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I’ve made it up through 2016 in my blog backup project, and I’m on page 32! So yeah, only written thirty pages in three years. Pretty shameful. Really hope I eventually wrote up the second day of FYF 2016, as I haven’t come across it yet. So many festival experiences yet to write…

Two Sundays ago, I went up to my grandparents’ old house for the last time. Took the dogs for a final visit. Didn’t stop on the way up or back, to maximize time up there.

First we went to an early dinner with my aunt and uncle (and sister and nephew, who were already there) at Old Juan’s, a favorite Mexican restaurant in the area down at the end of Grand Ave. I can remember going there a couple of times with my grandparents over the years. It was delicious.

My aunt and uncle left from there, and the rest of us got ice cream in the town village, at the old favorite spot that I’d so loved as a kid with the toy train going around the perimeter up at the ceiling. I hadn’t been for years, and they’ve done some remodeling, but the ice cream is just as delicious as ever.

Got back to the house and saw my other aunt and her partner. People were there this weekend to take the bulk of the furniture and sundry items. My aunt claimed a lot of it and was going to be hiring a moving truck to haul it back to the east coast, where she’d recently acquired a condo that required furnishings. Some of it was going into storage (my mom’s portion). I was tasked with taking as much of the stuff as we were getting back with me in the truck.

Didn’t sleep particularly well that night, stuck on a couch.

In the morning, we got as much of it into the back of the truck as would fit. We got the other curio cabinet in diagonally, and a table. Every bit of remaining space was filled with boxes and pillows, gardening equipment, lamps, and whatever else we felt safe packing.

It was sad pulling away, knowing I wouldn’t be seeing the place again. It’s been hard these last five years, losing an aunt and each grandparent, as well as the Big Bear Cabin and now the Arroyo Grande house. But one day I’m going to lose everything always and forever, so these small losses in property trifle in comparison.

Went straight to work with no stopping (we did get the dogs one last beach trip before I left). It was Veteran’s Day, but the traffic was not much easier than normal, unfortunately.

Finally got back on Tuesday and unpacked what I could before my sister came home on her lunch break to help with the table and cabinet. Spent the rest of the day going through things.

One of the things saved aside for me was a box of photos from Big Bear. Tons of cabin pictures, exterior and interior. I could probably build a dollhouse version of the cabinet and decorate the interior with these photos and get close to having a mini of the real thing. Also lots of photos of family, which I put into a mostly-empty photo book I have. Lots of lake exteriors and mountain shots. I don’t know what to do with most of them.

My sister went up again on the weekend and brought another carload of boxes down: old family dishwear and books and other things gone unclaimed by the aunts. There was ultimately just too much.

Mom’s last day in the house was Monday. It’s out of the family now. She’s gone north to Monterey, where her boyfriend lives. She’ll be up there, visiting us, seeing a friend in Tucson, and getting over to Hawaii for December.

Oh, I’ve bought my flights for Hawaii! I’ll be spending Christmas over there! Can’t remember the last time I actually celebrated Christmas. It’s my Hawaii sister’s birthday, and apparently she always has a big party on the beach, so it’ll be nice to be able to join for that. And I’ll get to see my brother and his family, as well as my uncle and his family, and maybe one of my aunts. Can’t wait!

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Hoplanta/ Rowdy and Proud
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Shaky Knees, Day 1 (Fri, May 3, 2019 – Atlanta, GA)

My friend Hayely and I are quite compatible in all aspects except for one glaring exception: I am a day person, and she is a night person. Any time we’ve attended a festival together, I’ve been there for hours before she’s even arrived. Which has mostly been fine, as I’ve always made my own way, and she’s made hers, and we’ve met up later and all has been good. But Shaky Knees is the first festival that I’ve relied on her to get to. So clearly some compromises were to be ahead for us for the weekend ahead of us. And all of it complicated by the fact that she also has a toddler now.

To her credit, she let me get there early(ish…4:00 PM) on Friday so that I could see Sharon Van Etten.

But I’m getting slightly ahead.

