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Well hot damn!
3/29/2007 | 5 comments

I made the cover of BMEZine today. :) woop-woop!

Also attached is the image Shannon recently put on ModBlog too!


Busy 'lil bee!
3/29/2007 | 17 comments

I've barely had anytime to even grab a second online, let alone update my bme page. I got off my arse today and subscribed for an hour of wireless. Soo much to upload, so little time!

Check my trackers out, 2 updated trackers and thee new ones! Woo!

Finishing this post from my hiptop after uploading some pictures and eunning out of time. I luff dis phone.

Got to hang with unkie Pete today and got some lovely work done. Check my tracker (and attached imgs) for more. Verrrry impressed with my wrist. It's doing amazing, I honestly haven't even felt a thing and it looks fucking great!

The experimentaly high-gauge bridge is quite sore however, and very bloody. The procedure was pretty difficult and I had skin of steel. :). Fingers cross it settles down nice and straight and ill most likely chuch in a nice glass post (to keep it low profile). I have wanted it done for so many years, it's really nice to finally have it - but the anal side of me worries greatly about it.

On to other news. Got lotsa swag in the past few days from local shops! Comic shops ahoooy!!! So many figurenes, lunch boxes, cards and clothes. So many clothes.... I can't believe how much stuff we are going to have to lug back with us.

Many of you already noticed, I got on modblog again the other day. ^_^. This time for my back and there were a bunch of really lovely comments about it. Joy! Glad to see people luff it as much as me.

Hung with Pony & Chelf-bomb last night (till realllll late). It was really great to catch up and chill (while chowing on pizza! Woo!). Got home at 4am and just couldn't sleep so I worked on the new lunacobra design layout. I'll have to post a screenshot soon.

Well, I'm noozie and big day tomorrow! (Yup, mo shoppin!). Ttfn.

Icecream is luff.
3/22/2007 | 17 comments

So yesterday me and RenRen had the BEST noozie! We didn't leave the hotel till around 3pm. It was fucking GREAT.

I had spent most of the evening before on the dodgey hotel wifi internet. From what I can tell they just have 3 802.11b WAPs connected up to a 512x128 adsl connection. Not pleasant when you want to upload a LOT of high-rez images, but it did the trick. I needed a new Ubuntu iso (they are ~700m) and attempted to download it (from a resumable server). It was horrible!

Lucky for us, we found a phat internet cafe. I downloaded the iso in around 4 minutes at 15600kbps (seriously). It was the best and with print-offs for my tattoo, came in at a pleasant $4.

Anyhow, on the way to lovely Tattoo Magic, we were talking about placement and size of my white CBB/CBR (previously mentioned). We decided that large (around 8cm) on the top of my hands would be a much more ideal placement and went with it!

We were pleasantly greeted by Tim @ TM and got straight to it. He doesn't fuck around. The CBB took around 45minutes in total, 5 minutes of that placing the stencil on PERFECTLY. I'm really happy with it and it looks like it has held in good. I've attached a couple pics (before I update my tracker tomorrow or the next).

Renee booked in to get her lovely crown design in hot pink today too! We are going to finish drawing it up as soon as I post this. We need some new reference material to finish some of the details. Hopefully she'll get off her lazy bum get some time on the notebooks and update with some pix.

Until then, I leave you with a much shorter post and a bunch of comical pix. ENJOY!

3/22/2007 | 0 comments

Tuesday 20th March

So we landed in (strangely) sunny Melbourne late yesterday afternoon around 3:30. It was fucking GREAT to be off the damn plane. Sooky-lah-lah, next to me, started to feel a lil sick which was distressing. I'm not good @ making people feel more comfortable on planes. Had a stinky baby to the other side, it actually wasn't all that bad of a flight except the fact that both my legs cramped and then went numb. O_o. Owwie pins needles upon exit.

Saying good bye to Julie and Reg (Renee's mother and step father) was pretty difficult, mostly I think for Julie. You could tell she was getting a bit choked up. I hate goodbyes. We look forward to seeing her soon however, depending on work and stuff maybe thisish time next year would be lovely. I'm going to miss the farm!and the puppies! We missed out on any cow milking, damn it. I have been promised moo-moos next time!

