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Coachella 2022

Saturday, April 16


Didn't get nearly enough sleep, as is tradition.

Got to the gates about ten minutes before they opened, but it was nice to see the horse guards patrolling.

Started in the Yuma with Miane, whom I enjoyed for about half an hour. From there went to Do Lab for Life on Planets, who played early 90s style hip hop. Enjoyed him, too. After about 40 minutes there, I went next door to the Sahara for DJ Lord, famous for producing Public Enemy records. And part way through his set, Chuck D came out to do some hype work and rapping, so that was pretty great. Stuff like that makes me love this fest.

From there I took the long way to the Outdoor, meandering by the main stage for a couple of Koffee's songs before settling in the shade of the jungle-gym-like art piece for Chelsea Cutler on the Outdoor. She had a great voice and pleasant songs, but I'd quite been looking forward to Whipped Cream, so I left after a few songs to make the long trek back to the Sahara tent.

Thought Whipped Cream was a lot of fun, and sounded great on the Sahara's soundsystem. Went from there to Mojave for a bit of Holly Humberstone, whom I also thought sounded really good, then went over to Sonora to catch the end of Ed Maverick, who was simply beautiful (and better attended than I thought he'd be, the hispanics really came out for him). After that I went back to Sahara for the last half of J.I.D.'s set. I thought he sounded pretty good, and he had Earthgang out on stage with him as a guest for a few songs. I had a good time.

I was at the time of day when it was time to think of eating my mushrooms, so I went to the Outdoor's beer garden in the hopes of finding something decent to drink with a slice of pizza, but they only had three bad choices at a low ABV, so I decided to instead go to the Beer Barn once Wallows had finished their set, because I was quite enjoying them. They had a very summery indie sound. Someone in the audience was having an issue, and the band stopped performing until they knew the person had been taken care of, so that also shot the band up in my mind. Wallows good!

As soon as they'd ended, I trekked over to the good beer, Beer acquired, I went to find a slice of pizza, but all they had in the beer garden was fancy pizza, so instead I watched the end of Emo Nite as I drank about as fast as I could. They and I were done in about five minutes, so I went out to the pizza stand by the Mojave and got the slice and dumped my own special ingredient on top and ate it while watching girl in red. The lady is a damn rockstar already at whatever ridiculous young age she is. Had such a fun set, and she just in general sounded great. The shroom pizza, however, was not an enjoyable experience, and I think it just keeps getting harder and harder. The pizza was also a fairly thick slice, which I think would later play into the muted effects of the shrooms.

From there I went into the Sonora to come up and watch Inner Wave, but Inner Wave was so terrible that I only lasted one song and a bit into another before I decided I'd rather just go outside and wait for Disclosure. So I did that instead.

Disclosure was a lot of fun, and it was nice to be up and moving for the weirdness of the comeup. Their set wasn't anything I hadn't seen from them before (except for a guest spot by Nelly). It was still a lot of fun, and everyone around me was grooving.

By the time they were done, the sun had gone down and the wind had picked up, so I put on my sweatshirt and went to see Flume. Alas, Flume started late and immediately had technical difficulties, so I decided to go to the Outdoor to watch Elfman's orchestra set up and get a great spot. Just watching him get ready had my brain flooding with serotonin (mushrooms probably also helped). I felt like some weird stalker of something, but my love for the man is legit enormous, and I was (as I tried texting Scott, though it didn't go through) just moments from having one of my main life dreams come true.

There was a lot of room, so I just kinda stood near the front rail, near the barrier stage right. I had no idea how well attended this set would be, so I didn't try to stake out a claim right at the rail, which in retrospect I should've because people began coming in and shoving me aside, so I ended up a bit farther back than I would've wanted, though still right on the barrier. I started cursing the weekend one crowd (they are the worst). Right before show time, a group of big guys (who I think were Brazilian) came in and one stood directly in front of me, so that was great. "Who am I to judge" I thought. "Maybe they're the world's biggest Danny Elfman fans, too."

Turns out they weren't even particularly familiar with his music, haha.