We parked Brenda (her car) at her husband’s work and then took an Uber over to the site, part park with baseball diamond, part residential area, quite hilly and tre-filled. I was rather insistent upon seeing Van Etten, whom I’ve been a fan of for years but never seen live.

Security to get in was nothing, even easier than Desert Daze. Van Etten was already playing when we arrived, so I guess we got there around 4:00. Almost immediately upon entering, we were being offered energy bars. Free food?! At a festival?! We are not in California any more…

First we made a pit stop to use restrooms and so I could fill up my water bottle. And, in my instance, of course, take acid. I ate half of the sour patch kid Neil had given me with a drop of the acid I’d purchased from him on each side.

Van Etten sounded great. She played some of my favorite songs of hers. The stage, interestingly enough, was on a baseball field. Hayley and I went to get beers. You mean this festival lets me take my canned beer anywhere on site? I think I’m in love already…

After Van Etten, we switched to the other side of the hill and listened to Liz Phair as the acid started to really kick in for me. Strong stuff, much stronger than I was anticipating/am comfortable with. Thank god I’d only taken one half! But oh well, buy the ticket, take the ride. I tripped out a bit on the crowd, how Southern everyone looked. But at least tons of people were wearing band shirts. I’m often in an extreme minority in that regard, particularly at Coachella. It was nice to see people who appreciated the same music I did and wore it proudly. But my god did some of them just look Southern. It was weird. And there were people of all ages, too; whole families, even. It was all very familiar, but also so very different.

The acid was hitting quite strong and I was feeling very uncomfortable when we switched sides of the hill again for Tash Sultana. There were two main stages on one side of the fest – one down in a valley on a baseball field, and one on top of the hill that the valley was underneath, and they switched back and forth, one act at the top starting as soon as the one at the bottom ended. The same, it turned out, could be said on the other side of the festival, where two stages (an upper in a wooded area and lower in a parking lot) also went back-and-forth. But that’s getting a little ahead.

I hadn’t seen Tash at Coachella as she’s been playing opposite David Byrne, but had heard great things. So I was looking forward to her set. The body load an acid weirdness was completely washing over me at this point, and I felt super duper weird and uncomfortable. My stomach was rioting the whole time, and I felt the humidity of the weather sticking to my skin. (Given later weather, I suspect it wasn’t even very humid and that it was just the body load playing tricks on me). I couldn’t do much but lie there, fell weird, and try to keep my intestines from rioting.

Hayley asked if I was tripping and I told her things were weird. She mentioned, now or later, that she can tell when I’m on acid and doesn’t like it. Between this and my later Desert Daze experience, I’ve decided I can’t take acid of the first days anymore; my headspace is way too jacked-up with first-day activities and anxieties that adding acid to the mix always makes for a worse time. I need to save the stuff until I’m more comfortable with my surroundings.

Anyway, Tash was quite good, but the sets are longer at this festival (she played for an hour), and my headspace was so off that it all seemed interminable. I should’ve dealt with my stomach, but the come-up was so strong that I didn’t want to move, and instead laid down on the hill for the whole performance, eyes closed, wishing things were otherwise.

After Sultana, we walked down a residential street to the other side of the festival, where two smaller stages were going. We found a place to sit under a tree and listened to Thee Oh Sees, who were playing in the parking lot below us. Before getting too comfortable, I headed over to the potties, and wished I could have apologized to the person who had to use the thing after I destroyed it with my acid-upset stomach abominations. It was horrific, but I felt much, much better after. Sorry, fellow human!

We laid down next to each other under the tree for Oh Sees, joking that we were finally under our big, gay tree (inside joke).

After Oh Sees, we stayed put and listened to Foxing. They were half meh and half really good. Their music incorporated a lot of styles, and some they really nailed.

Sitting up, we noticed this iridescent green jumping spider that was following us around. No matter where we scooched to under this tree, the thing was following us, jumping in our direction, its eyes going about in crazy green glowing circles. I asked if I was hallucinating this part, but she confirmed that its eyes were seemingly whirling around in its head (turns out that was its fangs that it was waving about). I joked that we must’ve sat on its wife and the thing was now bent on revenge, so persistent was it in following us. After laughing about this and moving for maybe ten minutes, we just got up and changes locations entirely.

