Born in the fifties. Piercings are selfmade. I´m working in a medical profession.


Fourth Prince´s Wand
5/9/2015 | 0 comments

Prince´s Wand

The fourth prince´s wand has a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 60 mm. 

Third prince´s wand
3/7/2015 | 0 comments

I just got my third prince´s wand (7-3-2015 17:00) . The diameter is 8 mm, the lenght is 90 mm, the distance from the PA to the end is 74 mm. I´ll post some pictures in the album "third prince´s  wand".

Second Prince´s wand
2/25/2015 | 0 comments

I got a new prince´s wand: 2 PA fixings, diameter 6 mm, length 98 mm

Ich habe heute ein zweites Prinzenzepter bekommen mit zwei PA Fixierungen.

Prince´s Wand
2/16/2015 | 0 comments

Pictures of Prince´s Wands are a little rare on bme.

New profile picture
2/15/2015 | 0 comments

I changed my profile picture; picture of my Prince´s Wand


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