This weekend
10/1/2012 | 0 comments

This past weekend started on Thursday night for me as an avid genital modifier and electro-stim addict I went to work figuring out what I was going to do. 

I decided that the channel that I have cut under both sides of my bisected glans needed to be deepened and freshened to accommodate the electrodes I use to electrify my cock. I cut not only on Thursday but also on Friday and Saturday and now the Glans really looks like it's detached from the shaft. I don't want lose the Glans because it's just part of that fantastic sex toy that all of us guys have and use as much as they can.

Each night I hooked up to my laptop and stereo stim unit to allow the fantastic sensations that only electro-stim can provide coarse through my cock with all of my juices running freely and causing me to cum many times over. It's really a shame I don't have anyone to share all of these mods and electro-stim sessions with but I'll continue to search on for anyone in Central Florida who wants to play.


68 headshots.

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