"puff puff pass "



  •  28 holes through my skin filled with metal. Now is down to 22.

                         Left Ear:
                - lobe stretched to 14g, 2g
                - 14g industrial
                - 12g conch ring
                - 16g tragus
                - 16g nook           

                        Right Ear:
                - lobe stretched to 14g, 2g, & 6g
                - 14g anti-helix
                - 14g daith
                - two 14g forward helix
                - used to have three 16g helix

                - 3 surface piercings, Nape. 
                - both Nipples barbelled
               - VCH pierced, barbel
               - 18g nose gem
               - 14g septum
               - used to have: bellybutton ring, smiley, & tonuge webbing

  •   11 tattoos & counting --------> just check out the pictures if you time too!



  • gardening
  • camping
  • kayaking
  • long bicycle rides
  • hiking
  • sweating when it's worth it, like exercising
  • kickboxing
  • having bonfires with a few drinks
  • a couple bong rips daily
  • relaxing with a good book
  • painting & crafts
  • DIY projects
  • dog parks with Moxxi <3
  • tanning once in a blue moon, helps my skin & it is relaxing
  • getting massages
  • soaking in the tub with music, candles & a bottle of wine
  • cooking & grilling, especially being a host of a party. I like setting the mood for it
  • dancing in the rain
  • playing with make up
  • being nude
  • computer games & videogames!! RPG & FPS please!!
  • animated tv shows (adult swim, futurama, american dad, venture brothers)
  • tasting new & differnt foods
  • all sorts of beers & wines
  • music, concerts, jam bands, & festivals



  • hopeless romantic
  • outgoing
  • earthy
  • dorky
  • colorful
  • quiet
  • constant thinker
  • paranoid??  lol
  • living on thoughts & regrets
  • trying to change my future for the better
  • 5'3" & my goal is to be at 123, more toned than skinny. I can lift my own weight so far    
  • honest
  • sometimes shameless 
  • creative & artsy
  • Mrs. handyman





    NASA. It the best thing we have today! They have brought alot of things that we aren't aware of that we use alot now days. it's being forgotten & frowned upon. It makes me sick. The world is such a greedy place to live in. No matter where you live & how you live it. If you vounteer & try to make this place better for the future animals & humans, & let evolution happen.... who knows what could happen. until man must step in & a kill one another for politics & religon.  those who take recycling seriously. I may sound like a tree hugger... lol.












no title needed
9/4/2012 | 0 comments



LOL!! yea... that's me! i was so happy in kindergarden lol.....

 makin' duckie faces back in 1980s!! take that...lol


guess i always loved halloween :)  obv im old mother hubbard



tattoos tattoos tattoos......
9/4/2012 | 0 comments

i know what i want, now just have to wait to set a date for it :)

I got four tats in my mind right now, want them all done instantly lol! that craving of new ink is insane now... it is september & i am closer to my goal so I cant wait :)
though the hard part is that i want a arm sleeve.... not sure if the idea in my mind will look good enough for a sleeve.... so i must go talk to someone asap to figure it out. yay Smile

9/4/2012 | 1 comments

argh, back to work :( after a 3 day weekend.... no one wants to work now lol.... just one more day! please... lol

Labor Day Cookout!
9/2/2012 | 0 comments

man, I dont recall any of it!! lol got waaaaay too smashed yesterday, I was cooking all day & drinking a wine but didnt eat a thing.... my bad. I passed out real early lol oh well, today is another cookout bash & its gonna be a repeat ;) lol well not totally....

workin it
8/27/2012 | 0 comments

& workin it hard!!

exercising & shopping!! wooooo lol
also drew up a image of the condo with our crap in it already.... lol lame arent i

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