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My extended iam account.
5/20/2005 | 0 comments

Much thanks to Shannon (iam:Glider, like you didn't know) for extending my subscription. See? What comes around, goes around.

Well, I must get back to work. I promise I'll post a decent diary entry soon 'nuff, when I take a break from work.

Love you all, take care and all that and hope to see any of you guys @ glebe on saturday! TTFN.

5/15/2005 | 0 comments

Wow, I just managed to choke on a fucking goatee hair..... o_O

Owwie throat! Feeling a lil bit better today (past week has been pretty rough on me). Thnx to all who came to visit me on Saturday to cheer my ass up. :) Appreciate it muchly.

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll, tomorrow is a big fucking work day (yahhhh) as a client is coming around in the arvo. Fun fun fun.

BTW: more photos all round the place, mostly in putas and such. New layout revision too! w007.

Elysium is now re-networked ^_^
5/9/2005 | 0 comments

Well.... today I finished setting up my machine on the newly re-networked Elysium (that's ma place!). We needed some more space, and I got a new table but it wouldnt fit... so we moved everything out (vacuumed) and then repositioned it all for optimum geekyness.

We now have 5 tables in the living room, with about 16 networked devices connected (not inc PDAs, etc). It's very sweet. The table layout is much like a LAN house, with two rows of desks back to back. Don't worry, photos coming soon too!

I've been doing a fair amount of cleaning lately, haven't quite been on my game. A lot of shit in my life right now, and a lot of shit with no feasible resolutions in the distance. It's very depressing, to say the least. So I have been focusing my attention to organisation, cleaning and fixing with as little (or no) sleep in between as possible to try and not think about my problems. Nothing is working.

I woke up this morning.. seamed a pretty normal day, got up and woke up on my puta. Had two showers today (i didnt feel very... 'clean'.. all day), played some ET and did some work. I'm not exactly sure why, but I have been very very depressed lately... I had a lot of forgotten/hidden emotions sweep over me early this morning from things ranging from a month ago to 2 years ago. So many things I wish i could go back, and confront there and then.. instead of letting them fester up and begin to destroy me now. I don't know why they are effecting me now - after all this time. I am scared of my 21st birthday coming up reasonably soon.... i had a lot of very cool ideas planed for it. I want to leave all this crap behind, and start my life. That is easier said than done, but what scares me the most is that I feel it'll just all happen again and all my work a waste. Luckely (i guess) for me, the decision of my spiritual suspension was made for me. My way of.. letting go of everything, in one moment for once not forgetting all the crap im my past - but a way of moving away from it. When I first thought about it, I literally started to cry at the beauty..... A rites of passage to my life as an adult, my escape from my cacoon.... shall not be. I am in a way glad, as I know that now I do not have to worry about this all happening again, as it will never have a chance to leave me. How I am now, may hurt like fucking hell... but @ least it isn't hurting the people I love - if I was to be better, I know one person in particular, would most likely not be able to be with me anymore. That alone is enough to raise my lungs into my mouth and choke me with fright.

Anyhow, nobody wants to hear about that - enjoy some pics of metatron!! (In my mod deelie thingie, to your right.) Pics of her case/'naudy bits' coming tomorrow.... I need to clean out her dust 1st.. :(

Long time, no post.
4/26/2005 | 0 comments

Well... it's been a while since my last post! So here I am.

I had a crazy day on Saturday @ the markets, not that much sold but got to meet lots of cool people.

Went to my g/fs lil brothers b-day party yesterday, it was quite fun actually. Everyone was staring @ me all day (i felt VERY uncomfortable and isolated) until a little girl in the family, Jessica, needed jewellery help. She just had her ears pierced (guns, bad quality studs.. you know the drill) and they just ripped them out and popped in sterling hinge-sleepers (cleaned in water). I ran out going "NOOOOOOO!!" (not really, but i suggested that higher quality jewellery would help with the light infection in her left lobe and the swelling in both). They were all suprised that someone with body mods could be intelligent, and possibly even compassionate.... and omg.. know stuffs about piercings!

So, Out came some spare 18g captives i had, a bunch of medi-swabs, my trusty ring openers (with some patients and understanding for poor Jessica). Once the quick swap was done - It was actually quite nice, holding a small amount of respect in my partner's family for even just a few moments. It's funny how things can work out like that, I think they now view me as more of a person than an appearance.

On other news, i stretched my ear to 12mm. I have a black-line flesh tube (two o-rings) in it now - its quite nice, however it came out last night :(. Was a little red this morning, I am assuming it wasn't a pleasant displacement. It looks lovely, and I dont feel as self conscious about a possible blow-out. It's not that close, but the flesh-tunnel (one solid lip, one screw one with a 3mm rim) made it look like it was REALLY close to it. It's got 4mm from the bottom and 4mm from the side, closest to my head (i have detached lobes, btw).

I'v been thinking more and more about getting a suspension for my 21st, later this year. I greatly look forward to the idea, however it seams it will be increasing more difficult to achieve. Mostly due to support issues, I find all body mods very 'soul opening' - and I don't want to be there by my self. It's a very touch call. It's meant to be a very uplifting (no pun intended) and emotional experience - especially as a right of passage into my 21st year on this earth... I can't have it being lonesome.

Well, on that lovely note I think i might finish cleaning up my mod photos - soon a bunch of old ones! (inc anti-wrist, tripple-eyebrow, etc) as well as my tongue-web splitting session. :) yahhh!!!

Stay tuned, same iam:channel, same iam:time.. same iam:crazy.

Nite all.
&lt/rant >

Just home!
3/19/2005 | 0 comments

Well, I'm just home - left to go to the glebe markets @ 3am. I'm fucking EXHAUSTED, however very happy that my implant experience was a "Recently Recommended", and on the front page! w007.

Made a fair bit today, but met a lot of ppl. I dont do it for the money, though i want it to be self sustaining - i do it because I love jewellery and helping out the community (good advice, great prices, sexy jez helping me out). Speaking of jez, we all should wish him an awesome birth-day today (YAHH!!!).

I'm not looking forward to Monday, I have a house inspection, a meeting with a client (that we need to catch up on) and oh so much cleaning. Looks like I'm gonna sleep really well tomorrow night! lol.

Well, I'm fucked. Read my implant experience and I'm off to bed!

- jOELTRON out.


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