"puff puff pass "



  •  28 holes through my skin filled with metal. Now is down to 22.

                         Left Ear:
                - lobe stretched to 14g, 2g
                - 14g industrial
                - 12g conch ring
                - 16g tragus
                - 16g nook           

                        Right Ear:
                - lobe stretched to 14g, 2g, & 6g
                - 14g anti-helix
                - 14g daith
                - two 14g forward helix
                - used to have three 16g helix

                - 3 surface piercings, Nape. 
                - both Nipples barbelled
               - VCH pierced, barbel
               - 18g nose gem
               - 14g septum
               - used to have: bellybutton ring, smiley, & tonuge webbing

  •   11 tattoos & counting --------> just check out the pictures if you time too!



  • gardening
  • camping
  • kayaking
  • long bicycle rides
  • hiking
  • sweating when it's worth it, like exercising
  • kickboxing
  • having bonfires with a few drinks
  • a couple bong rips daily
  • relaxing with a good book
  • painting & crafts
  • DIY projects
  • dog parks with Moxxi <3
  • tanning once in a blue moon, helps my skin & it is relaxing
  • getting massages
  • soaking in the tub with music, candles & a bottle of wine
  • cooking & grilling, especially being a host of a party. I like setting the mood for it
  • dancing in the rain
  • playing with make up
  • being nude
  • computer games & videogames!! RPG & FPS please!!
  • animated tv shows (adult swim, futurama, american dad, venture brothers)
  • tasting new & differnt foods
  • all sorts of beers & wines
  • music, concerts, jam bands, & festivals



  • hopeless romantic
  • outgoing
  • earthy
  • dorky
  • colorful
  • quiet
  • constant thinker
  • paranoid??  lol
  • living on thoughts & regrets
  • trying to change my future for the better
  • 5'3" & my goal is to be at 123, more toned than skinny. I can lift my own weight so far    
  • honest
  • sometimes shameless 
  • creative & artsy
  • Mrs. handyman





    NASA. It the best thing we have today! They have brought alot of things that we aren't aware of that we use alot now days. it's being forgotten & frowned upon. It makes me sick. The world is such a greedy place to live in. No matter where you live & how you live it. If you vounteer & try to make this place better for the future animals & humans, & let evolution happen.... who knows what could happen. until man must step in & a kill one another for politics & religon.  those who take recycling seriously. I may sound like a tree hugger... lol.












half day friday! sweeeeeeeeeet
8/17/2012 | 4 comments

yo everyone :)

its a wonderful august day! its friday, had a half day of work... & i hear i might have off on monday! ooooo weee! hope its decent outside on monday so i can go roller blading :) as for right now, I'm off to take my pup, Moxxi, for a long hike in the woods. ta ta ladies & gents!


plus i just started my first month of memebership on BME :) yay!
though seems like that may have wiped clean my profile page that I did so nicely before... argh!! :(

nom nom nom
8/16/2012 | 0 comments

time to pre cook dinner before the men come home! I love cooking for my guy friends cause then I don't waste food :)

8/16/2012 | 0 comments

well after looking at myself in those state fair pictures (dairy post from yesterday), I came to mind with finally thinking of a good  chest piece to go there.... stop & smell the roses it will say. obv a few roses, but something else... time to talk to someone about getting this done asap instead of my thigh piece as orginally planned. I'll give my legs more time to work out & tone up for it lol ;)

A fair is not a Fair with out a Smorgasbord!!
8/15/2012 | 0 comments


  so I decided to go to the WI state fair with my younger sister & parents, husband stayed home. The place to go to eat anything on a stick & deep fry anything! took us about an hour to park, & walk into the fair grounds.... not bad. Parking was $10 for last chance drivers who were still arriving after noon. I mainly went for the foods.... which were good & unhealthy ;). shared everything 4 ways so each of us could try it & not get so full so we could try other things. Unfortunately I drank myself to a blackout the night before, so I didn't drink as much as I would have liked there lol. Damn you hang over!!
  There was krispy kreme burgers, bacon wrapped hot dogs & tater tots, the FAT Elvis which was a peanut butter cup covered with banana batter then deep fried served with chocolate sauce & bacon on top. Alligator bites, yum!! cheese on a stick, which was deep fried. sliced steak & chicken sandwiches, deep fried snickers & oreos. Parents shared a funnel cake, & my dad had a fish taco. Plus for the car ride home we all shared some cheese fries!! lol.... Glad I didnt eat the 2 days before going & for sharing everything cause no way I could eat all that in one day! but everything smelt great.



goofed around with the nature creatures from the farms, plus checked out the other animals too....
Eventually it got dark out & we all headed over to the ride & games area. Met up with my sisters friend & boyfriend. Went into a few Fun Houses & the not so scary Haunted House. There were a bunch of women kinda screaming at some bug that none of them wanted to touch... so my mother goes over there, looks at it & grabs it. It was a preying mantis, but it was brownish tone....


the night life of carnies....

 ...... & that's all folks!!







8/15/2012 | 0 comments

i know that have posted two different entries not too long ago, even this week & i don't see them on my page or when i look at all the dairy entries.... not listed at all :/ such a bummer... & i know that i clicked on the save button

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