4g (right/left)
[Lobe Piercing - Stretched] - 8g (right/left)
[Double Nostril Piercings] - 18g (right/left)
[Septum - Stretched] - 8g presently, previously stretched to 2g
[Navel Piercing] - 14g
Infinity Broken [Tattoo] (on the back of my neck)
Crop Circle [Tattoos] (up the back of my left calf