Since I am 13 , I began to tattoo myself .

During summer 2004 I have tattooed some fishes and octopuss on my right leg with a self made tattoo gun. In 2005 I begin to tattoo a dragon on my left one and I finished this leg in 2006 with some japanese masks .

I've sleeved my arms in 2010-2011.

I have begin my back's tattoo in 2012: another tattooed geisha with a fish... I am on the way for a full suit !

I pierced my nipples and genital and I have begin to split my penis and my tongue.

My wife don't like tattoos and she think I am crazy to pierce myself, but she enjoy my split tongue ...

I like to be naked and take pictures , and it's a great pleasure for me to know that people enjoy to see my nude body .j.. So , if you like my pics , just write some words in my forum ...

In 2014, after 27 years with my wife, we have divorced, and I met a girl who want me to tattoo her.

So, I begin to tattoo her whole body... Almost like mine... But with birds and butterflies.




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are you exibitionist ?


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Left hand

Work on leg
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