After Foxing, we walked over to the main part of the fest, but Incubus was still on. Neither of us like them, and indeed we both quite dislike them, so we sat on the curb between the two sections of festival and joked about how awful they were and called them “Succubus” because of how much they suck.

Tears for Fears was next, at the top of the hill. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” started and really drew a crowd in. We went to their stage, but everyone was flooding into the area. We stayed for just that one song before getting a place under the trees on the hill and reminisced about how much we’d both loved Tears for Fears in high school. Their set was super nostalgic for both of us, just hit after hit. I felt great at this point, really enjoying their familiar songs. And they did a great cover of “Creep,” which made me happy.

The headliner for the night was Beck, whom I was quite looking forward to. We got a place that I thought would be good near the base of the hill, but once Tears ended and people filed back down to the baseball field, our view was mostly taken away. Rookie mistake, but we continued sitting there.

Beck started with “Devil’s Haircut”, which just doesn’t sound great live, IMO, and I was a little worried. But then he got going. Did a great version of “Loser” that had the whole crowd singing the chorus. It was great to be in a crowd that likes the same kind of music that I do and was fully there for the acts playing. Coachella crowd really has me jaded, but it was a lot of fun to hear the whole place going off.

Half-way through he got the acoustic guitars out, and they did a great version of Debra, which is always hilarious to see him do live (due to the comedic improve bits – and the line “Step into my Hyundai” always gets me) and a lovely version of “Lost Cause”, which Hayley liked (I gather “Sea Change” is really the only Beck she likes).

But then he got into new stuff, and Hayley was complaining about the volume and was coming down with a headache, so we left a little early. He’d just come back from encore and was playing “Where It’s At” as we were leaving, and I was able to share that Beck was the first concert I’d seen, back on the Odelay tour.

So we missed the encore, but here’s the set list, anyway:

·  Devils Haircut

·  Loser

·  Mixed Bizness

·  Black Tambourine

·  Qué onda güero

·  The New Pollution

·  Wow

·  Debra

·  Think I'm in Love

·  Go It Alone

·  Lost Cause

·  Blue Moon

·  Dreams

·  Girl

·  Up All Night

·  Sexx Laws

(With "I've Got a Feeling" intro snippet)

·  E-Pro

·  Encore:

·  Where It's At

·  Good Times (Chic cover)  

·  Miss You (The Rolling Stones cover)  

·  Blue Monday (New Order cover)

·  Once in a Lifetime (Talking Heads cover)

·  In the Air Tonight / Drum Solo (Phil Collins cover snippet /… more )

·  Saw Lightning (Harmonica solo with Beck intro)

·  Where It's At (Reprise)


After waiting for about ten minutes, we Ubered back to Brenda. She wanted me to drive back (she was on Adderall, or something), and it was a bit odd driving an automatic again. I made some comment about feeling like I was driving in a video game, which made her concerned given the acid, but I was feeling fine and managed to take us back to her place (about a 45-minute drive away) safely.  Downtown Atlanta reminded me of driving in Dallas, truth be told.

And that was my first encounter with the Shaky Knees music festival.

Dragon Scale/ BBA Ten Fidy
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Recently realized that I hadn't backed up my Word document of this blog since July of 2012! Oops! So I've started getting back on that. Making separate docs of the festival write-ups as I go along, so those are handy. Looks like I never wrote up FYF 2012 or Coachella 2013 (and a few other important things from that era, as well as more recent events). I'm going to try to scrape my brain for memories and add all that until I'm caught up. Hopefully I will have the discipline to do those on Thursdays. Maybe if I make it a thing, I'll actually do it.

Saw the Bauhaus reunion on Sunday. I'm not much of a fan, but between this and Coachella, have managed to see them reunite a couple of times. Peter Murphy walked on stage this time (he came out hanging upside down for Coachella, and sang the entirety of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" that way). It was the first night post time change, and I was honestly too tired to enjoy it. They didn't sound that good, and I wasn't familiar with most of it (BLD and "She's in Parties" are the only songs of their I know). Apparently they played several songs that they hadn't played since the early 80s, but I had no clue. I really just wanted to be home in bed. Seeing the old goths of Hollywood was entertaining, at least. 

