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Dreaming a dream. We all are.

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Well, I rescheduled my milestone birthday hurrah for this year since I was growing a human last year.

Oct 30th-Nov 3rd.

Chicago and a day long tat apt. on Nov 1st. I'm already excited to see so many old and new friends.


"I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be."
5/6/2014 | 1 comments

Life began again unexpectedly for my husband and me.

I was completely torn, confused, and it was 100% unexpected.

A surprise that caused me to sever some relationships that were blossoming and  to reevaluate my life. She is not unwelcome, as I have a soft spot for children.  We had Amelie Stella on 2-21-2014, and she is our final child.

A beautiful little surprise.


Yesterday was our 9th year wedding anniversary (although we met in 2000 and this is what we go by, others love the wedding date ;) ). Oh my was it a rocky beginning... and man, what a turbulent and exciting five year relationship we had before we conceived Isabelle, our first child.

So many memories. I look forward to creating more with Joey and Others that we find in this exciting life of ours.



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8/17/2013 | 1 comments

I do not like unexpected surprises.    :/


514 headshots.

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