The only downer to yesterday was the x-ray machine ppl. I had to line up 4 times in total to get through the two airports. You would think once you were through one, you could just *pop* be in the next airport, nup! In brissy, they made me remove my wallet and key chains (yeah, they are pretty big chains... but come on!) from my bag and get a small bag and then give them as luggage. I guess the guy was lazy (or deef), but he tried a couple times to throw away my chains into the 'illegal item' box. What a crazy fucking paranoid word we live in.

However: Bob Marley skulling two Crown Largers cutie pie Rennie 'My Name is Earl' = A good hours before the flight.

Last night we got to our really nice, but fucking small, hotel room. No cat5 Internet access (yet again). Damn it! I will have to make do with usb drives and Internet cafes as the wireless connection is damn expensive. I need to find a couple spare hours online and set up the new hosting for LunaCobra.net or Howie is gonna kick my ass. We walked for prolly 3 hours in total (including stopping for drinks, snacks, shopping, etc). Fitzroy is a LOT like newtown, except its all over the place. We walked until we thought that civilization had ended and JUST over the horizon - BAM! More awesome shops.

Found a couple neat restaurants with lovely foods, some jazzy clothes shop and a LOT of bottle shops. Melbournese are fucking alchos - every second shop is either a bar or a bottle shop. I haven't drunk this much in my entire life!

Next couple days will be filled with fun shopping and such. I'm looking forward to getting lots of new clothes and such. Until then, I'mma get my noozies on! Nite!

Wednesday 21th March

The past two days have been spend solid shopping. We have easily spent over a grand just on clothes between the two of us, and a lot on lovely food on top of that. It's been amazing! I'm getting a little frustrated with my clothing shopping however, I did find some nice stuff around the place. Just very very few and far between. I need to find a shop that sells alternative new skoul colorful tattoo designs that aren't tacky. It's a hard job!

Today we started our day by venturing via tram into the city, had some pancake breaky and proceeded to follow the tom-tom's directions towards Faster Pussycat and Tattoo Magic (they are very close). It was a really nice area actually and from what I could tell, a large alternative crowd and no piercing shops. *scratches goatee and makes pondering facial expression*.

Pussycat had some UNREAL stuff, I ended up spending more than a couple hundred on awesome colourful T-Shirts and a really lovely button-up shirt with birdies on the front collar-bones and spider-webs on the forearm and wrists. It's really something special. Renee got a couple hot shirts and some really nice cardigans too (I loved the one with a hot pink lucky kitty on the back! It's so cute!). We searched or prezzies for some guys at the shop and then lugged all our bags over to Tattoo Magic.

Trev (from our shop) really highly recommended the studio as the best around, so we checked it out. I decided a while ago to get some white work on my thumbs of a CBB (right) and CBR (left), but healing them was always a problem due to working and wearing gloves. I figured if I could get in anytime while I was here, perfect. I talked to the Melbourne-Mitch counter person who was able to smush me into an hour gap tomorrow! Woop woop! I'm excited. I'll have to draw up the designs now and get them perfect. ^_^.

Found a really cool waxing place near Parliament Station and got my arms waxed again. I remember exactly why it's been months since my last session - it fucking kills. Maybe I'm just a hairy wuss, but god damn! At least now my white 1/2 sleeve and scarification stand out a lot, they look great.

After that we decided to walk to Route66, which we thought was quite close. Turns out there are two streets with the same name in totally different suburbs. :( Damn we are n00bs! We had to take a train and then a quick walk to get there, which wasn't too bad except for crazy people singing pop songs at the train station. Oh and I nearly forgot about the vertical escalators we took, they were scary. Both me and Renee were clutching onto the rail for the very long trip deep under Melbourne, it was like an automated stairway to hell! I can just imagine slipping and falling down the 3 stories of sharp metal steps. Owwwwwwie.

Dinner consisted of cold-cookie ice cream and a big ass chunk of melted cheese with a pizza base under it. It was nice to veg out in the hotel with Ren and just relax watching TV and snugglin. Tomorrow will be a big sleep in as we have quite a large day ahead of us tomorrow. I'm going to hopefully visit Unkie Pete tomorrow afternoon too for a piercing consult. I have a number of ideas that I want to do, but not entirely sure what to get done! An 8g bridge is at the top of my list, but depending on what he thinks about my bridge-meat I may think about some other mods too.