Not much else happened this week. Gave the dogs a bath. Sabrina gets so soft when she's clean.

Tomorrow I go up to my grandparents' house for the last time. It's the last of the homes of my youth that's still in my life. Gonna be tough to say goodbye to the place and the area it's in. Not to mention mom will no longer be living in the area once she's moved out from there. Her man lives in Monterey, which isn't somewhere I can drive to in the time I have off work during the week. So who knows what the future holds there. 

My dad lives a bit south of there, so I'm not done with Central CA forever. But he doesn't live in an area that's nearly as dog-friendly, alas. Mom says she'll come down and visit. But with Big Bear gone and now this, it's been a tough year of leaving beloved places behind.

At least I didn't lose any people this year (knock on wood; we've got a few weeks left).


Amarilla Gorilla/ Fear Movie Lions
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Coachella 2019, Day 3

Sunday, April 21


Too much acid + no Benadryl made for a very restless Saturday night. Finally got to sleep early Sunday morning, around 3:30 – 4:00 AM. Probably should’ve set an alarm for Sunday Service, but I didn’t, and as a result woke up around 6:30, wondering if I had to get up. Managed to sleep until 8:30. They’d said service would start at 9:00, so I wanted to give myself half an hour to get ready and get over there.

They’d sectioned off Lot 4 for the thing, with the hill that gives a great view of everything transformed into a stage of sorts. Had to go through security to access the performance area. The no food or drinks thing was a bummer.

Of course the thing didn’t start on time.

Around 9:30, an awful-sounding organ dirge began, which sounded so bad to me that I thought they’d done the speakers wrong and the whole thing was going to sound terrible. I even moved from where I’d been sitting in the middle, thinking the speakers I was near were just off, but no, the whole thing sounded terrible no matter where I went. Eventually figured it was recreating the procession-into-church music. But it sounded truly terrible.

Eventually that ended and the band gathered at the top of the hill went into some groovy jazz instrumentals, warming up, I think. At least they sounded good, and my fears of the speakers being wrong were assuaged a bit.

After maybe twenty minutes of jazzy music, a procession of maybe 50 people in robes made their way to the top of the hill, and the vocalizing began. It was powerful enough to bring tears to my eyes, these harmonizing vocalists. They did some singing, then the band kicked in, and the thing really got underway, Kanye in the middle conducting it all. The vocalists did some choreographed dance movies, and more dancers got positioned on the ride of the hill, stretching from one end to the other, jumping and galavanting about to these songs of praise.

It started with religious songs praising Jesus, then a few Kanye songs were worked in, all being played by this band with these backup singers/dancers in long robes, processioning in and out of the hill around the band. But the thing went on and on. At about the two hour mark, I’d had my fill and left. It became too much of an ego trip to me, seeing this multi-millionaire who wouldn’t play the festival proper because they couldn’t build him his own special stage just for his performance, and who now had his own special whole hill stage built just for him, singing songs about Jesus on Easter Sunday…how disingenuous the whole thing was just got to me, how ego-driven and anti-Christ, to me honest. I couldn’t take the whole thing, which didn’t seem like it was going to end. And anyway, it was nearing the time of gates opening. So I left before it ended.

Had one more goal, which was to get this year’s screen-printed camping shirt. Except the printing station wasn’t where they said it was going to be, so I spent some time walking around camping, looking for it. But they had Coachella socks for sale at the General Store in camping, so I bought a pair (for something ridiculous like $25 for a pair of socks too thick to ever be worn at Coachella itself). Finally found the screen printing place in the Activities Tent, and bought a cool shirt with a tattoo-design-style phonograph. Alas, that days ink color for that print was pink. Darn it all. Still a cool design, though.

Finally got onto the grounds around 1:00. Did some more bottle pickups for the recycling, but they’d seemed to have caught on to my secret and the planter boxes didn’t hold the number of bottles they had the previous morning.