He came out on stage, and everyone around me got their phones out and started recording, and then he started in on the song "Sorry," and all of the phones immediately went back into pockets. And the world's biggest smile started to form on my face. "That's right, you goddamn Instagram normies," I thought, "this is who Danny Elfman actually is!"

And then he played "Insects," and the world's biggest smile got even bigger and I started bouncing ecstatically, my life's dreams coming to life.

I first went to Coachella in 2004, and at that time Coachella was gaining a reputation for reunions. From the first, I knew all I wanted in life was to see Oingo Boingo reunite at Coachella. They'd broken up when I was too young to see them, but they one of the bands that loomed large in my childhood, and Elfman scored all my favorite movies I grew up on. I even wrote in to LA Times Magazine after they did a cover story on Elfman in 1997 or so. My love of Danny in publically documented! But Elfman said Boingo was never going to reunite. 

Then Hans Zimmer happened at Coachella. And Elfman started doing Nightmare Before Christmas shows around Los Angeles. And then I knew, my dream was going to come true. It was inevitable. When he was announced for Coachella 2020, I saw my dream finally coming to life. And when Coachella was cancelled for Covid, knowing he'd be there when it came back is something that kept me optimistic though the pandemic years, trucking along when it seemed Coachella would never return.

But of course it did, and as my dream set unfolded before my eyes and ears, it was everything I ever wanted and more. 

The normies around me started giving me looks, like how was I enjoying this so much? Because not only was it something they weren't expecting, but it was aggressive and weird and hard to look at. I will say it was a rocked-out version of "Insects", and I was really hoping he'd be playing at least some of his Boingo songs as I was used to hearing them, as that was really what I wanted out of this show.

After that, he turned to the orchestra, and The Spiderman theme started up. "Ooh, Spiderman," the influencer next to me said, and again phones came up to record a bit of the show. Applause as Spiderman came on the screen. Not one of his better themes, IMO, but at least the crowd got something they liked. It was beautifully executed by the orchestra, and I found over the course of the concert that hearing these orchestrations properly played really transformed them for me, and breathed new life into music I'd grown so used to hearing as a flat recording.

Then back to Boingo! "Nothing to Fear" and (my heart) "Just Another Day," which I mouthed to words to as enthusiastically as I could. Got he sounded so amazing letting out that howl at the end of the chorus. I wanna cry just thinking about it.

After that was a Nightmare Before Christmas medley that featured a guest vocal job by a woman I swore at the time was Catherine O'Hara, but I haven't been able to find anything online to confirm this happened. So perhaps it was just a female member of the choir. 

Then was the Breakfast Theme from Pee-Wee, and my God, what a composition! Again, incredible and transforming hearing it from an orchestra. And attempting to dance to it! I recalled that he was long ago a percussionist, as it has an unusual time signature. But so many orchestral parts working together made me really appreciate his skill as a composer, and Bartok's as an arranger.

Then he played "Kick Me," and the normies really hated that one, visuals, lyrics and all. Then "Insanity" (yay more Boingo!), and I could feel the crowd barely holding it together at that point. Meanwhile I'm just basking in the amazing weirdness.

A return to scores after that with the Batman theme. I consider that to be THEE Batman theme, but I think the W1 generation thinks of Zimmer's. Anyway, goddamn what a beautiful piece. Great marching beat. Makes me want to beat up criminals.

The next track was "True", and it also sounded great. I liked hearing his new songs live a lot, and they really helped me understand what he was going for with the rock orchestra mix thing and overall lyrical themes. It did turn out that the mindblowingly amazing drummer he was using was Josh Freese, longtime NIN collaborator, and one of the guitarists was Wes Borland, of being ashamed of being in Limp Bizkit fame.

Following that was The Simpsons theme, and like the Pee-Wee song, it really made me appreciate just how zany and weird and perfect for what its scoring that theme is. 

"Only a Lad" was next, and oh my heart. Another one I silently belted to lyrics out to.

"Love in the time of COVID" followed, and by this point he'd taken his shirt off and was running around the stage, all muscly and tattooed, obviously having as good a time by now as I was. 