We have lots of plans for the next week. Friday the 23rd Weird Al is playing here and the new TMNT movie comes out (fuck yeah!). We are also going to this mad restaurant/show thingy sometime soon, its like a horror show and dinner. I'll find more info and post it on here, if anyone else is interested in attending!

I think that brings an end to yet another mammoth post. I feel grateful (and sorry for you!) for reading through it all and if you have skipped down here just to see the pix, I don't blame ya! :)

Melbourne Tomoroow!
3/20/2007 | 8 comments

I know I promised a big update last night, but due to extreme bandwidth restrictions (previously winged about) I had to upload bit by bit. It's all up now and all my trackers are re-ordred.

Regulars to my page will notice a lot of updates and new sections. Mostly new trackers im MY MODS and LOTS of updates in my (now pretty big) portfolio. 10 points to anyone who can spot the differences!

We fly out @ 10am tomorrow morning from lovely Rocky. After the stop over (and a couple beers) we should be arriving in Melbourne around 3:30. Woop woop!

Now, back to farm news. The other day I let Ren drive me around the farm. I hit my head hard on the roof/wind shild when she miss-judged a large ditch. Shoulda been wearing a seatbelt! It was le fun either way. I had a bit of a spin behind the wheel too, I guess years on a motorbike has made me fearless on roads, I wanted to just go faster and faster. We even got spotted by some local kids while seat-swapping, they latter informed Ren's mum of possible 'punk rockers' in the neighborhood. lol. They were quite amused when they were told who we were. I have never been called a punk nor a rocker before.

It may sound very weird, but for some reason I always wanted to be in a car crash. Not that I want to die, but I find my self excited by the sound of twisting, crushing metal - the sudden velocity change and fast random body movements - the sound of dropping shards of glass onto the bonnet and ground - the deep bass thud of the collision. Hmmn.... I'm a weird little one sometimes.

On a much lighter note, I also did the front lawn on the ride-on lawnmower and flexed my 1337 Daytona style skills. I even have a funny video of me trying the spin the wheels too. I'll try and upload it later! I think I did a pretty cool job and had fun.

I had to pull apart the notebook once again. This fucking thing is totally giving me the shits. I have repaired the motherboard's power plug thrice now and yesterday I gave in and retro-fitted a surface mount plug onto the board. It was hard to file molding, narrow mounting pins, and drill-out the hole position. Not to mention it literally took us half a day shop-to-shop trying to find the plug. Every electronics shop I went into, seemed to not know what a surface-mount component was at all. They kept trying to sell me power packs, even after being visually shown the broken component on the removed motherboard.

After the glue dried and I put it all back together. It turned on (yay!), but nothing on to the screen. After more tinkering, I got it all physically running and found the journal of my ext3fs drive got shot during a previous power issue. It took me a while to fix, had to find a Slax iso laying around and fsck it up. All was repaired finally, just in time to notice that the notebook isn't very linux friendly. I have no support for the onboard card-reader, no 3d accel (ati igp), no modem, no suspension/hibernation support and incorrect battery information. It's official : 3ghz Wide screen WINDOWS ONLY LAPTOP FOR SALE!

Now that all of that is vented. I spent today recovering from serious sunstroke yesterday. Not only did I get totally fucking drunk in the pool with my luffy-chuffy but I spent the entire time in the shade with sunblock and a big hat and STILL got fucking turned into crispy bacon. I hate sunburn so much. I'm all hot and oooowwwie today. I have enough emu-oil on me to make my knees invert and grow some feathers on my bum.

Tomorrow should be pretty cool. It will be fucking GREAT to have reception on the mobiles once again, decent internet and shops closer than a 1hr drive. Mostly I really am liking the idea of logically positioned light switches. Nothing like stumbling to the toilet at 4am in the morning, running into shit because the light switch is on the other side of the house.

Renape died my hair again today. Its lovely and rich red! She did a great job. It was looking WAY too pinky before. Looking forward to taking some pix tomorrow with some gel in. Pitty her blue didn't hold as well, I think we'll have to do it again once in Melb.

Until then - I'm out. Take care. Have fun. Comment on my forum (ya c-bombs). Pray for Phil to get a new job. Sniff my left knee and can't wait to meet all ya'll melb folks.

Send me a holla if you wanna hook up for a drink on me, or just to hang out. We have a lot of spare time. :)


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