Best Outdoor Laser Measuring Tools

People who are working on different sites professionally daily, but because they have no laser distance measure; life is getting tough on them especially while being on the job. Digital laser distance measures are the best way to get accurate readings and without running from one place to another.

If you are the one who needs a digital tool to measure accurately and to reduce the time frame for other projects as well, then here we are to help you in this regard. Let us tell you about some of the models that are ideal for outdoor projects.

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Best Laser Distance Measure For Outdoor Projects Reviews

Leica Geosystems Disto E7500i laser Distance Measure:

Leica never disappoints a user especially when they are looking for something user-friendly and inexpensive. Leica E7500i is one of the smartest and suitable models for all your outdoor work due to impressive range and brightness.


☞Leica geosystems E7500i can measure about 650ft of distance with accuracy, and to extend the range, you can activate LR mode.

☞This device can be used in bright sunlight, and the Bluetooth version is quite impressive that can help in transferring almost any kind of file to other devices.

☞It has an outdoor point finder camera that helps in zooming the target and suitable for long targets. From feet to decimal meters, it can provide all kinds of units.

Huepar LM120-A Laser Distance Measure Meter:

When you are looking for the kind of laser measure device that has a power-packed battery, and it can last for long hours on the job site, then Huepar LM120-A is your right companion. Along with accurate and quality results, this device has all the advanced and modern features to entertain your needs.


☞ Huepar LM120-A laser measure device has come up with multiple measurement modes, and it can store 30 recent readings in the memory.

☞ This device is unit switchable, and it can measure the distance of about 393ft. This device also has a backlit LCD so you can read the numbers and view the settings in low light.

☞ After 150s of no operation, the device will shut down automatically to save battery, and it’s IP54 rated so you can use this model at rough sites and in any weather condition.

Bosch GLM400C Blaze Outdoor Laser Measure Device:

At the time of working on some major projects at the job site, we all want the kind of device that has all the features to make a task easier and speedy. Bosch GLM400C is the right model to nail every professional task coming your way that needs precision and accuracy.


☞Bosch GLM400C laser measure device can measure the distance of about 400ft and has a digital viewfinder to avail adjustable zoom. You can locate the laser spot easily without wasting valuable time.

☞It has an easy to read backlit display that makes users operate this device in dark hours. the screen glass of this device is damage-resistant, so there is no need to fear damage.

☞It has come up with a built-in inclinometer that analyzes the pitch and ensures that the tool is in level or not? This device can store 5 recent measurements in the memory, and you can transfer the readings to any device.

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Lomvum Digital Laser Measurement Device:

Lomvum is another digital device that can provide high accuracy and precision in terms of measurements and way too speedy as compared to the traditional method. This device supports several projects that require outdoor measurements, and it’s compact in design that makes it easy to carry.


☞Lomvum digital laser measurement device works on the Pythagoras measurement system and its IP54 rated to protect the device from dust, water, and debris.

☞This device has the potential to store 20 different historical values. You can manually delete the data, and it also has the backlight display that helps you in reading the screen clearly when there is low light or no light.

☞This device can measure the distance of about 328ft with mute function as well. It has a wrist strap to solve handling issues and has come up with a portable pouch too. This device can speed up all your work and has three measuring references.

Leica Disto D810 Laser Distance Measure Device:

Leica is considered as one of the reliable and durable devices to use when you don’t want to compromise on quality and measurements. Leica Disto D810 laser level is a user-friendly device and, even if you are a beginner, then you don’t have to put extra effort to operate this device while being on a job site.


☞This device has the potential to allow a user to capture 3D measurements from a single location. It also can transfer those measurement files to any CAD program.

☞Leica Disto D810 laser level has an impressive measurement range that is about 660ft with 360 degrees tilt sensor. It also has a point finder camera that can zoom 4x and can zoom the target.

☞This impressive device is IP54 rated to protect the internal parts from damage as well as it has smart Bluetooth to transfer files. This device has a rechargeable battery, and it’s strong enough to last for a whole day.

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Some of the laser measure devices are too basic to use as they don’t have enough features to offer, and it’s hard to operate them manually. Modern laser measure devices have come up with modern features and can provide accurate measurements in any condition. The above-mentioned devices are suitable and ideal for all the outdoor projects that require precision, and when you want to create a masterpiece. If you get the accurate measurements, then it will be possible to elevate quality.


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