This transitioned into the Edward Scissorhands themes, and pretty sure I cried a bit at this point, it was just so damn beautiful. That choir. 

"Dead Man's Party" was next, as fun as I always wanted. At this point the normies left? At this point?! Whatever, at least they were gone.

I assumed it would be the end, but he went on to do the "Alice in Wonderland" theme (liked it a lot more live than I ever had recorded), "Happy" (one last chance to go insane and weird), and ended with the Boingo song "Who Do You Want To Be?" (unfortunately, I think a lot of W1 attendees do indeed want to be just like somebody on TV). 

As he finished, he said it was the first time in twenty-seven years that he'd been himself on stage, and he thanked us for getting him out of his....whatever it was he'd been in since he left.

Best show I've ever seen? It very well could be.

My review afterward was "The most aggressively weird and anti-social show I'd ever seen." It was so Danny Elfman, and Danny Elfman is a thing I love so much, so I just loved the whole thing so much. I would never have been able to come up with anything like it as I tried to conceive of what this show might be like. But it was just goddamn perfect, and I'm so happy I get to see it again.


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Once the crowd had emptied out and I had regained some of my senses, I checked my schedule and realized I needed to be at the Gobi for Freddie Gibbs, so off I rushed. Madlib was, alas, not there, but Freddie was great with the backing DJ he had. He was drinking a 40 and smoking blunts during the show, and was slurring more and more, but still told hilarious stories and was on-point with his rapping. 

I'd by this point decided the Yuma bathrooms were the best for avoiding any crowds, so I walked across the main stage grounds to get to them. Megan Thee Stallion was onstage, and I ended up being drawn into her show, so after visiting the restrooms, went back to Main and saw the rest of Megan. She was way more fun than she had any right to be, and her DJ was using the airhorns in ways that left me chuckling.

When she finished, I went over to the Outdoor to watch Stromae, who pretty much blew me away with his techno classical music. He taught us dances to do along to his songs, which were virtuosic. He was very impressive, and had me reflecting on what an overall amazing day of music I was involved with on that day.

Finally was Billie Eilish, whom I had only a passing familiarity to. I was also quite impressed with her, vocally as well as stylistically, and there are a lot of styles she and her brother seem to draw from. She was quite humble on stage, and it was obviously a sweet family affair for the two of them (Finneas had his own solo set, too, which I failed to watch) to be headlining Coachella together. The show was a bit slow overall, but I stayed for the whole thing and can now cross Eilish off the list.



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Coachella 2022

Friday, April 15


Despite how tired I was from working five overnights in a row, I still woke up at about 4:30 in the morning. My Christmas had finally arrived, three years since the last one.

Walked the dogs, packed the coolers, and finally got on the road a little after 7:00 AM.

The drive wasn't too bad, and I arrived to camping check-in around 9:15. It took two hours to get to the front of the line, which was unusual. I thought that meant they were doing very thorough searches, but not really. But I wasn't through in time to make it to the beer chug. Hopefully next weekend.

My spot was at the ass-end of Lot 10, but luckily only ten rows back. Had a great location, so far as nearness to the portopotties was concerned. And it only took about ten minutes to walk to the front gates.

I grabbed the stuff I would need for an entire day inside, and made my way to the venue. The gates were already open, and people were trickling in. After a cursory glance by the security guard at the contents of my fanny back, I was finally back at my personal Happiest Place on Earth.

And damn it felt good.

Went first to the newly-expanded Mojave tent for MEUTE, a German marching band that plays techno. Arrived about five minutes before they started, and they put on a great opening show. Perfect start to the weekend.

From there, I crossed the grounds to check out the Yuma in its new location. Saw a little bit of Logic1000 while I was there, and enjoyed her spinning quite a bit. The Yuma was even larger than in the past, a proper-sized tent, nearly Mojave sized. I reflected on how I'd watched the tent grow up from a tiny venue its debut year to one of the most popular tents.

