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My name is TIFFANY. I am a Minister with the Church of Body Modification, a member of the Stay Classy Suspension Team, a Licensed Private Investigator #24291, a Commissioned Notary Public, and an amateur photographer.

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or Email Me at: tiffany@tmhahn.com

My Piercings:

  • 1" Lobes (bottom hole)
  • 4g Lobe (second hole)
  • 14g Bridge Piercing
  • 12g Septum Piercing
  • 16g Philtrum Piercing
  • 6g Labret/Lower Lip Piercing
  • 14g NIpple Piercings

My Tattoos:
  • Full color butterfly, left forearm
  • Blackwork Butterfly, right forearm
  • Blackwork Crop Circles, left calf
  • Infinity Symbol, back of neck

My Cuttings:
  • Squares Inside of Squares, right calf

Suspensions and Pulls:
  • (dates coming soon)


New Polls
3/16/2003 | 3 comments

Okay, here's the latest topic of discussion. How many sexual partners are too many? How many have YOU had? I put up a pair of polls. Go ahead and comment in the Anon. Forum too. Or comment here. This should be interesting...

Home is Where the Heart Is
3/16/2003 | 2 comments

Dream update.

Home is not with my parents. Home is not innoscence. Home is not with God, the spirits, or with Aliens. Home is an honesty within myself. It is the pursuit of my own dreams for my own reasons. Home is the realization that happiness and contentment are not the same thing. Home is on the horizon, where the sun rises. Home is in that spiritual twilight between sleep and awake.

3/16/2003 | 2 comments

Ehtele'mele (Vernal Equinox) draws near. This is to be a week of romance and song. Next Saturday, I decided to get the green and blue elven star tattooed on the back of my neck. I contacted the studio, and they open at 12pm. I'm going to try and be the first customer there. I sort of have an appointment - I warned them that I'm coming, but they didn't think an appointment was necessary for that early in the day.

More Poetry
3/15/2003 | 0 comments

Tula, hama neva i'naur
Uuma dela
Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin

Lle rangwa amin?
Amin mela lle
Amin khiluva lle a' gurtha ar' thar

Lle rangwa amin?

Tula, hama neva i'naur

3/15/2003 | 5 comments

I may get this tattooed on the back of my neck soon... I can't decide if I want to do it in blue and green, or if I want to do it in all black. Any suggestions people? I mean, the decision is ultimately mine, but I like input...


15th Annual So. Cal. BME & IAM BBQ!

Aug. 1 @ 11 AM
Category: BBQ/Munch/Meet

The 15th Annual BMEzine.com and IAM, body modification professional ...


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