"puff puff pass "



  •  28 holes through my skin filled with metal. Now is down to 22.

                         Left Ear:
                - lobe stretched to 14g, 2g
                - 14g industrial
                - 12g conch ring
                - 16g tragus
                - 16g nook           

                        Right Ear:
                - lobe stretched to 14g, 2g, & 6g
                - 14g anti-helix
                - 14g daith
                - two 14g forward helix
                - used to have three 16g helix

                - 3 surface piercings, Nape. 
                - both Nipples barbelled
               - VCH pierced, barbel
               - 18g nose gem
               - 14g septum
               - used to have: bellybutton ring, smiley, & tonuge webbing

  •   11 tattoos & counting --------> just check out the pictures if you time too!



  • gardening
  • camping
  • kayaking
  • long bicycle rides
  • hiking
  • sweating when it's worth it, like exercising
  • kickboxing
  • having bonfires with a few drinks
  • a couple bong rips daily
  • relaxing with a good book
  • painting & crafts
  • DIY projects
  • dog parks with Moxxi <3
  • tanning once in a blue moon, helps my skin & it is relaxing
  • getting massages
  • soaking in the tub with music, candles & a bottle of wine
  • cooking & grilling, especially being a host of a party. I like setting the mood for it
  • dancing in the rain
  • playing with make up
  • being nude
  • computer games & videogames!! RPG & FPS please!!
  • animated tv shows (adult swim, futurama, american dad, venture brothers)
  • tasting new & differnt foods
  • all sorts of beers & wines
  • music, concerts, jam bands, & festivals



  • hopeless romantic
  • outgoing
  • earthy
  • dorky
  • colorful
  • quiet
  • constant thinker
  • paranoid??  lol
  • living on thoughts & regrets
  • trying to change my future for the better
  • 5'3" & my goal is to be at 123, more toned than skinny. I can lift my own weight so far    
  • honest
  • sometimes shameless 
  • creative & artsy
  • Mrs. handyman





    NASA. It the best thing we have today! They have brought alot of things that we aren't aware of that we use alot now days. it's being forgotten & frowned upon. It makes me sick. The world is such a greedy place to live in. No matter where you live & how you live it. If you vounteer & try to make this place better for the future animals & humans, & let evolution happen.... who knows what could happen. until man must step in & a kill one another for politics & religon.  those who take recycling seriously. I may sound like a tree hugger... lol.












7/25/2012 | 1 comments

finally!! some badly needed rain is coming in this week!! i don't have to water my garden for once. Yay! my tomatoes are turning red now, & eggplants are going crazy just from a days worth of water. Just with this draught going on, go figure the only things that are surviving are the weeds!!
i have noticed tons of red ants this year too, yuck.

7/19/2012 | 2 comments

wowzars!! i just realized i haven't been on here for awhile!! forshame on me lol
been busy with work, boss man decided to bid on mulitple jobs for the same time-- so looks like I will be having lots of OT coming up, but no free time... bummer! lol
...& this heat has been nuts for the midwest!! as much as u wanted to go outside & swim or exercise & whatnot, it just wasnt that great, instant heat exhaustion! boo.

as for now, we just had a minor thunder storm last night. FINALLY! it was great, plants def needed the water. pretty cool outside now, perhaps time to head out on the street & use my new skates!! yay :)
the question is, to bring my dog, Moxxi or not too... havent tried skating or biking with her yet.

It has been 2 years now since I saw her at the humane society. She was 4 then, used to staying her cage for over 8 hours a day cause the previous owner was a ER nurse & had a kid. Apparently she had a hemroid issue which was taken care of before i got her... I love her! She is the best dog ever, I don't even want to think of the "end" cause I will tear up, ok too late, but it makes me care about her even more :) (BUT if the vet doesnt let me say goodbye when the time comes, I will throw a fit!--- i say that cause my mother had to put her dog down at the age of 3 (welsh corgi, would have been 4 this year), Daizys hip disc slipped & she became paralzyed from the waist down, went to 3 different vets to get ER help, got help, was about to head out a loooong way to get Daizy surgery, but while we were waiting for the vet daizy was falling off the vet table, so i & myself go & try to save her from falling. Daizy ended up biting my sister in the thumb, my sister needed sitches, so the Vet had to report it. Took a picture of my sisters thumb. So since that happened..... there was NO happy ending, no trying to save the Daizy now since she had to be put down for biting my sister!!!!!!! most digustiong bs ever! Daizy had her shots up to date, but no. Now she HAD to be put down instead of letting her live. The worse part is that since she had biten my sister, the federal law is that the dogs head must be cut off to be examined! just incase she had rabies... ugh... we got daizy creamated, but with NO head. HOW FUCKING HORRIBLE!!! plus when we were actually finally able to go to the back & say goodbye... we couldn't touch her (even though the vet assiant was holding her by her collar, not like she could move anywhere)... my mother couldnt even touch her own dog to say goodbye plus the vet wouldnt put the dog down infront of us... which we have had plenty of dogs in my life time that we have been there with our dogs when that time comes. But this Vet yelled at my mother just for trying to pet her! We could have waited to touch her after she was put down, but that vet was a total bitch after Daizy bite my sister.... she totally went bipolor with us while we were there. yeah, shes doing her fucking job.... but as a vet & her owning dogs, I think she would be smart enough to let us say goodbye properly... but nope. Just left that clinic with hate & regret).....

yeah, sorry about hopping around with topics, & story within a story within another story type crap.... I am still very upset how the vet handled everything.  

lose the jiggle from the wiggle...
7/12/2012 | 1 comments

    Just bought a pair of inline skates from amazon.com!! i tried them on at the near by store, but they charged way more than i found them online for, sooooooo... yay!! NEW skates. I am going to sell my old ones. They are speed skates though. Boxer, size 6 & was rarely used (any takers?? lol).
  Since I am getting back into shape (actually i'm probably in the best shape that I've ever been so far in my life. I used to wear a pant size 22 in middle school), I have been craving to go skating. Just my skates weren't the right size anymore & I wanted inline derby skates instead of my old school speed skates.  Well, this is what i got, Rollerblade Spark 84.  pretty excited! Tongue out skate on!! 

BME app??
7/11/2012 | 2 comments

is there a phone app for BME.com? I don't have a iphone. I'm an android person. HTC Evo until i upgrade it.

anyone know if they are working on one if there isn't an app yet?  

@ work
7/10/2012 | 7 comments

Money mouth

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