After half an hour or so of that, I left to swing by the Coachella stage for a little bit of Princess Nokia before settling in at the Outdoor for The Hu, one of my more anticipated acts of the weekend. They're a Mongolian metal band that incorporates traditional throat singing into their shredding, so who wouldn't want to see that? And I thought they were great, living up to the whole premise of themselves.

Went into the Sonora for the first time from there, which has also really grown up as a tent. Another of my more anticipated acts was playing, a hardcore/metal group called Code Orange, and they did not disappoint. Except that the lead singer talked a lot, and I just wanted more metal pulverizing my senses. But they still sounded great, and I will be doing more listening to their music in the near future.

I believe at this point I ate my acid gummy. I'd found the LSD too strong when I used it at Desert Daze in November, so before leaving had diluted it a bit before dropping it onto a sour worm. So I wasn't quite sure of what the strength would be.

Went from Sonora back to Outdoor to watch Bishop Briggs. The backing music didn't sound great, but her voice is amazing, and she was putting on a great show in the middle of the afternoon, despite being obviously heavily pregnant. I left even more impressed by her than I was before. It was quite emotional and moving, especially as she dedicated a song to her recently-departed sister and another to her baby daddy.

From there I went back to the Yuma, hoping to get into the last half of Purple Disco Machine, but the line to get in was enormous, and people kept cutting in. I figured by the time I got in, I would immediately have to leave, so I stepped out of the anxiety-inducing line and went instead to the Mojave to see Carly Rae Jepsen.

The tent was overflowing, so I found a spot in the back. I found several songs of hers that I like during research, but they don't seem to be the ones she plays. But she was still fun and the crowd was obviously quite into it, singing all the lyrics and such. I'll watch her again if she comes back and plays one of the larger stages.

Went back to the Yuma, thinking I'd just hang out til Damian Lazarus started, but I really was not enjoying what was playing in there, so I left again. Stopped by the Sahara after that for the end of City Girls, who were certainly more fun than I was anticipating. Their voices were better live than on record, and they had a whole (clean) strip club setup on stage.

After that I went next door to the DoLab to watch some of Elephant Heart, a group I'd quite enjoyed in research. Brother and sister, I found out. Watched them for about half an hour, then went back to the Yuma to see if I could get in for Lazarus, but the line was once again enormous, so I left disheartened, feeling I just wouldn't be bothering with Yuma for the rest of the night, given how out-of-the-way it was and how much it sucked to walk all the way over there just to find no way to get in.

(This ended up being one of the major complaints from attendees for the weekend. Apparently there was lots of room in the tent the whole time, but security just wasn't letting people in. Hopefully they fix it this upcoming weekend.)

Nothing else to do, I watched the first half of Madeon's set, which was highly hyped. I'm not a particular fan of his music, so I just found it ok. Not sure if I'll bother watching the rest next time, but maybe. As it was, I left early to get to the DoLab to watch a bit of Deathpact (nasty, nasty electronic distortion music, like Gesaffelstein, but nastier - enjoyed it!) before ending up at the Sahara for Black Coffee.

I've liked Coffee's music for years, but have always had conflicts in the past, so haven't seen him. The Sahara was a weird choice for him, as I feel his music is meant for dark clubs, but he was still pretty good. Not really the show I was hoping for, though.

From there, went to the Mojave for about half of Pink Sweat$'s set. Haven't mentioned the acid yet, because it really didn't do much for me. Anyway, Pink was pretty and mellow and romantic.

Went to the Sonora from there to see Ela Minus, another act I was quite looking forward to. She's a young gal from Colombia who makes dark electronic dance music, and I thought her set was great, despite some technical difficulties she had. Was quite impressed, and I'll definitely try to keep up with her career.

After that, I watched the end of Snoh Aalegra (great voice, good band) and Big Sean (might try to catch more) before getting back to the Outdoor for King Gizzard.

They had a shockingly small crowd, which is hopefully just a weekend one thing. They started off with a version of Rattlesnake (Stu said, "let's make it weird") that went on for about twenty minutes. Not my favorite song of theirs, but oh well. But they played three songs off of 'Rats' Nest', including Mars for the Rich, which I was really hoping for, so I was happy, There's just six members now, and they weren't the best I've seen them, but still lots of fun and weird. Not-Stu had a speech about how he loves drones, and technology and all that stuff. 

