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  • iam: A professional body modification artist
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  • iam: 189cm tall (6.2ft, 1889760 micrometers)
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10/5/2007 | 6 comments

Luff is....
10/1/2007 | 6 comments

9/26/2007 | 16 comments

Rough night @ the shop....
9/17/2007 | 12 comments

Had a pretty rough night last night in the shop. I was left wondering my motivations to work so hard to be in this industry.

Luckily I have some great friends that slapped me around a bit and put everything into perspective.

I spent the night drinking and drawing. Came up with a bunch of new designs, deleted most of them but I did some I sorta liked with some text concepts.

Goin' for a ride today to see Matt, should be fun. I needed something to look forward to, I think we both do actually. I wonder when I get my busted Tom-Tom back from the shops.. hmnn.. I'm horrible at navigation without it.

Greatly looking forward to suspending again in the next couple weeks with Jake and co in Newcastle. I need to focus on good stuff around me and in my horizon to get me through this dip.

Wonder why I always feel like shit around my birthday, the thought of getting older doesn't worry me - perhaps its from the sugar withdrawals after overdosing on Toblerone.

Ordered my "GEEK" license plates today, they should be made and ready for me within 4 weeks (or so the RTA said). I got black with silver lettering, it's gonna look pretty fucking phat.

Before I forget, all welcome two new members (and sisters) to iam.
Mel (iam:OandXs)
Sam (iam:Invader Sam).

They are both rad chix with some pretty sweet mods, drop em a line.

Days like this make me thank my friends, family and especially Renee who seems to always make me feel much better when ever shes around. Speaking of we start looking for new places soon. It'll be great to wake up every morning next to her.

I need to update from my birthday stuffs soon, but for now enjoy my first "Guess What" photo.

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