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So I'm a lazy C-Bomb it seems.
3/18/2007 | 14 comments

It has been a VERY long time since my last update. I know, I know. I have been a busy fucking boy.
It feels as if I have been spending every last second of my life in the studio. I have felt so horribly burnt out lately, a number of times I actually got so stressed out working I got light headed and had to sit down. I don't deal with stress the very best. The shop has been going through some 'changes' lately that have really twisted me up.

At that very moment, I realized how vital my upcoming holiday was going to be. I haven't posted on bme for the past week for the exacty opposite reason. I have been unwinding like a muda-fucko! It's been teh bestest! Me and Ranga left on our hol on Sunday night. We went into the city and had the most badass cruise around Sydney Harbor on the Cap'm Cook Cruise for my Mum's 50th birthday. I got pretty (okay,.... very much) waisted and took a bunch of mad photos on and off the boat. I uploaded some of the choice shots to this post. :) It was really great to spend some time with Mum and my bro. I don't get to see them as much as I like.

We left the Cruise and went back the the (sadly pretty poor) hotel for noozie time. Breacky was the FUCKING bomb. Never have I eaten SO much scrambled eggs! Omfg! I could have expoloded with eggy goodness. In fact, the next day was filled with mini-bum-splosions of eggy proportions.

First stop out of Sydney was to rockhampton (aka Rock-Pampton) to visit Renee 's monkey and hubby at their farm. We had a couple Tooheys News (beer. Duh.) to pass the 2hr wait (I like to be early) and watched some 'Nip & Tuck'. Good stuff, fun under-table-drunk-piddles. The trip was fun, mostly because I slept most of it. We stopped over at Brisbane after the 1.5hr flight, had some bourbons and charged up the notebooks (I love bars with lotsa powerpoints!).

We arrived (still drunk) at Rocky and was very warmly welcomed by Julie and Reggie. The trip was pretty long and bumpy to their 20 acre farm. It's great. We can be as loud as we want, do stupid shit when ever we want, swim nuddy in their salt-water pool, pool-sexing (btw, ROX), ride-on lawn mowers, paddy bashers... you fucking name it!

Very very very relaxing. Relaxor in fact.

Tomorrow, I'll be able to update my mod trackers. I have some nice photos of some recent work I've had done (teaser photos attached).

New mods include: 3 dome implants on my left anti-eyebrow and tongue split by the lovely Howietron and bright red hair. Woo woo.

Just before leaving to the city, quite late, I also pierced my own cheeks with the alignment aid of the charming Benny-Ben,the photo-skillz of Bofytron and the jaw-droppingness of Nickoras. It wasn't AS painful as I had expected and I totally am in love with the effect. Very very happy. Renees look fucking unreal too, she is such a fucking pretty chixor - but with the metal. Ohhhmaagxawwwwwwwwwws.

Well, that is all for tonight. Tue in tomorrow (I promise!). I'll upload a set of procedural photos of my Cheeks, pics of my implants and tongue split and a bunch of portfolio pics that have been building up (seriously, around 30).

Take care and remember, I am only on a 28.6k high latency dial-up connection right now! Be kind. :)

Operation:"Main Page Takeover"
2/24/2007 | 0 comments

We are BME4LIFE, we have taken over!!! We are here until there is no here!

Hoot hoot, woop woop!
12/6/2006 | 12 comments

Werd up playas and playerettes!

I got my GWS order in the other day! OMFG! (pic posted of stash). I officially now have a 1/2" septum and 5.5mm labret. Fucking HAWT. The septum stretching was easier than I thought, I went from (a VERY loose) 10mm up to 11m and the next morning decided to try the 12mm. Strange thing is, the 12mm is now loose and falling out without the aid of annoying o-rings.

The fucked up thing however, is the fact that I'm finding it VERY painful and quite difficult to even stretch my labret in 1/2mm increments. It just WON'T stretch. Go god damn figure. If anybody has any hints/tricks they can suggest I try, please let me know. I have tried tapering (with a 3" 6mm taper), I have tried spiked labret posts and now I'm resorting to very uncomfortable teflon tape.

Renny finally got a place in da riff now! Woop woop! Should mean a lot more fun nights in penrith, followed by a very close walk to a comfy bed. I'm happy for her too, she's finally getting her shit sorted and removing many elements in her life that give her discomfort. Send her love @ her page! GO GO GO! NOW NOW NOW!

In BME news, I found my self on the leaderbaord this morning. #91. Fuck, both Petey and Bofy oth beat me. :( I need to submit some more pixors.

Had an interesting week of genital piercings this week. Did a friend of Ren's 8g (straight up) PA, a 10g Apadravia and a 14g zircon tiangle. Picies should be up this arvo too. I need to, if I wanna stay on the board. lol.

In personal mod news, I had my belly tattoo started. Fucking HOT. I'm very very excited about it and I'm totally ecstatic of how its turning out. 3.5hrs of agony on my belly however, all in all (with breaks, making the stencil and application) it took ~5hrs. Ren and Em were both there for moral support/nipple torture. I'm not submitting any of the photos (like my BME back piece) until it's totally finished and I'll put them all up at once. I'll start my tracker for it however, before I actually post this.

The wiiiiiiii comes out 2morrow (or 2nite actually). I'm quite pumped, however I feel I may not be able to totally enjoy it for a number of reasons - mostly that I have an appointment with Trev (more on my back) @ 11am on Thursday morning.