Other first day issues included a lack of working water refill stations, no booklets, and lots of sound problems. They've gone cashless, which means they charge tax now, which means food and drink that used to be $10 is now $14.57 or whatever, so that's pretty lame. The stages backdrops are pretty much all fully enclosed now, so no glimpses of the palmtrees behind the performers, which is a bit of a bummer. The walks didn't seem too bad, except for the extra hike to the Yuma, and how far away the Outdoor is from everything else. Still, felt amazing to be back. 





Today's Forecast
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Took mom to the airport Thursday afternoon. She's not sure when she'll be back, but perhaps sometime on the other side of summer. I miss her already.

Had a weird schedule, so I worked Friday night. Took the opportunity to take the dogs to Canyonback, perhaps for the last time this season. It was a cool and overcast morning, so I felt comfortable taking them, despite the lateness of the season. We got all the way to the end and back, so Sabrina's feeling better, at least. I would be surprised if she's able to get there next November when we'd be due to return, but she's a surprising animal.

Met Scott at the Landmark for a viewing of "You Won't Be Alone", a strange film shot in Serbia about a bewitched spirit that tries to break from its curse and live a normal human life. 

The main reason to be there was to see "Everything Everywhere All At Once" again, this time followed by a Q&A with writer/director (one of 'em, anyway) Daniel Scheinert, actors Ke Huy Quan and Harry Shum, and producer Jonathan Wang. Quan is exactly as charming and fun as he's seemed to be, going all the way back to Temple of Doom. I'm glad he's getting his second chance, because he's perfect in EEAAO. I continue to be amazed by this movie, it is absolutely an instant all-time favorite of mine, and it was great to hear some of the stories behind the creating of it. I'm buying the Bluray the moment it's out, something I haven't done for a movie in probably over a decade. 

Sunday morning I went up to Highland Park in the morning to get a real haircut. At Desert Daze 2019, I'd camped next to a nice group of folks, one of whom was especially welcoming, and said she did haircuts. I remembered the name of her studio, as it's a band's name, so wanting to have a decent haircut for Coachella and recently turning old, I decided I'd treat myself to a good one (I've just been doing my own for a couple years now).

I was a little early, so I stopped in at Galco's to pick up some fun soda's for Scott for his birthday. The owner was there, and damn is that dude old. Still scooting around the store and stocking his rare treats. It'll be a bummer when he's gone. I can't imagine the store will stay, but maybe someone else out there has a passion for old-fashioned drinks and candies.

The haircut went well. I wasn't recognized by her, but we were wearing masks, and I am admittedly quite a bit changed. But she asked how I knew about her, and I explained, and then she did remember me. So we talked about festivals and stuff, and it was overall a nice experience, so I'll probably keep going to her. It was an easy drive up there on a Sunday morning. Perhaps I can work my way into gaining some festival friends.

Ten days til Coachella! Kanye West dropped out of his headlining spot today, so it's yet another last-minute headliner change, pretty par for the course for this festival. I'm starting to pick up those last-minute things and even doing some packing prep. So close I can barely believe it!




Clear AF
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Scott picked me up early yesterday, after I'm managed to squeeze in a dog walk. We got breakfast at La Playita before heading up to the Landmark to see "Everything Everywhere All At Once".

Wow, what a film! I would go so far as to say Cinematic Masterpiece. Honestly blew me away, firing on all cylinders to show what's possible with cinema as an artform. Absolutely every creative department that collaborates to make movies was sheer perfection. And the watching of it also was a reminder of how powerful cinema can transport. So humanist, really hitting lots of emotions. It's immediately become one of my favorites ever, and I can't wait to see it again. Really amazing movie.

From there, we first drove to Descanso Gardens, and finding it packed with nowhere to park, we went instead to Huntington Library, which was also quite crowded and required several laps around the lots before finding a space. Scott's a member, and I was able to get in for free. I hadn't been in fifteen of more years, and with the little time we had, chose to go to the succulent garden, as succulents are in flower now, and that's one of my favorite plant things.