Continuing with the whole “I really need to write these things closer to the date they happen” thing, I can’t tell you much about a lot of what I saw that day. First thing was Easy Life in Sonora, but I can’t tell you a single thing about it. Following that was Razorbumps, whom I kinda remember, likely because I bought their album before going. I think they were good, a female punkish outfit.

Mansionair at the Mojave next? I mean, that’s what I have written, and that I saw about half of their set. Don’t remember.

Stopped by Emily King for a song or two, and I recall her being good enough that I purchased an album upon returning home.

Saw some of Rico Nasty, but can’t remember anything; same with boy pablo after that. Then saw someone going by KMLN at the DoLab after that. Don’t remember anything.

Men I Trust? I guess I saw them. And apparently some of Lizzo! Between the weekends, everyone was all about how great she was, but now I don’t remember seeing her, and am indeed surprised that I did see some of it, at least. Not much, apparently. Don’t remember, regardless.

Which brings us to 6:00 PM, so there’s about six missing hours for me. Blood Orange was one of my tops for the weekend, and I indeed saw their entire set and recall them being really good, but that’s about all I remember.

Went to turn in my recycling points for the weekend. Wanted one of this year’s shirts, but they were out?! Of this year’s shirt?! Goddamn, Goldenvoice, people are taking away fat stacks of shirts for $20 from the vintage sale (at camping on Thursday afternoon, so I’ll never get to go), but y’all can’t provide enough of this year’s shirt for the people who are cleaning the place up voluntarily to get one? Only option was some canvas shirt that I’ll never wear, but I got it, anyway, and regretted it almost immediately. Par for the course for recycling rewards for me.

7:00 I went to the Sahara for really the one and only act I saw much of there: YG. I do remember this one. He was another of my tops from the research, and the rap act I was most excited for. I came in from the back and stayed near the soundbox, about as far back as I could be. The tent was packed! I was behind a group of young Asian guys who were getting DOWN! But YG was lots of fun. He brought about some guests (2Chainz, I think. I’m not really knowledgeable about rap, haha), spoke a lot about Nipsey Hustle, who’d just died. He has a song called “FDT” (Fuck Donald Trump), and the crowd went wild for that one, which restored a lot of my faith in the youth of today. It was a really fun set, and I can finally say I’ve seen a Sahara rap show.

Saw the end of Ochos Ojos, whom I’d seen a couple of years beforehand and enjoyed. They continue to be good.

All the weekend one-ers were also all up on Gesaffelsten’s ass about how amazing he was, so I went to his set. He was okay. Had the same issue I’d had with him years before, which was that his performance lacked flow. I’m also not the biggest fan of his music, so…whatever. What I saw was ok.

Left Gessa early to see Perfume, whom the internet was also all about. They’re a girl K-Pop group, and I found them quite entertaining. Good dancey techno music, great choreography, and the girls were giving it their all. The crowd was really into it, and I ended up watching almost their entire set. They were really quite entertaining.

Stopped by the Do-Lab before heading to Dillon Francis and watching a few minutes. I saw him play “Not Butter,” a track I love, but it wasn’t all that great live. Bummer.

Saw Jon Hopkins, who was one of my most-anticipated sets for the weekend. He was ok. I was getting super tired at this point, and sat down for some of it. It’s pretty heady stuff, and some of it really clicked, and some of it really didn’t. Again, he was alright.

Decided to end it in the Yuma with Cirez D. Pretty generic techno, if you ask me, but I stayed in the tent until the performance ended and the lights went up. Stayed as the crowd filed out and got a few snaps of the disco shark in decent light, as I want to get a tattoo of it and needed good reference. Noticed the thing has a sculpted mouth! It’s been in my life for years, but always in darkness, so this is the first I’d seen it.

And that was the end of Coachella 2019. Didn’t really stick around on the grounds like I’ve done in the past. It was an ok weekend overall, far from my best, and I was too exhausted from the sleepless night before and the early Sunday Service performance to feel enthused at the end of it. Still kinda wished I’d gone both weekends, but it would’ve been just to be there. The lineup just wasn’t really my cup of tea, looking back on it all. It was a weird, off year. Still wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else that weekend, though.

