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4/5/2021 | 0 comments


I mostly like my new phone, but man does it do some things I really just don't care for (like I don't know how to get the internet app to stop refreshing pages when I don't want it to, and I really miss a physical home button on the front, and they got rid of the light on the front that would let me know when I had a message or when the phone was finished charging). I've put my old SD card in the new one and am now waiting for all the songs on that to load. It isn't letting me add any more right now, and I'm hoping that's just because it's busy thinking. I also bought PowerAmp for the new one, as I liked using it in conjunction with Samsung's music app, and it's also having issues loading all the songs. Hopefully it's just because there are lots of them.

We saw a skink and a non-rattle snake at Canyonback on Monday, so I figured that would be it for the season. But then Tuesday morning was overcast, and the clouds looked high enough. I guess I underestimate the altitude of the Santa Monica Mountains, because it's usually sunny up there even when overcast below, and that was the case on Tuesday, too. But the clouds were high enough that they were rolling from one side of the canyon, over the ridge we were on to the other side and into the next canyon, keeping us cool enough that we had a reptileless morning. But I do suspect that's the last trip there for some time, unless I decide to go there and keep them on-leash. It does look and smell so wonderful at this time of year.

Wednesday I needed to pick up my prescription, so we went to Runyon. There were several people on the fenced-off stairs side, so after climbing up the paved part, I "followed the dogs" (my cover story, if I got in trouble) around the fence and onto the other side. And they had one way signs posted on both sides, as well as Covid warning signs and mask required signs, so I don't know why that stuff would be there if it was forbidden. Anyway, there were a few other people there, and we got away with it without incident.

Visited my dad on the weekend. The drive up on Good Friday was on the slower side, especially between LA and north Santa Barbara. We stopped at the beach, and I collected several interesting looking rocks and a couple pieces of driftwood to add to my garden.

Dad didn't look great when I first got there, very pale. He'd just gotten out of the hospital with an infection from the port they'd installed into his chest. He started feeling better about when I arrived, and ate well that night for the first time in a few weeks. The next morning he got platelets, and I walked Sabrina around the park while waiting for him to be done with that. I could tell he felt much better after that. Saturday night we watched the crazy won-by-a-half-court-shot-at-the-buzzer-in-overtime college basketball semifinal between UCLA and Gonzaga. I never watch basketball, but it was a very exciting game.

Sunday morning I took Sabrina to a series of nearby hiking trails. We hiked for a little over an hour, and it was getting more crowded with bikers and hikers when we left. Played the last few games of cribbage with dad and had a big Easter lunch before heading back down to work. I noticed he hadn't opened the card I'd left for him the last time I was there, so I handed it to him as I got into the truck. There was no traffic at all this time, so we had a chance for another quick beach trip.

Got home this morning to find my asshole brother-on-law had torn out all of my poppies from the front yard (even the ones that were in the planter that I've put succulents in). Why must that dude be such an asshole? They were really starting to take off with blooms and now the yard looks like shit because he dug it up like an idiot. God that guy is such a tool!




The Future is Fluid/ Thundera/ Bitburger Festbier
3/26/2021 | 0 comments


Whoaaaaaaa! So it was just MY LAPTOP this whole time?! WTF? I'm using grandpa's old laptop, and I CAN TYPE IN THIS TEXT BOX!!! I haven't been able to do that on my laptop in YEARS!!! This changes EVERYTHING!!!

My laptop is, essentially, useless these days. I can't plug anything into the USB ports or it insta-dies. So I was sort of resigned to just not putting new music on my phone until I got a new laptop.

But then my phone began to crash whenever I tried to read my text messages (I know, how dare I). The app would just crash.

Let me go back. I got this phone in October of 2016 in Florida, when the one before it blackscreened while I was at The Magic Kingdom. So I just had to replace it then and there, and got one at a Sprint in Orlando.

The next weekend, I lost it at the first Desert Daze we went to during Saul Williams' spiritual performance. It was, at least, taken to lost and found, and I was able to get it back later.

Then we changed family plans to AT&T, and my phone lost features like being able to send photos in texts, or participating in group messages. My mom recently told me my voicemail isn't set up, and I realized I hadn't gotten a voicemail since 2018, so I assume that also went. Then the text message app crash happened, and I couldn't take any more.

So I got a new phone, the free one which is a Galaxy A11. Thing is a big beast. I don't know what I think yet, and I hate that I have to give my everything to Samsung and Google in order for basic operations to work. 

But I also kept the old one, because I quite like it and find it useful still. I've also been thinking of giving it to Deez at some point to be an mp3 player for her, but we'll see. It still does everything it used to, just without the things the phone portion does.

Anyway, I was telling my sister that I wouldn't be able to transfer anything because of my broken laptop, and she told me mom had left grandpa's old laptop in our attic, so here I am using that. It's old and slow and enormous, so I still want to get a new laptop sometime, but this really takes the pressure off.

Otherwise, not much. Couldn't get a real ID because SS, couldn't get my SS card because they don't accept photocopies, birth certificate was rejected because I didn't get my application notarized (didn't know I had to). Needed two court dates, so it looks like I'm just a fuckup and have to try again after I've gotten everything wrong the first time. I accept it.

Moved my stocks out of Robinhood because they seem sketchy, and they sold my partial shares for a loss, so I've already lost money in the stock market, haha. It's becoming quite apparent that the whole thing's rigged here in the US, which isn't at all surprising, but still a bit disappointing.

Oh yeah, and I had a birthday somewhere in there. Working the night into it, then multiple coworkers called out, so I stayed a few hours after to help out. Couldn't go to Canyonback because of the later hour, so we went to Kenneth Hahn instead. Then home for a few hours before getting back to work. Exciting stuff.