So we walking around their sprawling gardens for not nearly long enough before we had to get going to meet the family at Damon's.

We parked at his apartment and walked over, which took about ten minutes. Found mom and Q seated by the fishtank, and were joined by Chalene and Stella soon after. Same drinks and garlic bread and salad, but they no longer have a single vegetarian option available on the menu, so the waiter suggested a hamburger with an avocado instead of a meat patty, and since that was really my only choice, I went with it.

But otherwise it was fun and the food and drinks were good ol' Damons'. After food, we got a raspberry chocolate cake from Porto's brought to the table. So I was well stuffed at the end, despite not having much of a main dish.

Scott walked back home from there, and I got a ride back with the family.

Go see "Everything Everywhere All At Once"!




Party Tricks
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Mom arrived a couple weeks ago, so we have been doing lots of things around the house with her help. Purging lots of stuff, tons of organizing and such.

The two of us and Sabrina took a brief trip up the coast to get some things in her storage locker in Nipomo. So we drove up first to Santa Barbara, staying with my aunt's family for one night. It was blustery at my aunt's house, a hot wind that would die for a few quite moments before building up again to forceful gusts which made her windchimes clang.

We drove to State Street and got dinner at a Mexican food cafe, eating in seating set up next to the sidewalk. I had a delicious huge bean and veggie burrito, and they had great chips and salsa. Afterward we walked a portion of State Street which has been closed down to cars, and went to an indoor market for ice creams. Mom and I split a strawberry cheesecake ice cream with graham crackery crust chunks and fresh strawberries. 

Slept ok that night, but I was often awoken by Sabrina getting up and moving about, and one time jumping on the bed, wanting to be let out of the room (we were giving the cats a chance to enjoy their own home, dog-free).

Got going around 10 am, heading up through the Cachuma pass. We took a break to let Sabrina walk around and check out the overlook, and it was nice to see a good amount of water in the lake. I don't have reason to drive up the coast any more, and rarely took the pass when I did, so it had been quite a while since I'd been that way. It was nice to be able to sit back and enjoy the drive as a passenger, too.

Spent a couple of hours going through stuff at the storage, dropping some things off and picking some things up. From there we went to a dispensary mom frequented when she lived up there, then from there to the Shell Beach so Sabrina could get some fun.

She did ok, obviously not the dog she used the be. But she still enjoyed getting in the water, and we made it all the way down to where the rocky point comes out after the sandy portion of the cove.

From there, we headed a bit farther north to the southern end of San Louis Obispo to visit Taco Temple, our traditional meal. Sat outside in the surprisingly cold wind and had our sweet potato enchiladas with all the fixins, saving at least half for later.

From there we headed home, stopping only briefly at Rincon for a potty break. 

Yesterday I turned 40. I have mixed feelings about that, to say the least. 

Started the day at Kenneth Hahn, where mom met me. Sabrina started limping soon after we got there (she holds up her left paw now and again, but weeks can go between when she does it), so we weren't really able to have the walk I'd wanted to. We drove up to the top part and enjoyed the views. I left Ripley with mom to do more walking while I headed home with my lame dog.

Mom helped me in the garden during the early part of the day, moving tiles in preparation for the work being done, as well as doing some weeding and general tidying up. Mom made enchiladas and lemon cake for my birthday dinner. Alas, I had to get back to work for the night shift.

Today was more work. I took in the recycling and lifted weights in the afternoon. Still alternating between weightlifting/ pull-ups on M,W,F and cardio on Tu,Th,Sa,Su, though sometimes it doesn't work out perfectly. Getting stronger, losing weight. I think recomp is working.

So very tired and ready for my weekend. I get to see Scott, a movie I really want to see, and we're doing to Damon's!