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Let's see if I can get this done before my membership expires today...

Two Thursdays ago, my cousin picked me up from the house in the early afternoon. With him driving and one of his best friends in the passenger seat, we went up to downtown LA to see the Kings play the Sabres. First stop was Modern Times' Dankness Dojo, a first visit for me. We grabbed a few pregame brews before heading to Staples Center. 

He'd gotten tickets through his work/Kings Care Foundation that included a comped meal in the Lexus suite, so we next headed there, where we met another of his friends, completing our group of four. I had a very tasty pesto dish, and we all got to take to-go bags stuffed with candy.

We had greatvseats, down on the lower bowl, near the goal where the Kings shot twice. Alas, the Kings didn't score a single goal that night, and indeed Buffalo had already gotten one before we'd even taken our seats.

It was also the 20th anniversary to the day of the opening of Staples Center, so they had a record-setting laser show during the first intermission, complete with a Guinness Book official presenting a plaque. And we got free plastic beer mugs. Too bad the Kings aren't all that good so far this year.

Sunday night I was back at Staples to see Tool. I'd convinced Rudi to join me, as that's his favorite band, and we'd splurged on box seats. I'd never been in a box at Staples, and it was a pretty nice suite we ended up in, near to the stage with a great view of the band. 

Tool was fantastic. They're all such skilled musicians, so always a pleasure to watch them. It was a career-spanning set featuong songs from every album. I honestly was hoping for more from the most recent, but I can see why it would be tough to fit a bunch of fifteen-minute songs into a set and some had to be sacrificed for variety's sake.


  1. (-) Ions
Overall it was a great show, and we were both glad to have gone. Killing Joke opened, but neither of us cared for them. And the suite/seeing a new part of Staples was a nice bonus.
Sunday I drove up to Arroyo Grande for the penultimate time. Brought both dogs and stopped at Rincon. Mom was due to be back from a three-week roadtrip she'd been on, but things didn't work out, and she didn't get in til Monday morning. It was a bit odd staying at the house alone, when I associate it with family and holidays and big groups.
Monday we were due to drive back to LA, as mom's car was at her house, but a fire had broken out which meant the 405 freeway was closed and traffic was being diverted. Neither of us was keen on dealing with that, so I texted the other overnighter and asked him if he could cover for me, and thank goodness he was able to. So I got a bonus day to spend up there, which was great. I never get two days off in a row, and it was lovely to relax. We got the dogs down to the beach again, and around the path a few more times.
So Tuesday was largely spent on the road. The freeway was open again, much to our relief. We left around noon, got home after 5:00, and then I had an hour before I had to turn around and go to work. Too much driving in LA traffic in one day for me!
Mom stayed at our house that night, so she was there when I got off work in the morning. We took the dogs for a quick walk before she left, hoping to get out of town before another fire that had broken out got too bad. October in CA is peak fire season, and this year has been no exception.
Ran errands and got a haircut Thursday. My hair is quite grey now, so it seems I've about achieved my dream of going prematurely grey. Now I just need to hope I don't go bald.
Saturday I went up to Scott's and we got food before seeing the new Terminator movie. T2 is one of my all-time favorites (and there the franchise should have ended, as iy wraps everything up perfectly, if you ask me). I mean, if we need to have more Terminator movies, they did a decent job of explaining why. And it was nice to see a huge Hillywood action blockbuster with three female leads.
Tonight my sister and I and a friend of hers are seeing the original Bauhaus. I think it's the same lineup I saw at Coachella years ago, but I haven't looked into it to confirm.
Oh yeah, and the other big news of the week is that Rage Against the Machine is headlining Coachella 2020! I haven't been as excited for a headliner in years. Bastian always said he regretted not seeing them at Coachella in 2007, so I'm hoping this will get him to come back, but he seems to want to stay in hiding, so we will see.


