What's up now?
8/10/2005 | 1 comments

I know, I suck at updating on here. But, see, I've got MY BLOG that I update semi-regularly, as well as friends-only entries on MY LIVEJOURNAL and.. I'm busy as fuck beyond that.

Lately, I've been doing a Music/Variety show on MusicPlusTV.com. I'm on every weeknight from 9pm-10pm Pacific Time, and on Thursday nights from 10p-11p. It's a lot of fun, you should check it out sometime.

Beyond that, most news can be found on the aforementioned blog, so.. check that out sometime.

I've also attached some recent images of me, for the fuck of it

4/22/2005 | 0 comments

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
The Reverend Has A New Gig!
Come One! Come All! Come Get One In The Yarbles! I'll Cum On Your Face! (cheap porn joke)

I'll be performing at the Passive Arts Center, again on Carnivale DeSade night - May 7th, 2005. But.. this is the last CDS ever!. That's right, they're packin' it up and movin' it out, where it will join other special club nights in the sky. Man, that joke sucked. Anyway, hopefully I'll be immeasurably funnier on May 7th than I'm being right now. Gimme a break, I'm tired, it's early and I'm at work. Besides, sales pitches are rarely funny. That's enough excuses for this paragraph.

All the info you're going to need is AVAILABLE ON MY SITE'S 'GIGS' PAGE, so go and get it.

I hope to see whoever reads this at the club.
I can't guarantee I'll talk to you..
but I'll at least give you one of those cool "sup foo?" head nods that ya give people you don't have the time/energy to talk to.

I know. I'm a cock.
Come to CDS May 7th, and call me a cock. Or suck on my cock. The latter would be preferrable. I accept oral donations from all denominations. Though, I would strongly prefer female donors. Thank you. Drive thru.

A Heartless Bitch
3/4/2005 | 5 comments

I was tired of telling the story, so I wrote it all down online.

This is the most fucked up thing ever. Seriously. Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Comedy at a BDSM club?
1/15/2005 | 1 comments

So I performed over 15 minutes of comedy last night at Carnivale De Sade (at Passive Arts Studios). I think it went pretty welll, considering everyone who commented on it said "I thought - wtf? why is there a comedian up there? but then you got me laughing, so it was good".

Who knows if I'll do it again, but the opportunity was presented to me so I guess we'll see. I'd be more than happy to just be an announcer there, maybe run the contests and what-not, but I don't think being a staple comic there would work out too well. Not that it's my place to say, and if they asked - I've never turned down a gig and I'm not about to.

How about a video, you say? Alright, HERE IT IS!. I should warn you - 15 minutes of video equals about a 70MB video. You could also just listen to the MP3 version available on the site.



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