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JuuL "(Berserk)"
EoniAbstract "(projection)"
Sad Squid "(i do say awesome a lot. seriously...a lot. )"
deadly pale "(atemberaubend - nicely hard and with a cool meaning)"
snoogans "(fwang)"
scamp "(onomatopoeia always makes me giggle)"
Ernest "(uncertainty)"
goomy "(honeybunny)"
Mr.me "(Finkelstein)"
vizante "(needle)"
freakz "(champingnon)"
lost girl "(smooshed.)"
bexrox "(rain)"
tlw "(I still pick animals over people. At least they care.)"
Mangaartist "(I have a lot, I LOVE English words, it isn't my 1st language.)"
PiercingBunny "(Shit!)"
sugarNspice "(sweet)"
level3stud "(undulating)"
allison_scout "(heebeejeebee's)"
TripleHelix "(Syzygy, because it's structurally perfect)"
firstluff "(scadink " move it a scadink to the left")"
Rumball "(philanphropist)"
ununseptium "(authenticity)"
Holly Bo "(Spork)"
an0nymous_vamp1re "(Ni)"
Della "(It's a toss-up between "maelstrom" and "dichotomy.")"
jazzybean "(proper - i'm cornish )"
bruxa "(I'm old Gregg!)"
hobo soup "(moist.)"
Satans_Angel "(schooch)"
manini "(love)"
amberlynne "( )"
helanus "(weasel!!)"
KIVAKA "(love)"
tyger burning bright "(why?)"
radical kiba "(snarly)"
jonathandoe "(hella)"
Zee "(Smock!)"
Nermal "(Shenanigans)"
The Hektik1 "(cheedle )"
MrNoModifications "(Feierabend)"
s_a_h_mommy "(flibbertigibbit)"
Golem37 "(Cooter)"
fetch "(gravy)"
postblue_ "( )"
fuck_life "(RAD)"
brokken "(what ever word fits?)"
Blood Roses "(ambiguous)"
Lofty "(Seriously. )"
hailshimmer "(New favourite is AHOY!)"
Daddy "(Sharks!)"
vivica "(GollyGeeWillakers!!)"
Mentabolism "(Fantastic)"
yurmomnaked "(fuck, shit, or cunt)"
JustJen "(Fastidious )"
brute "(your calvin and hobbes tattoo is the best thing i have ever seen!)"
xdollfacexpiex "(Cunt I know it's bad but I love it!)"
*Stitch* "(so many good ones...um i'm going to say taco)"
Myko "(fhqwhgads)"
Miss Gabrielle "(Bloody, Bah!, and Pissy.)"
phoenixxx "(smarmy)"
Raphael EN "(hiricow !)"
oddbod "(pain)"
GnomeChomsky "(triflin')"
angelicfruitcake "(Snout! Or crocodile...)"
HighLevel "(Goeiendag)"
Sugar "(Apoplectic)"
cadaver "(guillotine. my bf's current favourite is verisimilitude)"
autumn "(Moist)"
rusu "(Bubble. But I use the work 'wanker' an awful lot.)"
MizzGrell "("Crap")"
DragonHeart "(pie!)"
shadowsidetattoos "(cheers dude, like your tatts)"
steveinthesun "(DESKS)"
SamanthaM "(tits)"
vonfaust "(at the moment 'homonymn')"
Bot "(Bitchin')"
DrGreenThumb "(Hella)"
Mike Dimas "(fun)"
residue "(Swiss Army Knives ftw!)"
Killer Bee "(Dang- because i once heard a 19 month old say it )"
Blitzkid196 "(queue.)"
DreamsOfJade "(pervert. i dont know why. just is hhaahahahaha)"
dejennarate "(efficacy)"
atatattoo "( )"
Dawnie "( )"
nadineynuisance "(cunt)"
Hollywood "(triceratops)"
jessecake "( )"
Malvenkemo "(My favourite French words are pneu and pamplemousse. )"
namicoj "( )"
Stitch Faced Angel "(Strudle)"
pierced-boy "(love)"
Dreadlocksmile "(apocalyptic)"
doxgukka "(monkey)"