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JuuL "(Berserk)"
EoniAbstract "(projection)"
Sad Squid "(i do say awesome a lot. seriously...a lot. )"
deadly pale "(atemberaubend - nicely hard and with a cool meaning)"
snoogans "(fwang)"
scamp "(onomatopoeia always makes me giggle)"
Ernest "(uncertainty)"
goomy "(honeybunny)"
Mr.me "(Finkelstein)"
vizante "(needle)"
freakz "(champingnon)"
lost girl "(smooshed.)"
bexrox "(rain)"
tlw "(I still pick animals over people. At least they care.)"
Mangaartist "(I have a lot, I LOVE English words, it isn't my 1st language.)"
PiercingBunny "(Shit!)"
sugarNspice "(sweet)"
level3stud "(undulating)"
allison_scout "(heebeejeebee's)"
TripleHelix "(Syzygy, because it's structurally perfect)"
firstluff "(scadink " move it a scadink to the left")"
Rumball "(philanphropist)"
ununseptium "(authenticity)"
Holly Bo "(Spork)"
an0nymous_vamp1re "(Ni)"
Della "(It's a toss-up between "maelstrom" and "dichotomy.")"
jazzybean "(proper - i'm cornish )"
bruxa "(I'm old Gregg!)"
hobo soup "(moist.)"
Satans_Angel "(schooch)"
manini "(love)"
amberlynne "( )"
helanus "(weasel!!)"
KIVAKA "(love)"
tyger burning bright "(why?)"
radical kiba "(snarly)"
jonathandoe "(hella)"
Zee "(Smock!)"
Nermal "(Shenanigans)"
The Hektik1 "(cheedle )"
MrNoModifications "(Feierabend)"
s_a_h_mommy "(flibbertigibbit)"
Golem37 "(Cooter)"
fetch "(gravy)"
postblue_ "( )"
fuck_life "(RAD)"
brokken "(what ever word fits?)"
Blood Roses "(ambiguous)"
Lofty "(Seriously. )"
hailshimmer "(New favourite is AHOY!)"
Daddy "(Sharks!)"
vivica "(GollyGeeWillakers!!)"
Mentabolism "(Fantastic)"
yurmomnaked "(fuck, shit, or cunt)"
JustJen "(Fastidious )"
brute "(your calvin and hobbes tattoo is the best thing i have ever seen!)"
xdollfacexpiex "(Cunt I know it's bad but I love it!)"
*Stitch* "(so many good ones...um i'm going to say taco)"
Myko "(fhqwhgads)"
Miss Gabrielle "(Bloody, Bah!, and Pissy.)"
phoenixxx "(smarmy)"
Raphael EN "(hiricow !)"
oddbod "(pain)"
GnomeChomsky "(triflin')"
angelicfruitcake "(Snout! Or crocodile...)"
HighLevel "(Goeiendag)"
Sugar "(Apoplectic)"
cadaver "(guillotine. my bf's current favourite is verisimilitude)"
autumn "(Moist)"
rusu "(Bubble. But I use the work 'wanker' an awful lot.)"
MizzGrell "("Crap")"
DragonHeart "(pie!)"
shadowsidetattoos "(cheers dude, like your tatts)"
steveinthesun "(DESKS)"
SamanthaM "(tits)"
vonfaust "(at the moment 'homonymn')"
Bot "(Bitchin')"
DrGreenThumb "(Hella)"
Mike Dimas "(fun)"
residue "(Swiss Army Knives ftw!)"
Killer Bee "(Dang- because i once heard a 19 month old say it )"
Blitzkid196 "(queue.)"
DreamsOfJade "(pervert. i dont know why. just is hhaahahahaha)"
dejennarate "(efficacy)"
atatattoo "( )"
Dawnie "( )"
nadineynuisance "(cunt)"
Hollywood "(triceratops)"
jessecake "( )"
Malvenkemo "(My favourite French words are pneu and pamplemousse. )"
namicoj "( )"
Stitch Faced Angel "(Strudle)"
pierced-boy "(love)"
Dreadlocksmile "(apocalyptic)"
doxgukka "(monkey)"
