"puff puff pass"



  •  28 holes through my skin filled with metal. Now is down to 22.

                         Left Ear:
                - lobe stretched to 14g, 2g
                - 14g industrial
                - 12g conch ring
                - 16g tragus
                - 16g nook           

                        Right Ear:
                - lobe stretched to 14g, 2g, & 6g
                - 14g anti-helix
                - 14g daith
                - two 14g forward helix
                - used to have three 16g helix

                - 3 surface piercings, Nape. 
                - both Nipples barbelled
               - VCH pierced, barbel
               - 18g nose gem
               - 14g septum
               - used to have: bellybutton ring, smiley, & tonuge webbing

  •   11 tattoos & counting --------> just check out the pictures if you time too!



  • gardening
  • camping
  • kayaking
  • long bicycle rides
  • hiking
  • sweating when it's worth it, like exercising
  • kickboxing
  • having bonfires with a few drinks
  • a couple bong rips daily
  • relaxing with a good book
  • painting & crafts
  • DIY projects
  • dog parks with Moxxi <3
  • tanning once in a blue moon, helps my skin & it is relaxing
  • getting massages
  • soaking in the tub with music, candles & a bottle of wine
  • cooking & grilling, especially being a host of a party. I like setting the mood for it
  • dancing in the rain
  • playing with make up
  • being nude
  • computer games & videogames!! RPG & FPS please!!
  • animated tv shows (adult swim, futurama, american dad, venture brothers)
  • tasting new & differnt foods
  • all sorts of beers & wines
  • music, concerts, jam bands, & festivals



  • hopeless romantic
  • outgoing
  • earthy
  • dorky
  • colorful
  • quiet
  • constant thinker
  • paranoid??  lol
  • living on thoughts & regrets
  • trying to change my future for the better
  • 5'3" & my goal is to be at 123, more toned than skinny. I can lift my own weight so far    
  • honest
  • sometimes shameless 
  • creative & artsy
  • Mrs. handyman





    NASA. It the best thing we have today! They have brought alot of things that we aren't aware of that we use alot now days. it's being forgotten & frowned upon. It makes me sick. The world is such a greedy place to live in. No matter where you live & how you live it. If you vounteer & try to make this place better for the future animals & humans, & let evolution happen.... who knows what could happen. until man must step in & a kill one another for politics & religon.  those who take recycling seriously. I may sound like a tree hugger... lol.












Vet visit
7/7/2012 | 0 comments

Just got home from the vet. Tinkies got her rabies shot. She is a demon of a cat... So I typically have to drug my poor evil cat before taking her into the vet. She hates strangers... But she Loves my husband more than me since we moved in together and got married. She used to hiss and attack him now she purrs and wants his attention 24/7... He doesn't like it, oh well.   So, ATM, tinkies is stumbling around acting like she's drunk. She can't sit still in one spot too long. This is the only time my cat cares to follow me around, besides waking me up every morning for her food.  Moxxi (dog) is getting jealous cause the cat wants to lay next to me. Lol!! 

7/6/2012 | 2 comments

uploaded a few more pictures to my modtracker today.
more daring & showy pix, i suppose. check out jizzy jay joint album for those...

&....... i just noticed on my ipad, my "logo" that i made looks off colored, its brown, white, & blue... It is suppose to be black, white, red.... I'm guessing it just depends on what internet browser you are using & etc

another hot day, 100+ outside..... as long as i water my plants they are doing great! just wish we had some rain. the lakes & streams are kinda low & i really want to go kayaking where i typically go, argh. such a bummer. oh wellz.

groovin to the beat
7/5/2012 | 2 comments

time to get my butt in gear! thou it has been extremely hot outside lately in the midwest.... yesterday was 107 degrees! i was driving in my car that had no a/c.... such a stupid idea! lol.
anyways, I decided where & who is going to do my next few tattoos.  Now to have the time to get them done & wait patiently for august & september to roll on in. I rather get my tattoos when it gets cooler & cold outside. Unless I don't want any fun in the sun, then i could just stay indoors the rest of the summer.... but I dont think so! Wink

adding on to this... here is the back of what my leg looks like now..LEGGG.. what I want underneath my other calf tattoo is a spider. I thought about it.  with web, maybe look like the web is spun onto the other tattoo & having the spider crawl up... I want color! of course, being opposite of the other tattoo makes it pop out. I was thinking of a Sailor Jerry or Ed Hardy type of art for the piece. I like the shading & the coloring of those type of tattoos.  The area isn't that big, cause I'm not a very tall person. 5'3" to be honest.

s1   s2
                                               ^^ these pictures help get things started ^^

gaming tuesdays....
7/3/2012 | 4 comments

of course, i like to play computer games ... & if you play a Blizzard game, they typically do updates & patches on tuesdays. the day i get out of work normally & unfortunately. So instead of leveling up my DH on Diablo III, or Starcraft, I tend to play on xbox.
    lunasm0ke is my tag. just let me know u found me on BME ;)

..... in the world of tattoos news: for me, I'm getting quite pumped about getting my thigh tattoo :) &/or arm piece done!! i haven't had much ink done on my arms yet, soon though soon :) my legs tend to twice & spasm out while i get the tattoo done, no matter where i get inked... its annoying. for me & the artist. it isn't the pain at all, it is just the constant tickling/tingling the vibrations of the needle do to my nerves.... I just get embrassed cause I know how annoying it can get... hopefully my thigh won't spasm & make me kick them...


Really wanting my thigh tattoo now! argh... I am waiting until my giant corona bottle piggy bank is full.... maybe by next month! but I'm gonna wait until sept or october when it cools down & back to hiding skin.....

7/2/2012 | 0 comments

added my music playlist (link only)..... apparently the code from the old website isn't working anymore, bummer. Enjoy. It will be added too Cool

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