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Best Way To Get Your Ex Back Now
7/9/2020 | 0 comments

Do you know the best way to get your Ex back? Would you like to start NOW so you don't waste anymore time? If you are missing the love of your life, here are some of the qualities you need to think about if you want your Ex back. If you had any of the following issues going on when you were dating, you need to work them out before you call your Ex to talk.

* Are you emotionally needy?

If you want to get your Ex back, desperation is not attractive. If you are needy beyond what one person can give you to make you feel better, you need to work on your inner emotional health. Find a therapist to help you remove the blocks to your own happiness. NO ONE can make you happy. You have to do it yourself.

* Do you have friends and healthy relationships with others?

If you want to get your Ex back, just know that one person cannot meet all of your needs. You need friends and family and people to talk to. If you are a loner and are looking for a mate to give you everything emotionally, that is a setup for a relationship failure. If you don't know how to have a won't know how to have a lover.

* Wait one year after a divorce to start dating.

If you started dating before you were steady on your feet after a divorce, you may wind up sorry for all the pain you put your Ex through. If you don't wait a healthy year after the separation and divorce, you can get in a relationship too soon. Many people won't listen when people try to warn them against this, and think they are the exception. If you didn't wait to date, you probably deposited all of the pain of your past breakup on your new lover. That emotional dump will drive anyone away.

*You need to understand boundaries.

If you want to get your Ex back, you may need to apologize for not exercising good boundaries. You may be a "pleaser" and say yes to everyone else first (including your former lover) when they have a need, which puts your current partner last on your list. That is not a good feeling. A boundary is a line you draw between what is okay with you and what is not. You need good boundaries in order to be available for your main squeeze.

* Clean up your baggage.

If you want your Ex back, ask forgiveness for any baggage you brought to the relationship. If you still live in the house you shared with your former spouse with all the years of pictures, mail, clutter, furniture and memories, and your ex-spouse still calls you all the time and tells you what to do, you aren't ready for a new mate. If you were trying to forge a new relationship standing on the grounds of your old life, no wonder it didn't work.

If you want to get your Ex back, do the above and then call and ask to talk. When you are no longer needy; when you have good friends and relationships; when you are not looking for someone to save you from your "miserable" life; when you have boundaries set and baggage cleaned up, you will have a new confidence and strength. Confidence is very attractive. If the conversation goes well, ask for a date. This is the best way to get your Ex back.

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