george_the_ballerina "(saucy)"
xJessiCUNTx "(cunt)"
Chronics "(cunt)"
Povallsky "(See, I was thinking of getting an adamantium helmet...)"
clubberdude1981 "(Merge)"
Fuzz "(Cuntwhapple)"
Cmhionn "(Skwerl)"
11 "(Murmel)"
The_Voodoo_Dolly "(abso-fucking-lutely)"
ColeMine "(discombobulated)"
Emily Post-Punk "(slyboots)"
Tovie "(quixotic)"
nekokichi "(cunt)"
:with love and squalor: "(conundrum)"
KnifeInTheMarathon "(suamaetrepanofiadaputa)"
BeccaMonster "(Wonky)"
ookumbubbleoo "( )"
Chadgrisly "(Obscure)"
majikan "(kutjes)"
the pierced russian "(fuck)"
Nero "(kluge)"
Amadahy "(aight)"
evilpixie "(discombobulate because it has Disco and Bob)"
ShesSoVaVaVoom "(kumquat)"
Mythology "(outlandish)"
ColdSweat "(Cockbadger)"
fluffyreptile "(cooder)"
dboard9 "(Nipples.)"
brian.johnson "(prehensile)"
Morgue "(Turmoil)"
Jemma.m "(flannel!)"
())crayon))> "(sleep)"
Somech1ck "(fuck)"
DIY'er "(Arrrrrr!)"
livid "(llama)"
AnotherBleedingHeart "(therefore)"
EziliGede "(fuck-nut)"
Kid Presentable "(crapshoot)"
Crowned Dragon "(pernicious)"
nufger "(success)"
jody "(murder)"
blackwinghalo "(spanakopita)"
Funky "(funkadelic)"
FauxPas "(Indubitably)"
Chevo "(FUCK)"
Knulp "(quark)"
chickadee2084 "( )"
Caroline June "(Litotes)"
Auryn "( )"
Celticgent "(YES.)"
soulmom "(shenanigans & bombardment)"
second place "(snow)"
Snow White "(crumbs, cunt and jinkies)"
TattoedMat "( )"
XkuruX "(irrelevant)"
asphixiation "(Coitus. Why isn't it used more now? Thanks for signing!)"
SVEN "(thats money)"
shpluck "(portal)"
verve729 "(Soliloquy)"
kermee "(stuff)"
Jinxed "(No)"
Alledria "(currently it's "effusive")"
fieryn "(epitome)"
Jareb "(cunt.... sorry, but i love it!!!!!)"
Hail "(boobies)"
MartiniBuiltForTwo "(fuck- or trepidation )"
asparagus "(banana)"
DrLouLou "(Hello hello!)"
Leroy "(Smeg)"
blackandblue "( )"
ConchyMcBleed "(brrrmmmm)"
MsNightingale "( )"
dazedeagle "(shit. I say it all the time, I have a shit problem.)"
Elfling "(thank you for the birthday wishes!!! )"
Melissa "(shitass)"
little_miss_pirate "(bangle)"
christina bo bina "(bologna!)"
perpetual "(chicken eye and seductive)"
luckyshamrock "(whiplash and i like guttersnipe too)"
no_pants "(Blech!)"
JennaG "(ooze)"
Stardust "(achtung- a German word that sounds like projectile vomiting =D)"
color me blood red "(shit)"
indigo_dream "(quite)"
dopesong "(anaesthetic)"
Kittie.Lee "(Audacity)"
Glow "(Monty Python??? I never made it through any of them.. I suck. )"
The_Prophet "(Antidisestablishmentarianism)"
filosofadelaspollas "(hullabaloo)"
kit33 "(Twitterpated or Incognito)"
GypsyDissident "(Cooch)"
ctlnpg "(diminutive.)"
Cerberus_the_dog "(Shag)"
deadinblood "(rediculous)"
Jenna Saisquoi "(discombobulated)"
TMHahn "("fuckheads" has been relevent recently.)"
ivy "("fuck" for t3h w1n!!!)"
solocard "(moist...)"
Mrs Wolf "(Innigkeit)"
deadvin "(exudate)"
MYBLUDWING69 "(supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)"  

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