george_the_ballerina "(saucy)"
xJessiCUNTx "(cunt)"
Chronics "(cunt)"
Povallsky "(See, I was thinking of getting an adamantium helmet...)"
clubberdude1981 "(Merge)"
Fuzz "(Cuntwhapple)"
Cmhionn "(Skwerl)"
11 "(Murmel)"
The_Voodoo_Dolly "(abso-fucking-lutely)"
ColeMine "(discombobulated)"
Emily Post-Punk "(slyboots)"
Tovie "(quixotic)"
nekokichi "(cunt)"
:with love and squalor: "(conundrum)"
KnifeInTheMarathon "(suamaetrepanofiadaputa)"
BeccaMonster "(Wonky)"
ookumbubbleoo "( )"
Chadgrisly "(Obscure)"
majikan "(kutjes)"
the pierced russian "(fuck)"
Nero "(kluge)"
Amadahy "(aight)"
evilpixie "(discombobulate because it has Disco and Bob)"
ShesSoVaVaVoom "(kumquat)"
Mythology "(outlandish)"
ColdSweat "(Cockbadger)"
fluffyreptile "(cooder)"
dboard9 "(Nipples.)"
brian.johnson "(prehensile)"
Morgue "(Turmoil)"
Jemma.m "(flannel!)"
())crayon))> "(sleep)"
Somech1ck "(fuck)"
DIY'er "(Arrrrrr!)"
livid "(llama)"
AnotherBleedingHeart "(therefore)"
EziliGede "(fuck-nut)"
Kid Presentable "(crapshoot)"
Crowned Dragon "(pernicious)"
nufger "(success)"
jody "(murder)"
blackwinghalo "(spanakopita)"
Funky "(funkadelic)"
FauxPas "(Indubitably)"
Chevo "(FUCK)"
Knulp "(quark)"
chickadee2084 "( )"
Caroline June "(Litotes)"
Auryn "( )"
Celticgent "(YES.)"
soulmom "(shenanigans & bombardment)"
second place "(snow)"
Snow White "(crumbs, cunt and jinkies)"
TattoedMat "( )"
XkuruX "(irrelevant)"
asphixiation "(Coitus. Why isn't it used more now? Thanks for signing!)"
SVEN "(thats money)"
shpluck "(portal)"
verve729 "(Soliloquy)"
kermee "(stuff)"
Jinxed "(No)"
Alledria "(currently it's "effusive")"
fieryn "(epitome)"
Jareb "(cunt.... sorry, but i love it!!!!!)"
Hail "(boobies)"
MartiniBuiltForTwo "(fuck- or trepidation )"
asparagus "(banana)"
DrLouLou "(Hello hello!)"
Leroy "(Smeg)"
blackandblue "( )"
ConchyMcBleed "(brrrmmmm)"
MsNightingale "( )"
dazedeagle "(shit. I say it all the time, I have a shit problem.)"
Elfling "(thank you for the birthday wishes!!! )"
Melissa "(shitass)"
little_miss_pirate "(bangle)"
christina bo bina "(bologna!)"
perpetual "(chicken eye and seductive)"
luckyshamrock "(whiplash and i like guttersnipe too)"
no_pants "(Blech!)"
JennaG "(ooze)"
Stardust "(achtung- a German word that sounds like projectile vomiting =D)"
color me blood red "(shit)"
indigo_dream "(quite)"
dopesong "(anaesthetic)"
Kittie.Lee "(Audacity)"
Glow "(Monty Python??? I never made it through any of them.. I suck. )"
The_Prophet "(Antidisestablishmentarianism)"
filosofadelaspollas "(hullabaloo)"
kit33 "(Twitterpated or Incognito)"
GypsyDissident "(Cooch)"
ctlnpg "(diminutive.)"
Cerberus_the_dog "(Shag)"
deadinblood "(rediculous)"
Jenna Saisquoi "(discombobulated)"
TMHahn "("fuckheads" has been relevent recently.)"
ivy "("fuck" for t3h w1n!!!)"
solocard "(moist...)"
Mrs Wolf "(Innigkeit)"
deadvin "(exudate)"
OneOwner "(supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)"  

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