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My name is TIFFANY. I am a Minister with the Church of Body Modification, a member of the Stay Classy Suspension Team, a Licensed Private Investigator #24291, a Commissioned Notary Public, and an amateur photographer.

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My Piercings:

  • 1" Lobes (bottom hole)
  • 4g Lobe (second hole)
  • 14g Bridge Piercing
  • 12g Septum Piercing
  • 16g Philtrum Piercing
  • 6g Labret/Lower Lip Piercing
  • 14g NIpple Piercings

My Tattoos:
  • Full color butterfly, left forearm
  • Blackwork Butterfly, right forearm
  • Blackwork Crop Circles, left calf
  • Infinity Symbol, back of neck

My Cuttings:
  • Squares Inside of Squares, right calf

Suspensions and Pulls:
  • (dates coming soon)


A Desert Bar and a Ghost Town
3/12/2003 | 0 comments

Oh man, I just wish my brain would stop thinking long enough for me to get some rest. I haven't been sleeping well, and it's really starting to irritate me. Last night, I had a weird dream about a hotel in the middle of the desert on the way to Reno (NV). Here in Los Angeles, I'm about 8-9 hours from Reno. But the weird part was, I wasn't leaving from Los Angeles. I think I was leaving from Utah. So I arrive at this hotel in the middle of the desert, and the whole time I'm worried about "are we going to get caught before we get there." I went down to the bar inside the hotel, and I met up with this Texan man named "Shirley." Yeah, a dude named Shirley. His full name was Shirley U. Gest. Anyways, I ask this Texan what he's doing in Nevada, and he says, "trying to get to Reno, just like you." Then the scenery in the bar started to...fade and warp. It flickered between the modern hotel that I saw, and a ghost-town-like bar. The color drained, and everything was gray. As it flickered into gray-scale, the Texan said, "no sweetie, that's not the past, that's the future." The place was demolished, dirty, falling apart. Very ghost-town.

I Want To Go Home
3/11/2003 | 6 comments

I keep screaming this in my dreams... "I want to go home." I don't know what it means. I haven't lived with my parents in 6 years. I see them regularly. The statement doesn't feel symbolic, it seems literal. Sometimes I feel like a guest here on planet Earth. I look around at people and places, and feel like they are unlike anything I've ever seen. Sometimes I get this panicky feeling like, what the hell am I doing here? "I want to go home." I feel like I should stop, and wait for the director to say "cut!" so we can stop this nonsense. At night, I shower by candle-light. I sit in the floor of the shower, and let the water trickle over my head. It's usually during a moment like this that I can hear whispers of home. And where ever home is, I want to be there.

Stretched Cartilage
3/11/2003 | 0 comments

My new jewelry should be here any day now. I stretched my cartilage piercings for my industrial from a 16g gradually to a 12g. Last weekend, I finally got the last hole to 12g. It was so painfully infected yesterday, I thought my ear was going to explode. After some sea salt soaks and cleaning the jewelry with Tea Tree Oil (not directly in the hole, just used to clean the gunk off the jewelry), it seems to be doing much better this morning. Slowly but surely I'm stretching the lobes still too.

Archived Front Page
3/10/2003 | 0 comments

A common question in philosophical and theosophical circles, when discussing God, is the question of Suffering. The concept of God, in most religions, discusses God with three attributes:

* All-knowing
* All-loving
* All-powerful

Now, when you get to the heart of the discussion, you see that it becomes difficult to discuss all three attributes co-existing in one entity. After pages (if written) or hours (if discussed) of debate, the most reasonable attribute to surrender is "All-Loving." Certainly, if God was All-knowing and All-powerful, he is aware of the suffering of the world and powerful enough to do something about it. Why then is there so much suffering in the world? It would seem that God must be ambivolent to humans and animals alike, to allow such suffering.

But my spiritual experience with body modification and manipulation has taught me differently. When I sit zazen to quiet my mind, the lack of movement causes a straign on my soul. When I take a vow of silence for a day, the silence puts a straign on my mind. And when the needle pierces my flesh, that straign is placed on my body.

If there is one God or one Energy that created us, if that entity has consciousness, and if that entity has human-like attributes, I think it is reasonable that said Entity is All-knowing, All-loving, and All-powerful. That Entity has provided us with suffering as a means of attaining enlightenment.

I am a spiritual person. I am not Religious. I was raised with Shamanic influences. Everything I know about the world religions was done through study and by reading the religious texts related to the respective religion. I have found common threads, and these threads are where I believe the truth lies.

Suffering is a common thread. Fasting, celebacy, vows of silence... And body modification. Find enlightenment, modify your body, your mind, and your soul.

Taught To Fear
3/10/2003 | 2 comments

We have been taught to fear our bodies. As children, our parents and teachers would rush to our side when we skinned our knees. We became afraid of the pain and afraid the blood, in part, because we saw those around us afraid. Fear is a learned trait.

How is it that so many of us have overcome this fear?

I thought, at first, that perhaps it was strictly out of spite. "Who are you to tell me that X is true?" We questioned our realties where so many others accepted their pre-programed fate.

But then I wondered, how many got skinned their knees and didn't care? How many spent a considerable amount of their childhood in casts and on crutches? How many of us lived our childhoods without fear, only to become fearless adults?

I used to have a fear of needles. Yes, it's true. I could ski the worst triple-black-diamond course, skateboard down the biggest hill, swing on a rope from the highest platform. But a simple stainless steel needle would bring me to my knees; not physically, but spiritually and mentally. A few piercings cured me of that phobia. I think my needle phobia was about not-knowing. Perhaps not knowing how much it would hurt, or not knowing how much damage it would cause.

Does anyone know of a cure for a fear of the dark?


15th Annual So. Cal. BME & IAM BBQ!

Aug. 1 @ 11 AM
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The 15th Annual BMEzine.com and IAM, body modification professional ...


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