Please all send your healing powers to my poor inner-conch, as it is starting to get a small lip of scar tissue! Oh nos! I must fix this before getting any other long-healing work done. *squints face in attempt to heal faster*.

I also pierced Sash last night, just his eyebrow again. It felt really werid, piercing the guy that taught you how to pierce. I decided to give a free-hand eyebrow a shot and found it INCREADIBLY comfortable and just as accurate, however a little bit slower than normal. PTFE 16g x 10mm bar. His old one was pretty bodgey (VERY low and VERY shallow). The bottom of my one actually started inside the top hole of his old one. That's what you get for using a syringe and sleeper, huh.

Peace out llama molesters.

12/1/2006 | 18 comments

First of all, please welcome Emma (aka: Snow White) to the iam community! I have knocked up a VERY simple/ugly (I think) layout for it. Please do not judge it, it's no where near done. She just wanted something simple up for now. And yes ladies, she's single. ;)

Last night, went and (finally) got to watch Black Dahlia. I decided to take the bus and then train into the city, however I think the bus driver was on crack or something. A 10 minute trip literally took nearly an hour and looped past my house TWICE! wtf! I can only assume that I caught the bus as it was entering my area, not exiting. Fucking hell it was bad. I JUST made my back-up train with like half a minute to spare (and I ran in newrocks). Gotta fucking heart express trains tho, one hour trip down to like 40 minutes and only 3 stops - including my destination.

It's been an interesting week. Been able to spend a lot of time with Renny lately, which is just awesome and very good for my twitchy nerves.

Had all-you-can-eat pizza hut before the movie too! w00p w00p! Ice cream dispensers fucking ROCK!!!! Remind me one day to do an erotic photo shoot with one.... oh and the lil jelly/jello cubes! They make me dribble in my pants.

Fucked up the other night and thought that Apey had the next day off and my tardiness (I was actually working) could be excused. Turns out she had to leave at ~7am to work, so my late arrival with beers and Oportos was not as appreciated as expected. Last night made up for it (I hope) with getting my fucking man-ass kicked in Daytona! :( Never have I met a girl that actually out-geeks me. Tisk tisk tisk. I need to kick my geekdom up an extra notch, mes thinks.

Got to watch Micko do some rad work on Renny's right sleeve. It's gonna be some fucking awesome new skoul/white trash themed stuff goin on. Cigarete buts, cute wind-up mousies and pubic hair! What else could you ask for?

Got some more work on my back done on tues morning, a little under 2hrs (7am starts are not as easy to achieve after a 2am finish as one may hope). Still got some evening out of shading and I wanna touch-up a couple spots that fell out due to a staph infection - however I guess you could consider it as being 'complete' now, just not finished. I'mma post again 2nite with some cool picies and update my trackers too.

It's quite strange. Only 6 months ago, I was unable to take public transport, wait in lines for simple things (shopping, banking, etc) and the thought of communication with a 'stranger' made me feel ill in the stomach, let alone actual conversation. The other day up to the city I re-met some really cool French people that I had booked to get some rad spiral/crop circle pieces on their wrist/arm. I chatted the entire trip, ever burnt them some NIN mp3s and copied all their cds too. Totally not like me at all, what is happening to me... am... I turning normal? o_O

To top it off, when I got to central (to change to Newtown, home of the newtownian renapian tribe) I was stopped by some (drunk) ladies who were enquiring about my lobse/septum. I noticed they had some reasonably uncommon mods (14g inner conch, ~00g lobes). I chatted with them for another 20 minutes waiting for my train/traveling and even gave them some cards for the shop as they were enquiring about genital piercings. It's amazing how many boundries can be broken by body modifications and horribly sad how many are built with less open-minded people.

Well, guess I better put on a shirt (not my grey one) and get my lil ass off to workies! Expect/hope for a tracker update tonight. Mostly just lip/ear projects I've been happy with and some personal stuff too.

I now leave you with some random phone photos. The one of me and the two french guys is pretty cute. Such nice people. ^_^. Give my your healing vibes, my belly tattoo (previously discussed) will start monday with a lovely 4 hrs. O_o

Movie night, with no movie!
11/23/2006 | 22 comments

Yo yo,

Went out with Renape last night, it was mad fun. Plan was to eat dinner and then go see a movie.... only problem... we forget Penrith officially closes at like 2pm on a Wednesday.

With out any movies and a belly full of squishy mushroom salads! We just hung-out, drank and just being fools. It was the most fun that I have had in fucking AGES. I have decided I must go out more often.

On other news, I GOT A NEW KITTY!!!! >_
He still doesn't have a name (Lucifer is on the cards), but he has no balls (lil bastard) and hes SOOO cute and cuddely and likes to kill stuff... oh how he likes to kill stuff!

Jaz doesn't get along too well with him however, we are keeping them seperated and slowly letting them smell eachother. Jaz makes hissy and swipey movements towards itty-bitty-killy-kitty.

I really hope they become friends...... I wanna see my two kitties cuddlin and being cute. His noozinng on my lap as I type this, with his lil (metro-sexually) shaved genitals and dribbely chin.

Check out Renape's new page - its all shiny and pink! OMG! I'm pretty happy with the color scheme and stuff - but I feel like it's still missing something. Input is appreciated.

I'm off to play with my kitties more and then do some programming.


'tron-u-licious out.


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