Planted more things in the garden and finished off the ground with the last batch of mulch. I'll keep visiting garden centers monthly and chipping away at the project.

Figure that about catches us up.



Bunny Hill/ Unicorn Juice/ Hobo Pilsner
3/16/2021 | 0 comments


Feeling in identity limbo. Metaphorically due to the fairly androgynous space I occupy (or maybe it's just me seeing scewed). Literally because the US government doesn't want to make the process easy.

My driver's license expires soon, but I want to get a Real ID, which is our new card that you're going to need in order to get on an airplane come October (was supposed to be last October, but then Covid happened). So I went in today to get one, but it turns out that I need to get a new Social Security card first. Meanwhile SS rejected my application because they don't accept photocopies. So now I gotta see if I can go in person, as I don't want to send my card through the mail. And the email I got about my birth certificate made it unclear if it was accepted or denied, and the answer won't be mailed until April. So...limbo.

Anyway, I renewed my license and had to get a new photo taken. No new name and $38 that I was hoping to avoid spending. Looks like my government stimulus is going right back to the government (and I haven't done taxes yet - my sister and her husband are using their whole stimuli to pay their tax bill).

Otherwise, still mostly following the $GME situation (I bought more and it's doing ok for me), working out, and gardening. Bought a few plants to put in the backyard: a fortnight lily, a lavender shrub, and a couple reedy grasses. Just cheap stuff I founf at Lowe's. Also pulled out my old kale and planted new ones, along with new romaine lettuce and roma tomatoes. My bell pepper plants are still kinda producing.

'Arrested Development' has been my workout show lately. Watched the re-edit of the 4th season, which didn't really help the confusing mess that it is, and am almost done with my first viewing of season 5. It's ok. Seems more like the old AD, but I honestly got more laughs from s4. The first three seasons remian some of the best TV ever, imo.

My new viewing material has been 'Veep'. If nothing else, I'm glad that the Biden administration allows me to laugh about politics again, instead of feeling my heart squeeze and anxiety creep in. USA, sometimes y'all terrify me, but thank the maker I get to live in the liberal hellsphere of Los Angeles.

Speaking of liberal hellsphere, boy howdy do I love putting on muscle. And the ladies at the DMV were all very nice to me, despite my sinful ways.

Probably not much time left at Canyonback, but we've had some late-winter storms lately that have extended our season. Snow got dropped on our backdrop mountains just yesterday, which I think is unusually late. Sabrina's still handling it all very well.

Guess that sums up my life lately.



Zlatoprahmen 1642/ Krusovice / Oude Geuze Boon Black Label
2/11/2021 | 0 comments


Got rid of my motorcycle today. I hadn't used it in 8 years or so (the last registration sticker on it was 2012), and it was just sitting on the side of the house, getting rustier and making me feel guilty. Not wanting to bother with changing my name on its pink slip and registration, I figured now it's time to let it go. Still feel sad seeing it towed off. It was never going to work again (I mostly gave up on it because it stopped working, the last time being just a couple of weeks after having it repaired in a shop). I did really enjoy riding while I did it, but felt overconfident given how dangerous it is. Still...bye, Possum. Sorry I wasn't a better owner to you.

Mom was down for a few days, having left this morning to go to Hawaii for the time being. But it was nice having her around, and she got a negative Covid test while here (needed one for Hawaii) so it seems we're clean. We had a couple nice walks with the dogs and watched the impeachment trial together. Insanity at the Capitol. I don't know what's wrong with Americans, but I have really been missing Europe of late and just generally wishing I'd been a different person and my life had gone otherwise up to this point.

I bought more meme stock and am down again. Gonna stop doing that. But I'm learning and hopefully improving. Live Nation has been one of my top earners so far. I can't invest in Coachella due to its parent company being private, so LN is as close as I can get.

This weekend I start my new schedule of four nights a week. I gotta figure out something else to do with my life.


Crust Fall/ Juicy (Full Circle)/ Clear Beer
2/1/2021 | 0 comments


Had to pick up my prescription, so I took the dogs to Runyon. The stairs section is still fenced off, sobwe took the more challenging west ridge trail. I think Sabrina did even better than I did. 

I've been foll3this Game Stop stock situation for a couple of weeks and decided to open up a Robinhood account just as they started putting limits on trades and pissing everyone off. So I'm still waiting for the account to fund while everyone else is jumping ship (from RH, I mean). But I figure I'm willing to risk a little bit of what's sitting in my savings account doing nothing (because I'm a millennial and thusly have no retirement). 

I've kinda been putting off doing anything while my legal changes are in flux, but the specific situation with the shorted stocks is being touted as once in a lifetime, so I still intend to get my maximum of one share (thanks, RH). The good news is the price has been going down while I've been waiting. I never gamble (have played slots once and the lottery maybe five times), and it's an area where I have much to learn, but I'm willing to give it a go.

Regarding the legals, I got my certified decree in the mail and picked up additional copies this morning, so now I just have to fill out more paperwork and pay more fees to the various institutions that need to know who I am. Glad to be moving on, but also panicked because I feel like I'm making myself live a more difficult life that was already handicapped by my personality. And I have very little hope of ever finding a significant other, even though now I feel better about myself and actually want one for really the first time in my life. (/end pity party)

Went to Scott's Saturday for the livestream event from the San Francisco Sketchfest. It was fairly terrible (everything done over Zoom), but The State did a funny sketch (culminating with Louie looking for new things to dip his balls into, including racial inequality and gender fluidity), and Kids in the Hall had a good one (apparently they'd murdered someone with piano wire over quarantine). At least those two troupes can always be relied upon.



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