Greetings fellow sorcerers!--we have tremendously exciting news to share with you today! As of this very morning, we’ve made available our latest and greatest innovation that is guaranteed to vault sorcery out of the Dark Ages and into the modern mobile community---a little something we like to call  Mind for Android!More details here indoor plant plant pests identification . And trust us---once you try it, well……but after a while you’ll never want to go without it again!
Mind marks our first foray into the growing sorcerer market within the Android community---and will positively modernize the way you interact with friends and family! This ground-breaking innovation gives you the ability to communicate with fellow Android enthusiasts without ever speaking a word! Just imagine---you can quickly and easily verbalize your innermost thoughts and feelings without ever opening your mouth---how cool is that! Speak, Trace, Write or Tap---whichever you prefer, and whenever you want---all with no speaking, tracing, writing or tapping required! Just think it and watch the magic that ensues---just be sure to keep your distance from Salem!
And what could make this even better, you ask? ---it can be yours sooo easily! The power of  Mind can be yours after just a routine two hour (slightly invasive) procedure! You heard right---it takes a mere two hours to unleash YOUR inner Vulcan! And that’s not all---not by a long shot! Your device can be serviced and fitted with regular updates at retail spaces and kiosks in hundreds of malls from coast to coast! We’ve got you covered! You’ll be in and out in a flash---just sign a few quick forms and you’re good to go! (***Comprehensive Medical Insurance  Recommended)
If you’ve made it this far and can’t help but find yourself excited beyond belief by the possibility of getting your hands on Mind ---well….this just got real awkward real fast!!!
Enjoy Fool’s Day from all of us here at Nuance Mobile!


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