Grand Hill/ Beach Retreat
10/12/2020 | 0 comments

Haven't been here in a month, but am still in the top row for iam updates. That's sad.
One of the reasons I have for staying away is that there's someone in my life who is ghosting me, but knows about this. It seems unfair for this person to ger updates on what's going on in my life, so now I just don't say much. 
Not lots going on, anyway. In the past month, I got super into British Bake-off and watched the 84 one-hour episodes available on Netflix over the course of a couple weeks. 
Mom visited a couple of times, on her way to and fro destinations visiting friends and family. 
Otherwise things are going fine, except for the whole undermining of democracy thing happening in my plague-ridden country right now. Really can't wait til this phase of life is over.

Dynamic Pressure/ Laser Rain
9/3/2020 | 0 comments


The drive to Utah was fairly easy. We left around 10:30 am and got there around 5:30, and they're an hour ahead. We took Interstate 15, so went through Barstow and skirted Vegas, cut across the top of Arizona, and ended not too deep into Utah in St George. Thw drive was mostly pretty, but St George is something else with its red rocks and trees. The city was much larger than I had been expecting.

Thursday night we attended our first screening of Bill and Ted Face the Music. The theater was mostly empty, and groups were spread apart. I wore my mask the whole time, but people had them off to eat popcorn and such. The movie was cute and enjoyable, but also dumber than the first two and not as charming.

Friday morning we went to a desert botanical garden and hiked around the red rock cliffs and canyons. The rest of Friday was spent seeing more movies, as that's Scott's thing to do, and who knows when theaters will reopen in California. We saw the new David Copperfield movie, which was enjoyable and filled with good actors. Then we saw New Mutants, which was god-awful terrible. And we finished up with a second viewing of Bill and Ted, which wasn't as watchable the second time.

Saturday morning we drove an hour further into Utah, marveling at its beauty. We then made a slow trek back to LA, Scott stopping at many a Walmart and Target on the way back. I finally found one single 10lb dumbbell, which had been eluding me through several stores (weights are still quite hard to come by with gyms being closed). 

Finally got back home around 9pm.

Worked in a daze on Sunday.

Tuesday we went to Runyon, and I finally picked up a prescription refill (had been rationing for a week). There was an unfixed male mertle aussie there, and Sabrina was going total puppy on him, it was so cute. And she didn't run away this time!

Yesterday (Wednesday) Sabrina had her MRI. Nothing has been concluded so far, but she at least doesn't have a brain tumor. They also took spinal fluid to analyze. 

Today I had a dentist appointment because I had to. My wisdom tooth was breaking and had to be extracted. Luckily he was able to get it out before it crumbled on him. Overall it was a lot easier than I expected. I'm not very excited for the healing, though. Been keeping gauze shoved up there since, changing it as I bleed through it.

Now I just have to see my doctor on Saturday, and then I will be done doing things for the foreseeable future. Can't wait til I have nothing on the slate again! 



Escape/ Cosmic Omnibus
8/25/2020 | 0 comments


Lost a cousin this morning to cancer. I believe she was a year younger than I am. Had a young family, a girl probably 4 or 5 and a boy who might be 2. She found out about being sick just after having her son, and it hurts me so much that these kids won't know their mom. It was a really rare type of cancer, too, something that only 5% of people who get cancer are diagnosed with.

I spent a couple of summers with her and her older sister in Sacramento, then a couple more in Pennsylvania after they moved back east. She was also super shy, so we weren't close, but I do remember some games we played. As an adult, she had a great government job (something environmental) and worked in DC.

Makes me feel bad that all I do is look at memes and read the reddit circlejerk. Meanwhile someone who had so much to live for is gone. Life's dumb like that.

Saw my mom over the weekend. She's house sitting for her sister in Santa Barbara, so I drove up with the dogs after work on Sunday. My sister and nephew were already there, so we had a nice dinner Sunday night. Sister left early Monday morning, and mom and I took the dogs to the beach. Sabrina's much slower now, so it's not like the beach trips of old where she would take off. But she did find an unneutered male and acted puppyish around him, which was so friggin cute. And she tried to run after a dog that Ripley was chasing, much to my surprise. I believed her running days to be completely behind her. 

Back to work Monday afternoon. Traffic is still half of what it used to be, which is just the best. 

Still virus free. Bill and Ted 3 comes out this week, and I am joined Scott on a road trip to St George Utah to see it in a theater. We will be doing our best to avoid the plague, but this movie is too important to Scott to not see theatrically, and I figure this is probably my only chance this year to do something fun. 

And that's the news.



Buenaveza/ Casa Azul
8/4/2020 | 0 comments


Still here, trucking along. No news is good news these days.

Work's getting a little busier. Weekdays are still quite dead, but weekends have picked up. We'll soon see what fall holds in store. I don't think LA's schools are reopening, but I'm not sure about that. I will be sad whenever I lose my open freeways to commuters again.

Had to pick up my prescription last week, so I took the dogs to Runyon for the first time in a long time. We walked up the hill only to find the stair section of the loop fenced off, I assume for social distancing reasons, as the trail has narrow sections on that side. So back down the hill we went. About halfway down, Sabrina took off down the canyon and ended up at the bottom, chasing a squirrel. I called for her, but she made no effort to come back up the steep canyon side, so we had to walk parallel to each other until I was back at the bottom of the canyon, too. I was a bit exasperated, but also happy to see that she still has enough puppy in her to take off like that.

Harvested five of my six romaine heads, and will have to take the sixth soon. Waited up until they'd started bolting. My kale is still doing amazing. Not sure if it reaches a point where you have to harvest it. The plants seem to just keep on getting more enormous. 

Found the 10 hour Netflix documentary on Michael Jordan to be quite entertaining, though I've never watched basketball. I forgot what a cultural phenomenon he was when I was growing up. 

Been missing the good old days. In retrospect, I thonk 2014-2016 were my golden years. Wish I had appreciated them more when I was living through them. I miss almost everything that I had in my early 30s, and so much has been lost since, Covid aside. Even if it weren't for the pandemic, most of what I had in those days is gone, and I am not sure that I will ever have access to that sort of life again. 

I just don't see life getting better, honestly. I see myself improving, but the future itself looks from here to be full of more loss with little gain.

Anyway, who knows what's going to happen next in this insane world. I sure don't.



Permanent Vacay/City of the Dead Nitro
7/20/2020 | 0 comments


The present is starting to get to me a bit. Adding secret police on top of the raging pandemic and general election anxiety is really adding to the general hopelessness of 2020. Plus Sabrina's getting old on top of it all. 

So I can't say I'm doing great. Did finally figure out that one needs to eat lots and luft heavy things consistently in order to really put on muscle, but now that I have that knowledge, I am making good progress. 

The romaine and kale mom and I planted in the raised boxes we put together are doing very well. The kale, especially. I haven't had to buy bagged greens from the store for a few weeks, and hope to keep that going. I love being able to rip a few leaves off for my sandwiches. Tomatoes and bell peppers are still coming in. There are a few beans that may be ready, too.

God I hope America gets its shit together soon.




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